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What is a safari?by Dalene Ingham-Brown

Getting straight to the point - a safari is a journey that’s taken to observe wildlife in their natural habitat.

Game drive through Chobe National Park

Safari in Chobe National Park

What is a safari… in more detail

The word safari means ‘journey’ in Swahili, and usually involves observing and photographing wildlife in a natural area, from a safari vehicle. Not all safaris happen from a safari vehicle though. Safaris can be done walking, on horseback, in a boat and even from a canoe.

Who goes on safaris?

A safari is an activity for everyone and is appreciated most by those aged 5 years to 105 years.

When is the best time to safari?

Seeing as there are so many places around the world where you can enjoy a safari, it’s an experience that’s available all year round. Each environment is different though, and each season brings with it pros and cons of going on safari at that time of year. In Southern and East Africa, a preferred time to venture off on a safari is from May – August when weather is cooler, grass is low and wildlife-spotting is made easier.

Where can one go on a safari?

Most people associate the word ‘safari’ with an adventure in Africa, when in fact a safari can be enjoyed in loads of different places around the world. If there are wildlife living in their natural habitat and travellers venture out to experience these creatures living in the wild, you’ve got a safari. Other popular safari destinations include Australia, Alaska, India, Antarctica, Brazil and Peru.

Why do travellers go on safari?

Travellers go on a safari to observe animals in their true habitat. Safaris are often a time of reflection for many people. The journey offers each traveller an opportunity to satisfy curiosity and experience something new.

How can you experience a safari?

There are many ways to experience a safari. The more adventurous traveller opts for a self-drive safari into national parks and game reserves, or to hop on a budget overland tour in an overland truck where there is a degree of ‘roughing-it’. These types of trips are often either camping trips or accommodated trips in no-frills type establishments. Travellers who are looking for a more comfortable experience choose to buy packaged safaris that include lodge accommodation, game drives and activities, or go through a travel agent to book a tailor-made safari. Nowadays travellers also book accommodation directly online and customise their own safari experiences.

Got any more questions about what a safari is? Comment below and I'll make sure your question is answered.

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