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Top 10 Adorable Wildlife Photosby Dalene Ingham-Brown

We've got that mushy stuff that makes you go "Awww!" With these top 10 adorable wildlife photos, you can't help but get that warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy. You almost want to just reach out and pet them... until you remember that they're WILD, and you're probably going to lose a limb in the process. If you're lucky. Check out the sweetness you can experience on a safari in Africa if you're in the right place at the right time.

#1: The baby ellie in a raincoat

top_10_adorable_wildlife_photos (8)



#2: The playful lion cub

top_10_adorable_wildlife_photos (6)



#3: The nurturing mother giraffe

top_10_adorable_wildlife_photos (5)



#4: Real life Timon and Pumbaa

top_10_adorable_wildlife_photos (9)



#5: The blissful baby ellie

top_10_adorable_wildlife_photos (4)



#6: A mother lioness's love

top_10_adorable_wildlife_photos (7)



#7: The goofy giraffe

top_10_adorable_wildlife_photos (10)



#8: A pair of cheetahs

top_10_adorable_wildlife_photos (2)



#9: The affectionate old couple

top_10_adorable_wildlife_photos (1)


#10: The innocent king of the jungle

top_10_adorable_wildlife_photos (3)


Want to the chance to get up close and personal with Africa's wildlife? Book your safari in Africa...

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