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Top 5 African Adventure Tours for Thrill Seekersby Dalene Ingham-Brown

So you’re the kind of chap who’d take a shot of adrenaline with your cornflakes if you could. You’ve done the bungee jumping, the white water rafting and the gorge swing, and now you’re looking for your next adventure tour fix. Cool. We’ve got options.


1. Great White Shark Cage Diving (Do it!)

The Gans Baai coast, off shore of Hermanus is where it happens. People put other people into cages and throw them in the water. They then add bloody bait to attract great white sharks. Fun hey? Now that’s a great white way to spend your day. Experience great white shark cage diving on the Cape Town and Garden Route overland trip.

2. Quadbiking in the Dunes (Do it!)

Swakopmund isn’t the adventure capital of Namibia for nothing! Hop on a quad bike and zip around on a thrilling adventure tour of 60 km of conservation dune field. The throttle is the key to releasing your adrenaline. Do it! Experience quadbiking in the dunes on the Namibian Discoverer overland trip.

3. Praia Do Tofo Whale Shark Safari (Do it!)

The tame whale shark is said to be more whale than shark. This pussy cat of the sea is absolutely stunning: the way it moves, the way it photographs, the way it takes your breath away. Swim and snorkel around these majestic creatures for that rush that makes you pin the experience as an unforgettable adventure tour. Experience the Praia Do Tofo whale shark safari on a Classic Mozambique overland trip.

4. Drakensberg Rock Climbing (Do it!)

Rock climbing the Drakensberg offers awesome view points from most of the summits. The routes are made up of both bolted and good ol’ traditional climbing. The Drakensberg is a good spot for hoisting your body weight around, because of its 180km long escarpment, running east towards the Indian Ocean with deep valleys and peaks rising to 3300 meters. Simply beautiful adventure tour… and worth every bead of sweat. Experience the Drakensberg on an Swazi and Lesotho overland trip.

5. Swakopmund Sky Diving (Do it!)

5 000ft free fall over Namibia’s landscape. Take two pairs of underwear. Enough said. Experience Swakopmund sky diving on a Cape Town to Swakopmund overland trip. For an adventure tour of a life time, experience these adrenaline pumping activities while on an overland trip. Meet new people, rough it, camp, laugh, take photos, make memories. Be awesome! Pick your adventure HERE!

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