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Top 10 Overland Tunes for Your IPodby Tania Wheeler

African IPod

Overlanding takes all kinds of people to make it good - and all kinds of people come with all kinds of music! Good, bad, cheesy... rock, pop, country (well maybe not country) - what ever your tastes, there are just some songs you HAVE to have on your IPod on those long, drive days!

With that said, here is our Top Ten All Time Best Overlanding Songs. Get in, sit down, buckle up, and TURN IT UP... and try not to shout (much)!

1.  Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams It's fun, easy to sing along with, and everyone knows the words!

2. Highway to Hell - AC/DC Who doesn't love this AC/DC classic? A playlist must. No reflection of the African road conditions....  :)

3. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd This song is one that makes everyone happy when they are feeling homesick.

4. Life is a Highway - Tom Cochrane Songs about roads always seem more fun while actually on a road trip.

5. Born To Be Wild - Steppen Wolf This song probably doesn't even need an explanation. It is almost mandatory for any overland trip.

6. Hotel California - Eagles A song to remind you about soft beds and room service - something you WON'T see on a average overland trip!

7. Beautiful Day - U2 You might even run into Bono while on the road since he spends so much time here in Africa on his humanitarian work. Usually sung at full volume while driving into Cape Town on the last day of the trip.

8. No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley We don’t like Uncle Bob (Mugabe), but we do love the Marley’s.

9. Holiday - Green Day Guaranteed to make you jump around in your seat and get the locals to look at you like you are from another planet.

10. Africa - Toto This song IS Africa - compulsory on any Africa Overland trip. You got the music - get the trip at OverlandingAfrica.com!

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