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Gaborone Budget Travel

Gabarone budget travel gives you the chance to explore the capital city of Botswana, which is a must-anticipated stopover on African backpacking tours.

Gaborone lies in a flat valley between Kgale and Oodi Hills, on the Notwane River in the south eastern corner of Botswana.

Gaborone Budget Safaris

Gaborone is a modern city and is small by world standards, with affordable accommodation options, making it great for budget travel.

Shops, restaurants, international hotel and casinos, as well as services and supplies that one expects in a modern urban city can all be found here.

A National Museum with outstanding exhibits can also be found in Gaborone.

On the Ngotwane River is a large dam which provides sailing water sports only.

A highlight of Gaberone budget safaris is Thamanga which is about 40 km away from Gaborone and is a must see for pottery lovers or curio collectors. The Thamanga bowls, platters and goblets are known for their hazy blue glaze and are sought after by collectors.

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