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Videos of Africa: safari wildlifeby Dalene Ingham-Brown

This is one of the better safari videos of Africa I've come across. It's doesn't have long frames of buffalo swishing their tales, but rather includes short snippets of good footage capturing the true character and quirky behavior of safari wildlife. Definitely an amazing Africa safari experience caught on camera.

Watch this Video of Africa's safari wildlife:

You get people who think they know what African safari wildlife are all about. They flip through magazines and see photos of lions with their head back, roaring; their wild side exposed, captured and printed thanks to African photography. Then you get those who love watching safari wildlife. Watching from a distance. They tune into National Geographic, they YouTube videos of Africa and watch in adoration and amazement from the comfort of their sofas.



Above: "Quick, Simba, throw me a Skittle"

When you watch videos of Africa, you get the chance to observe wildlife up close. You get to watch a cheetah manoeuvre it's sleek anatomy and race after dinner. Returning satisfied. Wildlife safaris captured on film by those who know what they are doing are simply amazing - no detail is spared. You get to see the way a buck wrinkles its nose when it drinks. The way a cheetah climbs a tree with such ease. The way giraffes stand dead still; the only sign of life coming from it's flittering ears. So if those who just flip through magazines and don't watch videos of Africa, are missing out on all the small things that make Africa so amazing, then what are those who watch videos of Africa missing out on that those who travel on an Africa safari trip experience? Find out.

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