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Top 5 Cultural Adventure Tour Experiences in Africaby Dalene Ingham-Brown

So you've met everyone down at the pub and you're looking to meet some new people. Cool: we know people!  We know people who want to dance, eat, jump and share with you, and its nowhere near a bowl of bar snack pretzels. An overland trip adventure tour gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and experience the adventure of a lifetime, exploring the African continent and soaking up its rich culture. Go one, pick your adventure:

bellydancing in Turkey
Above: Belly dancing in Turkey

People and Culture on an Adventure Tour

1. Masai Cultural Village

Delve into a cultural experience very unlike your own by meeting the vibrant and colourful people of the Masai Cultural Village in the Masai Mara. Watch as the tribesmen perform their jumping dance, and get involved, trying this routine which proves to be tougher than it looks. This is an amazing opportunity for the old and new cultures to interact in the modern world.

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Game Parks and Gorillas :  Nairobi to LivingstoneWildlife Wonderland

2. Soweto Cultural Tour

Experience one of the biggest townships on the continent with an adventure through the Sowetan township in Johannesburg, South Africa. Known as the birth place of the struggle for liberation, the area hosts over 2 million residents in the township which came to be under the old apartheid system. The lively culture that lives within the cardboard shacks and over-the-top mansions has seen 2 Nobel Peace Prize winners as well as the award winning movie, Tsotsi, emerge from its midst.

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Kruger Safari : Bob's Best of Zimbabwe : East Africa Southbound

3. Nubian Village Dinner

Be welcomed into a local Nubian family’s home for an evening of sharing food and stories in an experience where you’ll learn a bit about the Nubian culture. The evening is spent on the family’s island in the middle of the Nile River; you’ll be ‘taxied’ to and from the island on an Egyptian felucca. An extremely unusual, yet warm adventure tour to guide cultural discovery.

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Middle East Trek : Best of Egypt

4. Cappadocia Belly Dancing Night

Turkey is brimming with intriguing culture. Spend the evening discovering it being entertained in an underground restaurant enjoying dinner and drinks. Try your hips out in a session of festive belly dancing. The gorgeous experts, with hips that don’t lie, offer their tips to bringing out your inner goddess.

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Middle East Trek

5. Ghanzi Trance Dance

The San people are serious about the Ghanzi Trance Dance. Only performed when someone is genuinely ill do they bust out in energetic movement. The dance is similiar to the Rain Dance enthusiastically performed in celebration of good hunting trips and the enjoyment of gathering together. The dance can range from three hours, to a whole night, depending on how the gods react to the rhythmical clapping, dancing and chanting of the San people. Trance dances aren't a bunch of actors paid to jump around for tourists. These are the real deal carried out by real Bushmen who still live traditional lifestyle deep in the Kalahari in Botswana.

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Cape to Vic and MozambiqueDesert and DeltaSouthern Africa Adventure

For one of those fulfilling experiences that leave you feeling like you've just helped a little old lady across the road and shaken Nelson Mandela's hand simultaneously, this journey of personal growth will leave you feeling like a million bucks. Adventure travel FTW*!

*FTW is online slang that stands for 'for the win' and is used in conversation to indicate that someone is supporting something strongly and positively. In this instance, adventure travel is receiving praise for being awesome!

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