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Travel Tours for Seniors - Africa Adventuresby Dalene Ingham-Brown

Travel tours for seniors are nowhere near dull. Well, if you choose to venture off on an overland trip that is. Overland trips are one of the cheapest ways to travel the world and enjoy a world of fun, including Africa adventures... no matter how old you are. There are seniors out there who are all for Africa adventures like the adrenaline rush you'd get from jumping out of airplanes or jumping off of bridges (attached to a bungee cord of course), but for the other 90%, a little bit of a milder adventure is the type of Africa adventure you're looking for.

Elephant Back Safari

An elephant back safari in Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls National Park is such a grand experience. After mounting your friendly, well looked after elephant, you head off on a calm scenic safari - your guide sitting in front of you directing the elephant through the bush with a series of gentle taps on the ear and certain command words. The Southern Africa Explored (Cape Town to Victoria Falls) trip is an accommodated trip, and one of the travel tours for seniors you can enjoy an optional elephant back safari on. If you are interested in a camping trip rather than an accommodated one, then the Vic Falls and Ocean Highlights trip may be for you. This package includes a host of Africa adventures like a Bazaruto Archipelago dhow safari, a Kruger National Park game drive and a guided walk with lions in Gweru. Here you will also have the opportunity to hop on an elephant back safari if you wish.

Scenic Flight

Soar high above the plains in a thrilling experience on a scenic flight. A flight like this allows you to get a great overview of an area and broaden your appreciation for a destination by seeing the whole package from a bird's eye view. An unforgettable experience. The Southern Africa Explored trip is an accommodated trip, and is one of the travel tours for seniors that includes a scenic flight over the Okavango Delta in Botswana. This trip also includes a sunset boat cruise on the Chobe River, a Ghanzi trance dance experience, Okavango Delta makoro excursion, a Sossusvlei guided walk and the entry fee in to see Victoria Falls - Africa adventures you don't want to miss out on.

Makoro Excursion

A makoro excursion into the Okavango Delta is often the highlight of many a trip. Hopping into a makoro (A canoe dug out from a tree), lying back and being poled down the waterways of Botswana's great Okavango Delta, passing hordes of reeds and lily fields along the way. The polers are friendly locals who are eager to take you fishing and make you a lily-chain necklace. The Southern Loop trip is an accommodated trip, and one of the travel tours for seniors the makoro excursion is included in. Plus, included in the package is a sunset boat cruise along the Chobe River. Let's face it, the whole 'overlanding Africa' in an overland truck experience is one of those big Africa adventures by itself, so if you would simply like to browse through accommodated overland travel tours for seniors then take a look at our list of accommodated overland trips.

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