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Uganda safari planning tipsby Guest Blogger

by Jacqueline Freer Uganda’s tropical rainforest is home to the world’s rare Mountain Gorillas. If you are inspired by classics like Gorillas in the Mist and have always dreamed of exploring a rainforest and sitting with giants, then taking a gorilla trekking safari to East Africa will be well worth your while.


Above: Rare gorilla spotted while gorilla trekking in Uganda

We've mashed together a practical guideline to help you plan your next exciting safari to Uganda to an extraordinary country, for a spectacular, once in a lifetime experience across Africa. The journey to the Mountain Gorillas is as awesome as witnessing them.

Understanding Overlanding

Taking a journey in an overland vehicle is an incredible amount of fun. Prepare yourself for a long journey; take it all in as the miles roll on by and enjoy every minute of being on the road. The overland truck you travel in is built to tackle those tough African roads.

The journey to see the Mountain Gorillas is made up of long distances and plenty of Africa to see. Be prepared to share your space for an extended period of time and get to know new people on your expedition. Whether you decide to go for a camping gorilla safari, or an accommodated one, the experience is no less enjoyable. It's all part of the fun.

Permit & Passport Check

Ensure you have all your paperwork in order with everything signed and sealed before departure. Don’t forget to get your passport and permit sorted, which is required to spend time with the great primates. When you book a gorilla trekking tour with Overlanding Africa, we apply for your permit on your behalf so that you don't have to worry about a thing. Double check and plan ahead to avoid hidden costs.

Making The Most of It

Many customised tours include added benefits beyond seeing just Mountain Gorillas. One also has the opportunity to enjoy game viewing, excursions, birding and other great extras. Overlanding adventures are not a direct trip to the middle of nowhere. Besides offering visitors the experience of spending time with Uganda's rare wildlife, the country is also rich in culture.

Packing Light & Packing Right

What you pack is important, obviously, but just as important is how much you take with you. Pack as little as possible and do not take all the best clothes in your closet. Don’t take clothes that are bright, take darker and neutral colours for blending with nature on game drives; remember whites tend to pick up dust too. Take a hoody, jacket or thick jersey and track pants for early mornings and evenings.

Sharing The Experience

Overlanding makes for so much more when looking to further explore the African continent. Sharing that with other people is part of what makes that journey magical. Half the experience and joy comes from going on a trip with people from all walks of life.  Combining overlanding with a trip to see the mountain gorillas of Uganda is an adventure people dream about, sharing that dream with like-minded travellers makes it even more special. Uganda_safari_planning_tips

Above: The adrenaline rush you get when spotting a gorilla is unreal

Note Your Route

Overlanding trips in Africa (including Mountain Gorillas safaris in Uganda) have fully qualified, professional staff to take care of traveller needs throughout the duration of the journey. Often this includes a fully fledged driver, cook and overland tour leader. Since you’re not behind the wheel, you won’t need to know your route, but it is good to note it anyway.

Ask Overlanding Africa

If you are looking to do something exciting and memorable, cost effective and incredible, then opting for an overlanding adventure that includes Mountain Gorillas on a safari in Uganda is the trip for you. Overlanding Africa offers the opportunity to experience this awesome journey and can assist you in planning for your next big escapade. Visiting the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda and experiencing overlanding is a highly recommended vacation for all ages. Ask Overlanding Africa for information and details about how you can get on board with the next overland truck. Enquire now.

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