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You Ought To Know Before You Go!by Tania Wheeler

There are MANY things to consider and prepare for before heading off on your overland trip to Africa. Here is some to-the-point information to help to make sure your holiday runs as smoothly as it can, from start to finish.


01. Visas and Passports

Visas are a hugely important part of your travel plans as it can effect where you might be able to go, and when. Make sure that your passport has enough clean pages for all the stamps you will be collecting and double check each countries immigration information to see if you can get your visa's on arrival - or if you have to get them approved BEFORE you leave your home country.

02. Travel Insurance

I cannot emphasize the importance of travel insurance enough. You will be travelling in remote areas and could need to be evacuated by air if anything happens to you. Please make sure you have adequate insurance which covers all the activities you want to try as well as full medical and repatriation cover. Your credit card insurance is not enough!

03. Money

You will be travelling through many countries and needing lots of different currencies. Most African countries will accept USD, EUR and GBP at varying exchange rates and it is best to have smaller denominations with you. Daily spending money is not something anyone can advise on as it differs from person to person.

04. Health and Vaccination

You need to be in average to good health when deciding to join an overland trip as you would be exposing your body to elements it’s not use to. I suggest stocking up on some vitamins before you go. Vaccinations for malaria and Yellow Fever are essential for some areas. Please make sure you are aware of any risks and get any required vaccinations before travelling.

05. What to Pack

You are likely to get dirty on an average overland trip so leave the Sunday best at home and pack only what you need. Then divide it in half and take that with you. :) You will need to leave some space for everything you would be bringing back with you from your awesome holiday! For more overland travel info or overland trips in Africa and the middle East contact OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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