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Wildlife You’ll Never See on a Safari in Africaby Dalene Ingham-Brown

You’ve got your camera out and your binoculars handy while your trusty guide uses his years of experience to try and pot you that sighting you were hoping for. Tracking wildlife like leopard, Red lechwe and duiker are often hard on a safari, but if you put in the hours and have Lady Luck on your side, it is possible. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for a list of other wildlife… because in Africa they’re now extinct.

There are a few wildlife you won't see on a safari anymore...

It’s a sad moment when you realise that the travel and tourism industry will never be able to offer anyone a chance to see the below wildlife on a safari ever again. Shocking.

List of Africa's Most Recently Extinct Wildlife



Atlas Bear North Africa
Aurochs North Africa
Blue Buck South Africa
Bubel Hartebeest North Africa
Cape Lion South Africa
Cape Warthog South Africa
Ethiopian Amphibious Rat Ethiopia
Lesser Mascarene Flying Fox Mauritius and Reunion
Quagga Namibia & South Africa
Red Gazelle Algeria
Robert's Lechwe South Africa
Western Black Rhino Cameroon

This list isn't even a complete list of African animals that are extinct - it shows only the most recent.

If we all did our little bit for conservation, stood together and played our part in making sure that not one more member of Africa’s wildlife made it onto the extinct list, the 354 mammals that are now on Africa's endangered list may have a chance.

The scary part is that if we don’t, we may find that Africa’s breath-taking locations, cultures, natural resources and wildlife aren’t around for our grandchildren’s grandchildren to enjoy. That would suck. Big time. Africa is one of a kind. It’s humble. It’s complicated. It’s a gem. It’s a gem we need to protect.

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