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The Overland Trip Budget – Expenses of an Overland Tripby Dalene Ingham-Brown

You went out and whipped up that amazing overland trip special discount quicker than you can say Cape Town to Victoria Falls. Good on you! But now what? To help you plan your trip, we’ve put together a list of expenses you’ll need to plan your trip smoothly.

1. Flights

Unless you are already in Victoria Falls before your Victoria Falls adventure begins, you’ll need to purchase flights to see your safe arrival at least a day before your trip commences in order to make the pre-trip meeting, if your adventure has one. Similarly, if your trip doesn’t end in the city you live in, you’ll need to book yourself a ticket home. If you want to go home.

2. Airport transfers

Once you have arrived at the airport in the country your overland trip commences from, you may need to book an airport transfer to your night’s accommodation if it is not included in your overland trip price. An airport transfer is the transport getting you to or from an airport.

3. Trip cost

This is the amount you paid to your OverlandingAfrica.com consultant for your overland trip in Africa. Luckily you raked up a great deal, so you end up saving on your total expense.

4. Local payment

The local payment is cash you hand over to your overland crew before you start your overland trip. This money goes towards expenses like National Park fees, activities and food. Local payment is usually required to be paid in US Dollars. The crew may kit our their overland trip with all things you could possibly need on a trip into Africa, but a credit card machine and bureau de change aren’t one of them. Cash is king.

5. Pre and post accommodation

Most trips have a pre-departure meeting the day before the overland trip commences. Some trips include a night’s accommodation in the overland trip price, some don’t. Unless you’re the kind of person who gets a thrill from last minute couch-surfing host hunting, we suggest you book accommodation in advance. After your trip has come to an end, it is often recommended that you spend an extra two nights in the area. This gives you even more opportunity to explore the area and enjoy the destination at your own pace. A Cape Town to Victoria Falls adventure will leave you in the perfect place to explore more of both Zambia and Zimbabwe; something an extra two days can help you accomplish. Didn't get time to do the elephant back safari? Now's your chance!

6. Trip Activities

On your journey there will be a huge amount of optional activities available to you. Some overland trips include a variety of activity, where as others leave it up to travellers to decide whether they would like to experience something while they are travelling, and then pay for themselves when they are there. You will need to pay for these activities. Keen to go white water rafting, bungee jumping or on a scenic flight while on that Victoria Falls adventure? Kaching! You’ll need cash.

7. Health

You want to make sure you stay healthy when you travel in Africa. This will mean that you may need to get a yellow fever vaccination or take malaria prophylactics, depending on the areas your overland trip route takes you through.

8. Insurance

Travel insurance is oh-so important! You’ll need to pay a once off travel insurance premium to ensure that you are covered for every possible mishaps you could endure for the entirety of your travels. Missing luggage? No problem, you’re sorted! Flight changes? Book another! Broken ribs? That camel was higher than it looked! Getting comprehensive travel insurance will cover everything.

9. Spending Money

When you are travelling through Africa there may be curios you wish to buy, food you’d like to try or souvigniers you wish to purchase, you’ll need dough for all that. It is recommended that you take approximately $25 per day with you on your overland trip for these extra expenses. Trust me. Now that you're sorted to effectively plan your budget overland trip, good luck, and take loads of photos! BOOK an overland trip now.


Checklist image from Fanginhoon

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