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Top 5 Best Travel Gadgets for Tours in Africaby Dalene Ingham-Brown

When you travel to Africa, you’re going to want to get the most out of your experience. You can do that by taking along the best travel gadgets in the game to accompany you on tours in Africa.

1. Canon Powershot D10

Most people whip their camera’s away when it starts to rain; missing out on capturing a day of memories exploring. Whip-away no more I say! The Canon Powershot D10 is not only 12.1-megapixels, but it is also quite happily used underwater. Waterproof up to 33 feet, this puppy is shock resistant and can survive in freezing temperatures, making it great for pools, beaches, ski slopes and even the bath! But why would you want to use it in the bath, right?


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2. Apple iPhone 4

The iPhone. This gadget needs an introduction of a marching band, bouquet of fireworks and gaggle of underwear throwing groupies. More applications are made for the iPhone than any other smartphone and out of all of those, the best travel apps are available to aid travel to Africa. Missed your flight? Want to know what restaurants are good? Need info on the suburb you find yourself in? No problem for the iPhone with awesome travel apps installed!


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3. Bottle Cap Tripod

Genius. Simply blooming genius! This one if for travellers who would actually like to appear in some of the photos they take but don’t want to have to strap a tripod to their person through their travels in Africa. This nifty bottle cap tripod mounts on any standard water or soda bottle and pivots 15 degrees in any direction. How cool is that?


Scientifics Online

4. Pocket Slippers

Not every awesome travel gadget needs batteries. If you’re one of those unfortunate travellers that experience the discomfort of swelling feet when you fly, these pocket slippers have just kicked your dog out the door and just became your best friend. These stretchy nylon slippers give you that 'barefoot' feel and roll up to fit in a pocket-size nylon pouch, so when your feet (in anticipation of your tropical tour in Africa) swell up to the size of watermelons, they can do so without restriction.


Sierra Trading Post

5. Heys xScale Pro

Is that carved curio of a yawning hippopotamus as heavy as the real deal? This portable scale will help you find out. There’s nothing like overweight charges to dampen an otherwise thoroughly enjoyed budget safari in Africa. The xScale PRO weighs luggage of up to 50kg which is more than enough to ensure you’ve packed smartly, and yes, it comes in different colours. Rule of thumb: when packing for an overland trip, if you can’t walk 1km with your luggage on your back. Re-pack.


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Next time you travel to Africa, make sure you don’t forget to pack the best travel gadget accessories to make an extra-ordinary holiday, exactly that.

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