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Francistown Budget Travel

Francistown in Botswana is the site of Africa’s gold rush and one of the country’s oldest towns. Evidence of human habitants goes back 80 000 years.

Gold was discovered in the Tati River in 1867 by Karl Mauch. In the last few years Francistown budget travel has become a popular option for visitors in Botswana.

Francistown Budget Safaris

Francistown budget safaris offer a chance to purchase any supplies you may need and fill long-range tanks, and is a great stopover for budget travel adventures as supplies are cheap and readily available.

Mines that have been out of use for years in Francistown have very evocative names. Closed mines include 'Phoenix', 'Bonanza', 'Jim's Luck', 'Lady Mary' and 'White Elephant'.

The main street in Francistown, which is called “Blue Jacket Street”, is dedicated to Sam Anderson, who before he came to Botswana, was the first man to walk right across Australia’s Western Desert with a wheelbarrow! He is commemorated in Francistown for the blue denim jacket that he always wore.

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