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Top 5 African Adventure Tours for Thrill Seekers

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011
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So you’re the kind of chap who’d take a shot of adrenaline with your cornflakes if you could. You’ve done the bungee jumping, the white water rafting and the gorge swing, and now you’re looking for your next adventure tour fix. Cool. We’ve got options.


1. Great White Shark Cage Diving (Do it!)

The Gans Baai coast, off shore of Hermanus is where it happens. People put other people into cages and throw them in the water. They then add bloody bait to attract great white sharks. Fun hey? Now that’s a great white way to spend your day. Experience great white shark cage diving on the Cape Town and Garden Route overland trip.

2. Quadbiking in the Dunes (Do it!)

Swakopmund isn’t the adventure capital of Namibia for nothing! Hop on a quad bike and zip around on a thrilling adventure tour of 60 km of conservation dune field. The throttle is the key to releasing your adrenaline. Do it! Experience quadbiking in the dunes on the Namibian Discoverer overland trip.

3. Praia Do Tofo Whale Shark Safari (Do it!)

The tame whale shark is said to be more whale than shark. This pussy cat of the sea is absolutely stunning: the way it moves, the way it photographs, the way it takes your breath away. Swim and snorkel around these majestic creatures for that rush that makes you pin the experience as an unforgettable adventure tour. Experience the Praia Do Tofo whale shark safari on a Classic Mozambique overland trip.

4. Drakensberg Rock Climbing (Do it!)

Rock climbing the Drakensberg offers awesome view points from most of the summits. The routes are made up of both bolted and good ol’ traditional climbing. The Drakensberg is a good spot for hoisting your body weight around, because of its 180km long escarpment, running east towards the Indian Ocean with deep valleys and peaks rising to 3300 meters. Simply beautiful adventure tour… and worth every bead of sweat. Experience the Drakensberg on an Swazi and Lesotho overland trip.

5. Swakopmund Sky Diving (Do it!)

5 000ft free fall over Namibia’s landscape. Take two pairs of underwear. Enough said. Experience Swakopmund sky diving on a Cape Town to Swakopmund overland trip. For an adventure tour of a life time, experience these adrenaline pumping activities while on an overland trip. Meet new people, rough it, camp, laugh, take photos, make memories. Be awesome! Pick your adventure HERE!

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Top 5 Best South Africa Tours and Safaris

Thursday, November 17th, 2011
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South Africa: the country of stunning natural wonders, breath-taking adventure and cultural and political tales which have both inspired and changed the world. The cherry on the cake is being about to get South Africa on a budget with these Top 5 Best South Africa Tours and Safaris. We’re confident these offer travellers the best South Africa travel, with its scenery, wildlife, culture and the awesomeness (that's totally a word).

1. Garden Route Discoverer

The trip along Garden Route in one of those South Africa tours and safaris you don’t want to miss out on. As the trip leads you from Cape Town to Addo Elephant Park, the journey follows a scenic string of southern Africa, leaving a wake of adventurous exploration behind you. Boasting amazing scenery and adventure activities, if you’ve ever wanted to test your bravery, this is the most beautiful place to do it. Venture the highest bungee in the world, ride an ostrich, walk with elephants, soak up the beautiful surrounds and enjoy an east bound South Africa tour of epic proportions.


The Garden Route South Africa Tour Route:


2. Swazi and Lesotho Trek

How often does it happen when you come across two countries within a country!? Not often, I’ll have you know. Well, Swaziland and Lesotho are two landlocked countries. Landlocked by South Africa. So on this South Africa tour you get to explore three countries on one route. Bargain! From the mountainous kingdom of Swaziland and their fond love of beads and clay to and exploration of the Battlefields of the Blood River. This journey also introduces you to the game at the Royal Natal National Park and the faces and lives of the Basotho people of Lesotho.


The Swazi and Lesotho Trek Route, South Africa Tour Route:


3. Voortrekker Express

If you’re reared-up for a South Africa tour off the beaten track, then you need not look any further. Well, at least until the end of this blurb. The Voortrekker Express is a route up South Africa’s West Coast, along a path that takes you to all the real down-to-earth local destinations, with their veldskoen* wearing and humble hospitality. Scope out the massive SALT telescope, trek across the Karoo, visit those 'old school' Afrikaner towns, check out the black-maned Lions, camp on the Orange River, and work your stomach muscles with laughter at Darling’s own 'Evita Bezuidenhout'. A cultural journey of a life-time, the South African way.


The Voortrekker Express, South Africa Tour Route:


4. Best of South Africa

The Best of South Africa tour, is exactly that. This trip takes you along the scenic route to visit world famous Kruger National Park, the culturally rich, landlocked countries of Swaziland and Lesotho as well as along the pristine Garden Route on the Indian Ocean coast. This route gives you an opportunity to experience a wide section of South Africa, while fitting in most of the country’s ‘must-see’ attractions, truly making it one of the best South Africa tours.


The Best of South Africa Tour Route:


5. Discover South Africa

This journey between Johannesburg and Cape Town covers a portion of South Africa which allows you to experience the Big 5 in the Kruger National Park, the Golden Mile in Durban as well as the kingdoms of South Africa’s neighbours Lesotho and Swaziland. The famous Garden Route lends its beautiful vistas, while Stellenbosch Winelands offers a taste of greatness with award winning food and wine. The trip comes to an end in the diverse Mother City, Cape Town, with its endless list of attractions, activities and recently titled New Natural Wonder of World: Table Mountain.


The Discover South Africa Tour Route:


South Africa tours and safaris are geared to offer you a trek through specific regions to show off the best of the countries wildlife, vegetation, birds, attractions, adventure activities and brilliant sunsets. Come to think of it, any South Africa tour you go on is going to give you that, but experiencing it on an overland trip makes the getaway experience extraordinary. All you have to do is pick an overland trip to get South Africa on a budget!

*Veldskoene are shoes made of leather that are thought to have been made by the Hottentots before the arrival of Europeans, and are still worn in South Africa.

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Top 5 Best Travel Gadgets for Tours in Africa

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
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When you travel to Africa, you’re going to want to get the most out of your experience. You can do that by taking along the best travel gadgets in the game to accompany you on tours in Africa.

1. Canon Powershot D10

Most people whip their camera’s away when it starts to rain; missing out on capturing a day of memories exploring. Whip-away no more I say! The Canon Powershot D10 is not only 12.1-megapixels, but it is also quite happily used underwater. Waterproof up to 33 feet, this puppy is shock resistant and can survive in freezing temperatures, making it great for pools, beaches, ski slopes and even the bath! But why would you want to use it in the bath, right?


Google Product Search

2. Apple iPhone 4

The iPhone. This gadget needs an introduction of a marching band, bouquet of fireworks and gaggle of underwear throwing groupies. More applications are made for the iPhone than any other smartphone and out of all of those, the best travel apps are available to aid travel to Africa. Missed your flight? Want to know what restaurants are good? Need info on the suburb you find yourself in? No problem for the iPhone with awesome travel apps installed!


Google Product Search

3. Bottle Cap Tripod

Genius. Simply blooming genius! This one if for travellers who would actually like to appear in some of the photos they take but don’t want to have to strap a tripod to their person through their travels in Africa. This nifty bottle cap tripod mounts on any standard water or soda bottle and pivots 15 degrees in any direction. How cool is that?


Scientifics Online

4. Pocket Slippers

Not every awesome travel gadget needs batteries. If you’re one of those unfortunate travellers that experience the discomfort of swelling feet when you fly, these pocket slippers have just kicked your dog out the door and just became your best friend. These stretchy nylon slippers give you that 'barefoot' feel and roll up to fit in a pocket-size nylon pouch, so when your feet (in anticipation of your tropical tour in Africa) swell up to the size of watermelons, they can do so without restriction.


Sierra Trading Post

5. Heys xScale Pro

Is that carved curio of a yawning hippopotamus as heavy as the real deal? This portable scale will help you find out. There’s nothing like overweight charges to dampen an otherwise thoroughly enjoyed budget safari in Africa. The xScale PRO weighs luggage of up to 50kg which is more than enough to ensure you’ve packed smartly, and yes, it comes in different colours. Rule of thumb: when packing for an overland trip, if you can’t walk 1km with your luggage on your back. Re-pack.


Google Product Search

Next time you travel to Africa, make sure you don’t forget to pack the best travel gadget accessories to make an extra-ordinary holiday, exactly that.

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Top 5 Best National Parks for Safaris in Africa

Monday, November 7th, 2011
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You’re up for a dose of Africa’s wildlife but you’re not quite sure which country you should be visiting, or which park you should be entering to get the best game-viewing experience. Here are our top 5 best national parks for safaris in Africa, to help you decide.

1. Namib-Naukluft National Park (Namibia)

Namibia’s Namib-Naukluft National Park. Okay, so you’re wondering how on earth anything but tumble weeds survive in this arid desert famous for its orange dunes and ‘Dead Vlei’. Don’t worry. So am I. Earning its place in the Top 5 Best National Parks in Africa, this national park is actually the largest in Africa and is filled to the brim with a startling amount of fauna that scuttle, slither, lumber and pounce. Hyena, jackal and gemsbok are to be seen alongside rare desert-dwelling crawly insects and loads of interesting bird species making it great for safaris in Africa. True story.


Safaris in Africa which include a trip to Namib-Naukluft National Park:

Accomodated tour: Namib Desert Adventure

2. Chobe National Park (Botswana)

Chobe National Park has one of the highest concentrations of game in Africa! Brimming with migratory herds, the park is packed with game… and the hungry predators that follow. Naturally. Chobe has strong roots in conservation and an uber elephant population. Set in Botswana, the park offers four different eco-systems that make for great settings for hikes and game drives. You can enjoy horse-back safaris or cruise over the grasslands in a hot air balloon. Super cool safaris in Africa.


Safaris in Africa which include a trip to Chobe National Park:

Central Africa Loop Botswana Adventure Okavango Delta to Johannesburg

3. Kruger National Park (South Africa)

If you have your heart set on seeing the Big Five and want to journey along the beaten track in an extremely well managed and maintained national park, the Kruger National Park is where you want to be raising those binoculars on a safari in Africa. The main highlights of the park include endless stretches of unspoiled landscapes, game scattered throughout, plus bushman rock paintings and the archaeological sites of Thulamela and Masorini. The park offers loads of different accommodation options: from budget accommodation to butler-with-towel-draped-over-forearm 5 star accommodation. Something for every type of traveller. Watch the video below as nature takes its course in the wild when three lions take down a buffalo in the Kruger National Park. Kerri Bowie and her mother, Glynis took the video 400 m from the main gate of the Skukuza Rest Camp.


Safaris in Africa which include a trip to Kruger National Park:

Kruger Lodge Safari Kruger Treehouse Experience Kruger and Swaziland Lodge Safari

4. Etosha National Park (Namibia)

Etosha National Park is where the endangered species of the Northern Black Rhino are camping out. Yes sir, the park has worked extremely hard at keeping its wildlife within the park safe and, well, alive! That’s why they are proud to say that hyena, silver-backed jackal, lion, cheetah and leopard prowl the desert land within the park. Gemsbok, curly horned kudu, giraffe, elephant and even endangered black-faced impala can be spotted roaming the plains, not to mention the 360 species of birdlife.


Safaris in Africa which include a trip to Etosha National Park:

Namibian Discoverer Namib Desert Explorer Namibia Dash

5. Addo Elephant National Park (South Africa)

Brimming with wildlife greatness, the Addo Elephant National Park is one of the only places in the world where you can see the Big Seven (representing marine life, the Great White shark and seasonal Southern Right whale add the extra two to the crew)! The park’s wealth of wildlife and marine species span across seven different biomes while massive herds of elephant, rich African culture, malaria-free safaris and awesome photographic opportunities offer themselves for enjoyment.


Safaris in Africa which include a trip to Addo Elephant National Park:

Cape Town and Garden Route Best of South Africa Short Garden Route Safari
Game viewing and tracking, a slice of culture, sinking sunsets and 100% African flavour are all on offer in our Top 5 best national parks for safaris in Africa. So pack your terrible ‘African safari’ button-up shirt, with the dark green pockets, and go explore.

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Best Festivals in Africa - A Pictorial Journey

Friday, July 8th, 2011
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Even with 220,000 words in the dictionary, nothing can quite say it like a photograph. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so I'm going to let the pictures do the talking.

Wacky Wine Weekend - Robertson - June
Wacky Wine Weekend
Wacky Wine Weekend 4
Wacky Wine Weekend3
Wacky Wine Weekend 2

Lake of the Stars Festival - Malawi - October
Lake of the Stars3
Lake of the Stars2
Lake of the Stars1

Sun Festival of King Ramses II - Egypt - February and October
Sun Festival of King Ramses II _ by Cofiem
Photo by Cofiem

Sun Festival of King Ramses II 4 _ by Pjen
Photo by Pjen

Sun Festival of King Ramses II 5_ by YeOldeCurmudgeon
Photo by YeOldeCurmudgeon

Sun Festival of King Ramses II 2_ by Cofiem
Photo by Cofiem

Festival of the Desert - Mali - January
festival of the desert4
festival of the desert3
festival of the desert2
Festival of the Desert1

Up the Creek - Swellendam - February
Up the Creek4
Up the Creek3
Up the Creek2
Up the Creek1

The only thing that manages to say it better than a picture is experiencing it for yourself.

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Top 5 Festivals in Africa

Friday, July 8th, 2011
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Everyone loves to have a good time, and where there is a mix of a vibrant atmosphere; food and drink; and other people enjoying themselves… a good time is sure to follow. If you're on the hunt for this type of good time adventure, why not visit one of the Top 5 Festivals Africa has to offer.

1.  Wacky Wine Weekend - Robertson - June

Swirl, sniff and palate. If wine is your thing (you like to drink it, keep it or buy it), then Robertson is your playground. The Wacky Wine Weekend is held in Robertson every year, round about June. The weekend is jam-packed with each wine farm in the area hosting their own variety of fun activities, delicious food and amazing wine. Hop from farm to farm eating, drinking and being merry. So basically, it's just a great excuse to drink wine and have an absolute ball under the illusion of being a master connoisseur. Sssh, don't tell anyone!

2.   Lake of the Stars
Powered by volunteers, the Lake of the Stars is one big music festival… on the beach. The festival sees loads of truly awesome African artists gather on the shoreline of Malawi to showcase the area ‘s amazing artists, culture and Malawi as a tourism destination. The vibe, the setting, the passion for music: all felt by everyone who's ever attended. Here's what other people have said about the festival: ‘Simply the finest festival in the world.’ - UK’s leading music magazine: Q Magazine "Lake of Stars was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. An inspirational example of the power of the human spirit and the universal accessibility of art, music and community." – Goldierocks

3.  Sun Festival of King Ramses II - Egypt - February and October
Abu Simbel

A gazillion years ago, in 13th century BC, the temples of Abu Simbel were built by King Ramses II. The King had his people build the structure so that twice a year the light would stream in through the temples’ passages and illuminate the statues of the gods inside the inner most sacred chamber of Abu Simbel. This, of course, is the main attraction of the Sun Festival of King Ramses II, but locals decided to take this bi-annual occurrence and turn it into a massive celebration of music, dancing, eating, drinking, markets and fun.

4.  Festival of the Desert - Mali - January
Festival of the Desert

Mali’s sand is vibrated with jovial celebration of Tuareg culture.  The festival is three days of singing, dancing, poetry, ritual swordplay, camel races and artisans' exhibits. Traditional Tuareg music, as well as world-music is performed on stage with lights and sound; all made possible by the flick of a switch on a trusty electricity generator. World music: I doubt a performer is likely to bust out with an African rendition of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’, but music from different cultures are shared among the jolly atmosphere.

5.  Up the Creek - Swellendam - February
Up the Creek

Along the serene riverbank of the Breede River, 361 days of the year, you can hear wind whistling through the trees and crickets chirping in the grass. The other four days of the year, amplifiers are plugged in, stages are erected and music is pumped into the eardrums of 2000 happy, earth-loving festival goers. Happening over a weekend in February, comedians and music artists of different genres gather and make sure that your socks are sufficiently rocked. Monday rolls on and once again, the wind is whistling and the crickets are chirping. Africa plays host to the most awesome festivals. It has the culture. It has the setting. It has the vibe. All you need to experience it, is a ticket and a smile. Pair your overland trip with a festival and get the most out of your African exploration.

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Top 5 Mozambique Overland Tours

Friday, September 3rd, 2010
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We have hundreds of tours on our awesome website but we decided to make it easy for those of you dreaming of Mozambique. So we chose the pick of the crop - the top 5 tours that cover beach and bush and all the other highlights of this tropical paradise. Benguerra

Classic Mozambique - 14 day Accommodated Overland - from ZAR12,650

Mozambique Explorer - 14 day Accommodated Small Group Overland - from EUR1,295

Mozambique Magic - 14 day Camping Overland - from EUR825

Vic Falls and Indian Ocean Highlights - 14 day Camping Overland - from EUR855

Cape to Vic and Mozambique - 36 day Camping Overland - from EUR1,995

Whether you are going for the beaches, the diving, the Whale Sharks, or the snorkeling, you are sure to find it in Mozambique. While the rest of the world is only just discovering this piece of paradise you should already have 'been there, loved it, brought the t-shirt'. So what are you waiting for?

See us at OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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