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Zimbabwe Travel Tipsby Tania Wheeler

So much to see and do - where do you start? Here is a short list of things to do and things not to do on a trip to  Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Overland Tours


- Have cash in USD or ZAR to pay for day-to-day items and activities

- Spend a extra day or 2 at either end of your trip visiting the local sites

- See Victoria Falls from the air

- See more than just Victoria Falls!

- Take a Lion for a walk at Antelope Park, Gweru (the best campsite in Africa in my humble opinion)

- Get the most out of Zimbabwe by using local guides for sights and activities

- Stick to designated areas and trails within Victoria Falls National Park

- Barter the price for your curios

- Keep your valuables secure at all times

- Leave photocopies of your documentation with someone at home

- Take time to chat to the locals about non-political issues

- they are REAL people too


- Believe everything you hear on the news channels

- Rely on your Credit Card to pay for things (if the charges don't get you the exchange rate will)

- Take photos of any Police or military people or of any check point, border post or installation

- Exchange money 'on the street'

- Buy curios without bartering first but also don't fight over a few measly cents

- Walk around Harare at night

- Expect Zimbabwe to be like your home country

- this is Africa!

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