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What to Wear in Egypt - The Nile Style Guideby Umayya Theba

When the opportunity arises to stand at the foot of one of Giza’s Great Pyramids or stare dreamily down the Nile River, I would not blame you for packing your bags weeks ahead in anticipation, but you will have to pack with some consideration because in a predominantly Muslim country, where respect is key, being conservative does not have to be boring and being cool does not equal bare.

Dressing for Egypt is a breeze with my tips on what to wear in Egypt! If you are a city slicker, like me, accustomed to trendy designer labels and luxury clothing, then I can bet almost anything that booking a trip to the land of tombs, desert and belly-dancers would call for clothing that might not be a part of your current wardrobe. The challenge would be to find travel gear that’s appropriate, cool and comfortable without abandoning your personal style or sacrificing quality. After all, you do have a glamorous city slicker image to maintain, there are holiday pics to consider and of course, ladies, you want to portray the ideal modern-day Cleopatra to your Facebook friends.

September and October are the last of the very hot months in Egypt with a mild winter setting in from November to April. Nights will be cool but day-time temperatures can still reach blazing thirty degree highs. Therefore, the best clothes to wear in Egypt are…

My ‘must-have’ shopping list for the modern Nile Queen’s voyage: What to Wear in Egypt: Pants and skirts
Good ideas for clothes to wear in Egypt include capri jeans, leggings or skirts that cover your knees. Full-length, cotton leggings are at the top of my list. It’s comfortable enough to wear on the aeroplane; it can be mixed and matched with long shirts and tunics, and also takes up very little packing space. A flowing skirt is a wonderful item for night time rendezvous’ when belly-dancers emerge. Tie a coin scarf around your hips and shimmy your hips.

What to Wear in Egypt: Button up!
Cotton shirts with ¾ sleeves are best. These are ideal for hot days allowing the wind to pass through the fabric while the sleeves protect your arms from sun-burn. Not only are they respectful and easy to wash and wear, but they are near weightless and can be laid flat at the bottom of your bag. I adore Cape Union Mart’s Poetry range of loose-fitting shirts and floral dresses. Woolworths also has stylish long shirts in crimson and white. The Poetry range will have your stylish self fitting right in with this comfortable option of Egyptian clothing for woman.

Above: Poetry Floral Dress from Cape Union Mart Photo by Boenie van Deventer

What to Wear in Egypt: Walking shoes
Shoes are usually the heaviest items in your luggage, but you certainly can’t go anywhere with less than two good pairs when packing for clothing in Egypt. You can travel wearing flat ballerina pumps but it’s important that your feet breathe, so opt for leather. It would be ideal to also have a pair of sandals with a tiny heel which is great for days when you need to take pressure of your heels. Remember that you will probably end up doing a lot of walking and as I discovered on my trip to Rome where the combination of heat and over-walking had my feet swell with throbbing pain, a pair of cheap flip-flops with a spongy base is perfect for absorbing shock and keeping your feet pain-free. I bought a stunning gold pair of leather, wedged pumps on sale from San Marina. Tsonga sandals with flower detail from Cape Union Mart are pretty and equally versatile are these brown beaded flip-flops from Woolworths with its small wedge. These make for the perfect foot accessory to add to your clothing in Egypt.

Above: Brown beaded flip-flops from Woolworths Photo by Boenie van Deventer

What to Wear in Egypt: Cover up!
Sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat are non-negotiable essentials. Protect your pretty peepers from sun, wind and sand and minimise the sun exposure on your face. A light scarf is also a doubly-useful item. Use it to cover your hair if you visit mosques or other holy sites and cover exposed skin to block out the elements. Feminine floral scarfs from Woolworths are perfect and I also love this stunning two-toned wide brim hat and these BIG shades which are perfect to pair with the rest of your Egyptian clothing for women.

Above: Shades from Woolworths Photo by Boenie van Deventer

What to Wear in Egypt: Bag it!
Unsuspecting tourists are easy targets for petty pick-pocketers anywhere in the world. Make sure that you use a bag that crosses over your torso so that it sits securely in front of you. These cross-body bags from Woolworths, available in black and brown, are easy to carry, big enough to hold your valuables and will blend in with whatever you wear. My number one rule is to pack as little as possible. I always aim to have a half-empty bag so that when my shopaholic-self kicks into gear at the cities bustling bazaars, I’ll have enough space to store my purchases. Besides, there’s nothing worse than having to pay airlines even more to accommodate already overweight luggage. A trip to Egypt will see you in comfort and style, now that you know what to wear in Egypt! Happy shopping, packing and travelling!

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Umayya Theba
Journalist, blogger, online copywriter and adventurer at heart, I am a fashion-crazed, fun-loving lady with an obsession for healthy living, global travel and all things Italian:  the shopping streets of Milan and Rome, the rich culture and craftsmanship, the romantic language as well as its passionate people and their appreciation of beauty. A big dreamer and lover of life, I am steadily ticking off my personal list of 1000 places to see and things to do. It’s my mission to dance the life-path less travelled and to look stylish doing it!

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