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London Underground Map Re-design

Monday, July 4th, 2011
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After 80 years of existence, it has now been pointed out that the London Underground map is inaccurate. Distances between stations are not to scale in relation to how much time it takes you to get between stations. When the map was designed in 1931, its purpose was to show the positions of stations in relations to one another, and not to be geographically correct.

Call me crazy, but when you create something as significant as “The London Underground Map”, don’t you make sure it’s accurate in every possible way; seeing as millions of commuters are going to be using it?

Snippet of London Underground Map created by Harry Beck in 1931


Snippet of London Underground Map re-created by Mark Noad in 2011


Mark Noad has re-done the map including 30 and 60 degree angles rather than 45 degree angles, making the map far more accurate. This means commuters will now be able to plot their routes more effectively and find the most time sensitive route to travel. High-five Mark!

Zhan Guo, professor in urban planning and transportation policy at New York University, reported that 30% of people trust the London Underground map ABOVE their personal experience. Why on earth would someone do that?

Let me get this straight. Joe Soap has two different route options for getting to work: route A takes him ten minutes less than B, but because route A’s line on the map is a little bit longer than B’s, annually Joe wastes 433 hours of his life travelling the extra distance. Joe Soap is an idiot.

Critics have said that because the original map cannot be relied on for accurate distances, commuters should opt for walking between destinations, as many of the routes can be reached faster by foot than by train. *Ahem* Does anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that ‘the critics’ are all members of the UK Public Health Association? Not a bad idea though. Oh, well, if it means an extra guilt-free scoop of Ben & Jerry’s after dinner, London is going to have to build bigger pavements!

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Are You an Overlander at Heart?

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
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Overlanders are a rare breed. Being an adventurer that revels in trekking terrains off the beaten track, willingly signing up for weeks upon weeks of roughing it, all in the name of experiencing the wilds of Africa. Surely this is only something a mad man would do... right?  Well, sanity is quite relative in this case.

Overlanders getting stuck in it

True overlanders will be the first to tell you that an overlanding trip is anything but cushy; however, they keep coming back for more. It seems the rewards gained from living life for a few weeks as a nomad and traversing the lap of the land draws overlanders back like a moth to the flame.

Overlanders Camp Site

Here’s a quick ‘health’ check to see if your heart drums to an overlanding Africa beat:

  • You’re sick and tired of eating pasta
  • The 'smell' doesn’t bother you anymore
  • Showers are a convenience
  • A 7am start to the morning has you feeling like a sloth
  • Going to bed at 11pm is late for you
  • The burn marks in your clothes are evidence of nightly campfires
  • You can’t tell which are your feet and which are your sandals
  • Brushing your hair has become a distant memory
  • You’ve got setting up camp and tents down to an art
  • You keep wondering why the smoke from the campfire makes a beeline directly for you – always!
  • You have adopted the “thirty second rule” (where any seat left vacant around the campfire for more than thirty seconds is up for the taking)
  • The “five second rule” is your friend (any piece of food dropped on the floor is still edible if retrieved within 5 seconds)
  • Night swimming in the nude is becoming the norm

If you have found yourself nodding fondly to any of the above mentioned checklist, then chances you’re an overlander at heart, and if instead you’re nodding your head in eager anticipation then you need to get yourself on an overlanding truck, pronto!

Life as an Overlander

On the Overlanding Africa website, you will find all the information needed to transform the niggling urge into a very real and vivid adventure. Explore the world and get to know yourself.

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African Wildlife from an Overlanding Truck

Monday, May 9th, 2011
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Africa's wildlife spectacle is actually quite easy and inexpensive to access, if you've got the mettle of an overlander. Of course there are silver-service bush camps dotted throughout the wilds of Africa offering bespoke game viewing experiences, but unless you're on a film star's salary, chances are these types of safaris are something you'll save for later, and besides we've got an option that is infinitely more entertaining. Budget African travel from Overlanding Africa is definitely your best opportunity to experience Africa, her wildlife, landscapes, cultures and cities, plus you'll do it with a bunch of like-minded people whose agenda begins with fun and ends with good times.

Here's a fraction of the wildlife roaming Africa:

Wildlife Wonders:

Armadillo in Africa

Armidillo in Africa

Waterhole reflections

Buck drinking water

Cheetah Cubs in a Tree

Cheetah cubs perched in a tree

A Herd of the Gentle Giants, Elephants

Elephant herd

Giraffes at an African Sunset

Giraffes at sunset

A Horse Rider in Cameroon

Horserider in Cameroon

Quirky Meerkats


Wild Dog Pups


The Greatest Show on Earth, Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest migration


Zebras reflection

Although there's no best time to visit Africa, generally the Southern Hemisphere winter tends to offer better game viewing in Africa, the sparser vegetation and general decline in water availability means wildlife is easier to spot and animals reliably congregate around water holes.

If you're interested in visiting Africa on a budget holiday see our Overlanding Africa Tours page, or get in touch with one of our overlanding travel consultants, they're veterans of overlanding Africa trips and will excite you into an itchy feet frenzy about experiencing Africa from a truck.

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Our Overlanding Africa Images

Monday, May 9th, 2011
  • Google+

We were trawling through the image database last week, a little house keeping before the overlanding season kicks off, and while slotting images into the correct folders we pulled out a few of our photographs to wet your appetite. Here's 16 snapshots of what it's like to go overlanding in Africa. Overlanding Exclusives: Dune Climbing in Sossusvlei, Namibia

Overlanders dune climbing in Sossusvlei, Namibia

Game Drive at Sunset

Overlanders game drive at sunset

Game Ride on Horseback

Overlanders horseback game ride

Lake Malawi Water-skiing

An overlander water-skiing at Lake-Malawi

Overlanders in Okavango Delta, Botswana

Overlanders enjoying lunch in the Okavango Delta

Overlanders Getting their Feet Wet

Overlanders getting their feet wet

Overlander Restroom

An Overlander restroom

Overlanding Beach Drive

An Overlanding beach drive

Overlanding Tent Site

A typical overlanding tent site

Overlanding Truck Stuck

Overlanding truckstuck

Overlanding Truck Stop

Overlanding truck stop


An Overlander Paragliding


Quad Bike Adventure

An overlander quad biking in Namibia

Overlanders Recycle

Overlanders recycle

Skydiving in Namibia

Overlanders Skydiving in Nambia

White River Rafting Adventure

Overlanders white-river rafting

If any of the images above struck a chord with you, or enticed that travel bug to rear its adventurous head, have a gander at our Overlanding Africa Tours page, we've got a 164 trips for you to explore Africa.

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Tags: adventure, africa, animals, cape-town, drc, egypt, images, landscape, mozambique, overlanders, overlanding, photography, south-africa, travel, trips, waterfall, wildlife

Our Top 5 Overlanding Africa Trips

Thursday, May 5th, 2011
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Overlanders across the planet will be the first to tell you that an Overlanding trip will more or less wreck your ambitions for one day sitting at a desk and a being a responsible corporate type. Yip, these trips are that much fun, and almost without exception, feed that greedy travel bug, just enough to fatten the little #%&%#@$ up. Beware the gluttonous travel bug people! A post-trip daydream of adventure spanning the length and breadth of this planet is your doggy bag from an overland truck trip… you simply have to get your butt onto an overland truck, it’s the best way to see the crazy beauty that is Africa. So first timers, the overlanding virgins, and seasoned overlanders, these are our 5 most popular overlanding trips in Africa!

1. Wildlife Wonderland

wildlife-overlanding africa tours










This particular trip covers some of the best game parks in Africa. Starting in Nairobi, traversing the Masai Mara in Kenya, the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania and finally finishing up in Nairobi, 8 action-packed days later. This trip is a great introduction to the wilds of East Africa. Visit Overlanding Africa to find out more about the Wildlife Wonderland Trip.

2. Nairobi to Cape Town Epic:

Nairobi to Cape Town Epic Overland Trip

Thread together tons of game spotting, meeting the local tribes, kicking back on beaches and a few adrenaline sports thrown in to keep your pulse bouncing and you've got a proper African expedition, we call it The Nairobi to Cape Town Epic, this overlanding trip does everything it says on the can. Get your memories of a life time on Overlanding Africa's Nairobi to Cape Town Epic.

3. Discover South West Africa:

Discover South West Africa Overlanding Tour

This trip is hands down, our best-seller. It's 21 days of great game viewing, local tribes, adventure sports and dramatic scenery ranging from beautiful desolation in the Namib to the lush abundance of the Okavango. This overland trip takes you from the mighty Victoria Falls through Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, finishing up in the Mother City, Cape Town. Seriously, could you plan a better 21 days anywhere?! This journey gets a massive thumbs up, get full details on the Discover South West Africa overland trip here

4. Kruger to Victoria Falls:

Kruger Park to Victoria Falls overlanding africa trip

Discover the beautiful Mpumalanga Province en route to the world famous Kruger National Park where two days of game drives, wildlife and the Big 5 lie in wait. We explore the Polokwane Game Reserve on foot before a couple of days in Botswana and Zambia. A day in Livingstone is just a taste of the adrenaline adventures that await you at your destination, Vic Falls. Got 7 days? Want to have your world rocked? See our Kruger to Vic Falls overlanding trip.

5. Ultimate Trans Africa Expedition:

Trans Africa overland trip

This is the ultimate African adventure, actually, this is the ultimate adventure period. 280 days from London to Cairo is for the adventurous only. If you like pressed linen and daily showers stop reading now, if you love grit, getting stuck in, camaraderie and life altering experiences set against the most magnificent scenery on the planet then have a look at our tour itinerary for the Ultimate Trans Africa Expedition.

The Overlanding trips mentioned above are the top 5 overlanding trips we offer, but they're by no means the only trips. We have 164 overlanding trips on our books and that number is growing. We can advise you, assist you and even tailor make a trip for you, contact Overlanding Africa and get trucking!

For detailed information on these trips, and how to get yourself a seat on a overland truck, visit the Overlanding Africa website.


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A Time Lapse of the Night Sky in April 2011

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011
  • Google+

A Sahara sand storm, the milky way, stars in abundance, the dance of clouds shifting shapes and formations and the ever changing vistas of immense beauty is what photographer Terje Sorgjerd managed to capture when he undertook a photographic project in El Teide, Spain. As is mentioned by the artist himself, his goal was to capture the intense beauty of the location, and showcase the splendour in a series of time lapsed images. The result is breath-taking, and inspiring, see it for yourself. Night Sky Time Lapse

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

One thing is certain, the world we live in, in its fullness of beauty, is to be taken care of, by each and every one of us. Let’s build... Each one teach one!

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Tags: beauty, earth, images, milky-way, night-sky, photography, sahara-desert, stars, teide-observatories, time-lapse, travel

OA takes the Cross-Border Agency to task

Thursday, February 10th, 2011
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OA General Manager Tania Wheeler

Overlanding Africa General Manager and intrepid Overlander Tania Wheeler featured in the recent Travel Industry Review. She was quoted slating the Cross-Border Road Transport Agency for introducing legislation which effectively sought to block Overland Trucks and any vehicles not registered or licensed in South Africa from entering the country.

The confusion around the legislation caused huge upset when it was reported that some UK based Overland Tour Operators faced having to scrap some of their tours through South Africa after being denied permits.

"We need a clear list of guidelines or, if it is in fact a license issue, we need a way to comply... We will get whatever they want. We just need to know or be given another way to comply"

You can read the full article at Travel industry Review.

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10 Tips for Making an Intelligent Car Hire Decisions

Friday, November 12th, 2010
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Overlanders often ask us about renting a car before/after their trip, to do some siteseeing. The guys from Drive South Africa offer some handy tips to make an intelligent car hire decision when booking online:

1) Book in advance to get the best car hire deal

2) Know your vehicle requirements

3) Check if the car hire agency has call centre consultants you can speak to

4) Compare quotes from all major car hire companies - Avis, Hertz, Budget, Europcar, Alamo etc.

5) Check prices at car hire comparison websites

6) Check insurance details before making a reservation

7) Check if the rental company offer road-side assistance?

8) Refuel the rental car before you return it

9) Check cancellation penalties

10) Return the vehicle on time to avoid extra charges So whether you are dealing with car hire in Cape Town or car hire in Sicily, these are the tips that are going to ensure a fuss free car hire experience!

Do you have some good advice for booking car hire intelligently online? Give us your ideas in the comments below.

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Up To 25% Off! Say No More!

Thursday, March 4th, 2010
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Namibia Discounted Overland Trips

Book one of our selected Africa overland trips in March, travel before the end of the year and get a 15% discount!

Bring a mate and get 17.5% off!. 2 mates will get you 20% off and for 4 or more you get 25% off your tour price.

What better incentive do you need?!

Check it out here! For all other Africa Overland trips, advice and a 'tell it like it is' description of African highlights see us at www.overlandingafrica.com

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LMFAO Friday: “EVERYBODY is heading to Cape Town for 2010”

Friday, October 30th, 2009
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Welcome to LMFAO (Laughing My Fricken' Ass Off) Fridays! Every Friday we'll be posting a funny video (with some relevance to Africa!) for all to enjoy. If you have a hilarious video to share, drop us a line or leave a comment below. If you have us rolling in the aisles, your video could feature in next week's "LMFAO Friday"!

Your videos: - Do not have to be your original work - Must be LMFAO funny - Should highlight a quirky characteristic of Africa or one of its many amazing destinations!

Here's our first video: "EVERYBODY is heading to Cape Town for 2010".


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