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What Does Skydiving Feel Like?by Guest Blogger

Article by Ricarda Hansen I decided to get started with checking off things from my bucket list while staying in South Africa. Skydiving has been on top of that list for a while now, so it simply had to be done. I needed to experience what skydiving feels like.


Photo by Jeff Hallam A few weeks ago, a couple of friends and I drove up to Duynefontein along the M27. When we arrived at the hangar we were already nervous wrecks, but we hardly had time to freak out. Before we realized what was happening, the first group was already wearing their harnesses and ready for take off. About 20 minutes later we, the ones who stayed on the ground, saw little dots appearing in the sky, rapidly becoming bigger. Shortly after our friends landed we were super excited!

My skydiving experience had now begun: it was time for me to get my harness and walk to the plane. Up to that point I was pretending to be fine, but seeing this tiny plane, made me drop my cool act and start doubting whether this was really something I wanted to do. However, backing out of a decision isn't something I'm used to doing! So my friends and I, plus our three “dive masters”, hopped on the plane and took off. We had a beautiful scenic 20 minutes flight over the coast and before we knew it we were strapped to our tandem partners, making sure all the connections were attached properly. The door opened and swoop… the first couple went out! And then the second couple! My “dive master” and I were the last ones to jump. We crawled towards the door and I was freaking out. “Why exactly am I doing this?” I didn't even have time to venture an answer...The first seconds were horrifying because I just felt myself falling! However, as soon as the body is in a stable free fall position, it is simply fantastic! Adrenalin rushes through your body. You feel so free, but at the same time it feels like you're having a heart attack.

What does skydiving feel like? Amazing!
Before you know it the parachute is opened and you are sailing through the air. Looking at the beautiful surroundings and enjoying the feeling of 'flying'! Way too soon you reach the ground. The landing is soft and accurate, and then the adventure is over. However, the adrenalin rush that kicks in after the landing is great! You feel like you have just conquered the world. Personally, I could have just gotten another parachute and hopped on the next plane to do it again. My skydiving experience is not one which will soon be forgotten. All of us had the same amazing feeling and we came to the conclusion that skydiving is a must for everyone. If you have a personal bucket list and skydiving isn’t already on there, revise and add it.


Photo by Donald Cook

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