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Top 5 Dive Sites in Aqababy Tania Wheeler

Lion Fish Red Sea

The beautiful, warm waters of the Red Sea meet Jordan at the port town of Aqaba with its 26kms of Jordanian coastline. Tropical reef and fish life are plentiful and glorious and, with an average water temp of 25 degrees, diving in Jordan is definitely one of life's pleasant experiences. Don't dive? Then hire some snorkel kit and check it out from the surface!

Top 5 Dive Sites in Aqaba:

Power Station An easy boat dive with an average depth of 25m. Popular for Fire and Cabbage coral, Turtle, Octopus, Lion and Scorpian Fish.

Cedar Pride Wreck Sunk for a dive site in 1985 the Cedar Pride is a great dive and a good example of new soft coral growth. Swim under the wreck at 25m through a gap in the reef table.

Japanese Garden Excellent snorkel and dive spot ranging from shallow to 40m's in spots. Check out the Cornets swimming in and around the pinnacles and keep an eye open for some Frogfish and a Eagle Ray who seems to live around there.

Kiwi Reef An easy but interesting dive loved by photographers. Think small.... as this spot is known for the smaller fish life, Spanish Dancers and a Crocodile Fish or 2.

Gorgone 1 & 2 Gorgone 2 lies just south of Gorgone 1 and both are named for the huge Gorgonian fan corals found there. A shore entry,  easy slope and shallow depth at Gorgone 1 makes for a quiet dive with volumes of colorful hard and soft corals and schooling glass fish. Add Parrot Fish, Lion Fish and interesting pinnacles at Gorgone 2 and altogether you have a great days diving.

For information about diving in the Red Sea and overland trips in Jordan contact OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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