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The Guinness World Records meets world’s oldest two-faced catby Dalene Ingham-Brown

The Guinness World Records has found something truly extraordinary to go down in history. Meet Frank and Louie, the world's oldest two-faced cat! If it were not for the compassion of a vet, this sweet-hearted ball of fur wouldn’t have just celebrated its 12th birthday.


Photo by Zach Howard We live in a world where we are surrounded by the weirdest things. Some people can’t turn left, others have the compulsion to smell their food before they put it in their mouth. Weird. So why is it that when a cat breeder found a two-faced (literally) kitten in a litter, they took it straight down to the vet to get its little heart beat snuffed out? No one is going to drag you into the woods and put a bullet where a bindi should be just because your second toe is longer than your big toe. No doubt, with this in mind, Marty, the vet, adopted Frank and Louie instead of administering the thumb sized, two faced kitten with a lethal injection. Instead, she immediately helped the cat get the surgical procedures needed to ensure the cat’s survival. "The normal life expectancy is one to four days for cats with this condition," says Marty. But because Frank and Louie received the right medical attention early on, the cat is now the oldest two-faced cat in the world. The tiny two faced kitten was born in 1999 and Frank and Louie have just celebrated their 12th birthday.

Video uploaded by Holgaguy

Chances are that Marty has befriended an array of odd creatures and people including someone who eats crayons and collects fingernails. Bless her soul.  What Marty has taught us is that we should all be open minded and loving towards everything with a heartbeat, because miracles have many faces.

Take a trip to Africa and experience the weird and wonderful the world has to offer… wild cats and all.

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