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The Best African Safarisby Dalene Ingham-Brown

The best African safaris include all the elements that make Africa so great… so appealing. Wildlife! What would an African safari trip be without wildlife? Culture! Africa is well known for its rich and diverse cultural heritage, it would have to offer a glimpse into culture of past or present. Adventure! On a continent with such diverse landscapes, there are thousands of opportunities to discover Africa – in both relaxed or adrenaline coaxing ways. Which ever way you want it, the best African safaris have wildlife, culture and adventure. Bam.

Wildlife on a safari trip

It's not one of the top African safaris if it doesn't showcase wildlife

An African safari trip needs its fair share of wildlife. Viewing a host of unusual looking animals that trundle, crouch, roar and stalk is an African safari at its best. Ever heard of Africa's big five? The lion, the leopard, the buffalo, the elephant and the rhino; all wildlife highly sought after and absolutely golden when wishing to go on an ultimate African safari.

Culture on an African trip

A glimpse of a past culture shows signs of a great African safari

Museums are great for offering a glimpse into the lives of those who lived in a culture foreign to our own. Original artifacts, replicas, tours and insight can be enjoyed when stepping into a museum offering knowledge about those who lived, worked and loved the area you’re exploring. Some of the best safaris not only include a trip to a museum where the past can be re-lived through relics, but rather experienced first hand through physically visiting a tribe and cultural group who still practice the beliefs and rituals of their ancestors.

Adventure on top Africa safaris

The best African safaris are an adventure

From the way you get around, to the things you get a chance to see and do, top Africa safaris trip will offer you a variety of ways to experience a certain area. Our biased mode of transport is of course, overland truck. Seeing the passing vistas through the enormous windows of the custom truck, packed with your newly appointed nomadic holiday family from all over the world. Hopping off together, hiking, skydiving, exploring an ancient island on a moped. Laughing around the campfire, making the campfire. Experiencing new things with a bunch of people as awesome as you are. So what are the best African safari trips? The top safari trips aren’t picked by us, they're picked by you! The amount of bookings received for these trips rank them as the best. Why? Because they bring opportunity for travellers to explore Africa’s wildlife, culture and adventure. Check out which three African safaris are ranked best:

Top 3 Best African Safaris

1. Cape Town to Victoria Falls

This trip takes one on a safari adventure where an exploration of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe sees cross-cultural interaction and wildlife interaction on an epic adventure one is not likely to forget.

Cape to Vic: One of the best African safaris

2. Okavango Delta to Johannesburg

This overland safari is a short trip taking travellers through the highlights of the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park. The journey takes you on a cultural discovery of South Africa's apartheid history, their struggle and success fighting for freedom. Ride an elephant in Victoria Falls, walk with lions or go white water rafting. Culture, wildlife, adventure!

Okavango Delta to JHB is one of the best African safaris around


3. Nairobi to Dar Es Salaam

This 10 day adventure takes you on a journey through Tanzania, exploring the country's intriguing culture and diverse wildlife. Ride a camel, snorkel, take a tour of Prison Island. The route leads you through a world of rich discoveries in Eastern Africa, bringing you to the tropical and historical haven of Zanzibar, before the trip glides to an end.

Nairobi to Dar es Salaam is one of the best African safaris you can experience

Ready to book your seat on one of the best African safaris around? Grab your sense of adventure, will for cultural discovery and interest in wildlife and spoil yourself to one of the top African safaris around!

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