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The 10 Do’s and 5 Dont’s of Namibia Budget Travelby Tania Wheeler

A short list of Namibia travel Do's and Don'ts from the expert Crew on the ground.



-  Buy your crystals and semi precious stones; they are cheap and ALL over the place!

-  Take a warm jacket

- it may be a desert but it does get chilly at night

-  Visit during October for a real German October Fest!

-  Search for wild horses, they are rare but there

-  Visit an old diamond town such as Kolmanskop

-  Quad bike! (No experience necessary!)

-  Hike up Dune 45 JUST before sunrise for the best view in the world

-  Take plenty of sun cream and a sun hat at all times of the year

-  Take balloons for the local children (obviously not pre blown!)

-  Spend the day with the Himbas or the Bushmen


-  Spend more than a day in the capital, Windhoek. So much more to see....

-  Hike in the Fish River Canyon between November and March, it is waaaay too hot!

-  Give money to the locals if they beg, rather buy a little food and give it to them. Giving money only encourages begging.

-  Wander off too far in Spitzkoppe or the Sossusvlei dune fields

- everything looks very similar and you may never find your way back!

Be a chicken

- try out the quad biking, sand boarding and sky diving in Swakopmund.

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