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The First Paraglide off Kilimanjaroby Dalene Ingham-Brown

9 South Africans are on a mission to conquer one of the top destinations in Africa, Kilimanjaro, by foot and by flight. Champion paraglider Pierre Carter, and world-class climber Schwan-khart will lead a team, joined by an American and a Namibian paraglider, on their journey to the 3rd peak in their ‘Seven Summits, Seven Flights’ adventure. It has taken 10 years to acquire the required permit to paraglide off Kilimanjaro's summit, but at long last the wait is over and 11 paragliders will jump off of 5895m of mountain. Excited about the experience, Carter said: "Paragliding off Kilimanjaro will be different to the other flights because we will have 11 paragliders in the air simultaneously - it will be fantastic. This is a once-off." Seeing as paragliding off Kilimanjaro has been off the menu until now,

I'm keen to see which leading travel company offers trips for Joe Soap to do the same...


Photo by Søren Faurby Thanks to TimesLive for the tip off :-)

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