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The Magic of the Ngorongoro Craterby Guest Blogger

One of our Overlanding Africa travellers, Luiz Carlo shares his magical trip to the Ngorogoro Crater with us.

It was late in the afternoon when we arrived at the top of Ngorogoro Crater to camp before going down on the next day. With an altitude of 2 400 m, the thin air and the temperature made it noticeable, especially over night.

Above: The long journey to Ngorongoro Crater

Our visit became interesting when our guide told us not to leave any food or even toothpaste inside the tents, as wild pigs and elephants would come to investigate and attack our tents, which wouldn't be a pleasant experience. Together with the instructions we were also told that the previous night there had been lions surrounding the camp. Very motivating!

After checking every little pocket inside my bags, where I found peanuts I had taken from the aeroplane, I had my dinner and went straight to bed. I always knew that elephants and peanuts would make a good match, so I was quite pleased to find it before going sleep.

The next day our wake up call was at 5 am as we had to put tents down and leave before 6:30am.  While we were making our way down, I could feel the beauty and energy of that magic and unforgettable place called Ngorongoro Crater. Once we were inside the crater, the beautiful views of landscape and animals all over the place was continuous until the time we returned back up.

Above: The beautiful view of Ngorongoro Crater

Ngorongoro Crater is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life!

5 Quick Questions with Luiz about Ngorongoro Crater

1.How did you get to the top of the crater?
We got there by car, it was quite a long way, but when we reached the top, we had a stunning view.

2.How long did it take you to get to the top of the crater?
About two hours.

3.What did you see from the top (Birds? Wildlife? Stretching views?)
Yes, plenty of wildlife, as I said, the night before there were lions around the camp, as well as elephants.

4.How did you sleep?
We slept inside the tents.

5.Were there any group activities that happened at the top of the crater? (Eating/playing guitar around the camp fire?)
We had dinner around the fire and after that we all went to the bed, considering we had to wake up very early the day after to go down inside the crater.

Luiz Carlos got to experience the the beautiful Ngorongoro Crater while travelling the Best of East Africa overland trip.

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