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Top 5 Wildlife Adventure Tour Experiences in Africaby Dalene Ingham-Brown

If you're set on getting prime wildlife viewing into your adventure tour in Africa, then we have just the activities for you. From gorilla trekking to swimming with whale sharks, your adventure tour in Africa is a mere click and book away. I'm excited for you.

Wildlife to experience on an Adventure Tour

1. Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda


This trip is an adventure and a half. Gorilla’s know no boundaries often Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda means having to drop into a neighbouring country to track down a glimpse of these amazing creatures. The track will get you a glimpse of these brilliant wildlife 99% of the time. The professional and experienced park ranger does not unfortunately employ the gorillas which means they are entitled to meander the country as they please. This is an adventure tour not many get to experience; gorilla trekking is a fantastic way to get to see these rare animals in their natural habitat. A life changing experience indeed.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Gorillas and Lakes : Game Parks and GorillasNairobi, Gorillas to Johannesburg

2. Gweru Elephant Swim


Yes, elephants can swim. And you have the opportunity to hop on board! This elephant swim shows you that not only can they swim, but that they’re actually pretty good at it too. Expect to get wet, very wet, on this extremely fun adventure for all animals involved (that means you too).

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Vic Falls and Indian Ocean : Savannahs and LakesCentral Africa Loop

3. Praia Do Tofo Whale Shark Safari


This is an adventure activity for you to soak up the amazing underwater sights while having adrenaline rush through your body after seeing of one of these beautiful creatures. More whale than shark, this Mozambique adventure safari allows you to witness these majestic creatures who’ve made the warm coastal waters their home for a good part of the year. You won’t need a scuba diving qualification to delve into the water on this swimming and snorkeling activity. Whatever you do, make sure you bring an underwater camera, swimming with these giants of the deep is a once in a life time opportunity, and you’ll want to catch this on camera.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Mozambique Magic : Classic Mozambique

4.  Great White Shark Cage Diving in South Africa


Unlike the whale shark which may as well have marshmallows for teeth, they’re so tame, the Great White Shark is a sea dwelling predator of note, flashing its up-to 15 rows of teeth only  to those who get close enough. This beautiful animal glides through the water commanding attention with its watchful eyes and majestic air about it. Shark cage diving is a controversial, yet extremely popular adventure tour that is definitely one way to get that adrenaline of yours pumping. After a short boat trip you slap on a wetsuit and snorkel and lower yourself into the cage hanging beside the boat before coming face to face with one of the most misunderstood and scariest marine animals known to man.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Cape Town and Garden Route : Discover South Africa : Cape Town to Nairobi Epic

5. Serengeti National Park Hot Air Balloon Ride


Soar high above the plains of the Serengeti on a peaceful hot air balloon ride as you get to look down at the massive stretch of lank dotted with huge herds of game and migratory wildebeest from a bird’s eye view. The Serengeti National Park Hot Air Balloon Ride is more than just a safari adventure tour in the sky, it also sees you enjoying a scrumptious sit down bush breakfast before game driving your way back to camp.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Falls to Serengeti :  Zanzibar and Game ParksVictoria Falls to Nairobi

Make sure that your dream adventure tour in Africa is filled with all the things you want to do and all the wildlife you want to see. Search for your ideal adventure tour holiday activities here and then pick your trip...

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