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What is ‘local payment’?by Dalene Ingham-Brown

What is 'local payment' and why are there two payments needed for one tour? One payment is the 'trip price' and the other is the 'local payment'. what_is_local_payment

Photo by Darren Dean To go on an overland trip you need to pay both the trip price and local payment. Below we explain what both payments are and why they are separate.

What is local payment?

So, what is local payment? The local payment is physical cash that is paid to your crew at the pre-departure meeting.  This money is used by the crew to buy supplies along the road. Things like fuel for the overland truck, food for everyone on the trip and entrance fees into parks are where the local payment goes. The local payment ensures that the crew is never without cash, so even if all the ATMs in Africa decide not to work, everyone on the trip will still be able to eat, travel and be merry. Not every tour has a local payment, but a lot of them do.

Local Payment Particulars

- Local payment needs to be paid in the currency requested. - Local payment needs to be paid in cash. - Local payment is used for buying supplies. - Local payment is kept locked away in the overland truck safe.

What is included in the trip price?

Depending on what trip you book, you'll find that different things are included and excluded.


A trip that is more on the 'luxury' side will include more adventure activities in the actual trip price. Some trips include elephant back safaris or scenic flights for example. This cost is included in the trip price. Budget trips exclude activities like these so that a traveller can choose to pay for these activities when they get to a destination if they have the cash.


Accommodation is included in the trip price. If the trip you have chosen is an accommodated one, then chalet, hotel or dorm accommodation is included in the cost. If you're looking for a budget tour then camping is the way to go. With a camping trip the tents and campsite are included in the trip package and price. Not sure what style best suits you? Check out the difference between camping and accommodated.


Often meals are included in the trip price, however there may be some days during your trip where you'll have to pay for your own food. Again, it depends what trip you book.


Your transport along your trip route in an overland truck is included in the overland trip price, as well as the service of the overland trip crew. It is customary to tip your crew staff at the end of your overland trip. This is not included in the trip price and is paid by a traveller at the end of a trip purely out of generosity. A tip of $3 per day for the crew is a rough estimate on what is expected. If your crew were terrible (highly unlikely) then don't tip them that much. However, if your crew were outstanding, then tip more. Hopefully your question of 'what is local payment' is now answered, however drop us an enquiry if you're still not sure. If you have any other frequently asked questions check out out FAQ page.

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