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What You Didn’t Know about the Great Wildebeest Migration

Monday, April 11th, 2011
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Wildebeest Crossing Mara River Great Migration

Are you dreaming of a front row seat to Mother Nature’s most dramatic play of survival, death and life - playing out in front of your gob smacked eyes on your Kenya adventure?


Overlanding Africa lets you in on fascinating facts for you to better appreciate the Great Migration on your Kenya holiday or Overland trip.

  • Each year around 2 million Wildebeest and over 1 million Zebra, Eland and Gazelle undertake the daunting Great Migration between the Southern Serengeti plains in Tanzania, and the Masai Mara plains in Kenya.
  • Thousands of Wildebeest die, either drowning in the flooded Mara River, breaking their legs after jumping down cliffs or falling prey to hungry predators.
  • The enormous herds gather at the waters edge trying to find the courage to cross the dangerous Mara River. It takes only one Wildebeest to jump in and then the rest will follow; crossing at up to 20 000 Wildebeest per hour!
  • Predators like Lion, Hyena, Wild-dog and Leopard follow the Wildebeest, Zebra and Gazelle to the Masai Mara plains thus creating the greatest game concentration anywhere on earth.
  • After about 3 months of relaxing and grazing on the Mara plains, the herd leaders begin to smell the Serengeti short rains. This usually occurs at the beginning of November (however the exact dates and times vary from year to year) and lead their herds across the Olduvai Gorge back across to Tanzania.
  • The herds arrive back in the Serengeti Plains just in time for calving season, usually in late January through mid March, when over 80% of the Wildebeest give birth over a period of a few weeks.
  • Less than half the calves born survive past their first Great Migration crossing, falling easy prey to predators.
  • The Great Migration takes place continuously, there is no exact schedule and it can all vary depending rainfall.

Booking your seat at the Wildlife Extravaganza So you want a ticket to the greatest game viewing show on earth, but don’t know if you can afford an ultimate Kenya safari experience? Hi there welcome to Overlanding Africa! We are masters of everything from a budget Kenya trip to epic Overland adventures - all organized just for you to experience the Great Migration without having to sell your kidneys for the memories! For more information on any of the Overland trips you can visit our overland tour page, contact one of our friendly Overlanding Africa experts or post your comments below.

Have you been on a Kenya Safari or Overland trip lately and seen the Great Migration? Share your Kenya safari experiences, photographs and highlights with Overlanding Africa by e-mailing info@overlandingafrica.com. Keep Discovering.

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Dayne’s Top 10 for 2010

Friday, December 31st, 2010
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I have mostly travelled in Southern Africa and have felt the heat of Namibia, the droughts in Botswana, and swum in the azure waters of Mozambique. Each destination offers something very different so here are my Top 10 favorites, including my best kept secrets for Cape Town. sossus

01. Climbing Dune 45 at sunrise This is not exactly adrenalin pumping action but for me it was a definite must do activity in the vast Namibian desert. The beauty of the landscape makes you feel slightly insignificant in the orange coloured surroundings with the sun rising over the dunes.

02. Braai at Oudekraal The national past time in South Africa of course is to slap some meat on a fire and have a few drinks. Oudekraal on the Atlantic Seaboard is the last strong hold of Cape Town spots where you can braai on the beach. A best kept secret in Cape Town.

03. Dhow Trip in Mozambique The shabby little boat didn’t make me too enthusiastic about this trip but believe me, whatever beauty that lay in front of me was definitely no match to the magic that awaited me under water. Snorkelling along the reefs was one of the best experiences I have had.

04. Exploring the Okavango Delta Flying in small aircraft like the Cesna is really not something that makes me feel safe and definitely gives the saying, “a wing and a prayer”, new meaning. Having a bird’s eye view gives you a completely different vantage point to view the animals in this ever-changing landscape of water. You only realize the size of the world’s largest inland delta by viewing it from the sky.

05. Chobe Sunset Boat Cruise Huge masses of lumpy Hippos show you their pink mouths and big teeth while massive herds of Elephant lumber along and remind you just how small you are.

06. Climbing Table Mountain Living in Cape Town it’s definitely a prerequisite to climb Table Mountain. Table Mountain has a restaurant on top and though very pricey the champagne, I mean sparkling wine, was worth the toast at the end of it.

07. Seafood on Sundays Sunday is by far my favourite day of the week and my perfect getaway is to head to the south of Cape Town to the False Bay coast. Stroll around Kalk Bay and spend hours browsing through second-hand stores and finding those little gems or buying things you really don’t need. To round off the day head to 'Kalkies' for the best seafood that side of the mountain.

08. Beach front Cocktails Summer has hit Cape Town and cocktails after work are the order of the day. Considering myself a connoisseur of sorts, I have sampled cocktails in practically every establishment worth their daiquiri. The best kept secret is definitely the Radisson Hotel at the Waterfront. Offering a wide selection of tapas and perched right on the water’s edge, there is no better spot to watch sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. Breathtaking.

09. Learning to Surf There is always that something you would like to do but never had the guts to try it. I literally decided to take the plunge and spend a day learning how to surf at Muizenberg Beach on the southern peninsula in Cape Town. What an awesome experience and fun day out. Highly recommended as a confidence booster and will give you a new lease on life.

10. Canoeing on the Orange River For gentle river tripping or canoeing, the Orange River, on the border of South Africa and Namibia, is the best. Long, flat scenic stretches with a few rapids in between. No match to white river rafting but still awesome fun especially in a group.


Got a Top 10 list of your own? Post it below!

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Tania’s Top 10 for 2010

Thursday, December 30th, 2010
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Everyone sees the 'sales pitch' when it comes to Africa. Don't get me wrong - there is value in the glossy marketing brochure pics of Vic Falls and the Serengeti Plains but at a more human level some of the best 'stuff' in Africa drops under the radar.

Here is my Top 10 list of the best 'stuff' in Africa for 2010 (in no particular order).   :)

lion walk

1. Antelope Park, Gweru, Zimbabwe Home of the African Lion Environmental Research Trust and where you can take a Lion cub for a walk! Or swim with Elephants! In my opinion also the best camp in Africa! They have chalets and river tents too for the non-overland types and endless hot water from the trusty donkey boilers out the back.

sky dive swakopmund

2. Skydive Swakopmund, Namibia For a chick who is petrified of heights, getting me in a tiny Cessna plane with no seats and no door and sending it to 10,000ft is something of a drama. But ask me to jump out of one (parachute attached of course)? H*ll yes! I could free fall all day, there really is nothing like it. As they say "The best fun you can have with your clothes on!" The bonus is there are few drop zones more stunning than miles of sand dunes on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

sossusvlei dune

3. Dawn over Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia The colour, the quiet..... the 'nothingness'. Awesome! You really just have to experience it yourself.Miles and miles of rolling sand dunes, which look  much like caramel ripple ice cream, stretching off into the distance.... You'll certainly feel it after hiking to the top of Dune 45 in soft sand to get the best view for sunrise! But it is so worth it!


4. Meerkats Hard to remember these are wild animals when they are so cute you just want to cuddle them and squeeze them and take them home. In their constant quest to stand on the tallest thing around (so they can see any predators who look hungry) they have no problem using your head if needed... or your camera tripod, truck or tent. Cute yes, but they bite too!


5. Warm Rain in Uganda While the bugs and red mud is not something to write home about, the warm rain in tropical Uganda certainly makes pitching your tent and cooking for 28 passengers a bit more tolerable. On the flip side, with humidity in the 90's in the wet season, never really getting dry isn't always fun either! But look at the bright side - at least you are never really cold!

Ma BJ and kate 2010

6. Ma and BJ at Meserani Snake Park, Arusha, Tanzania No overland tour is complete without a trip to the Snake Park if only so you can meet 2 of the most hard case people on this continent. Not to mention to see the huge impact they have made on the local Masai community. Ma is the all-encompassing, strict, and loyal mother figure to all of the overland road crew past and present, and you don't mess with her if you know what is good for you. BJ is the story telling 'real africa' guy to have a whiskey with at the end of the day. Even the bar is famous! If the walls could talk.... Oh, and then there is a few hundred snakes to look at as well.


7. The Africa 'Small 5' You have heard about the Big 5, everywhere, all the time, constantly.... Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo. There is a heck of a lot more in Africa than just the 5 species of animal you see in every book, you know! What about the 'Small 5'? Elephant Shrew: Like a mouse only smaller and cuter. Ant Lion: Like an armoured ant with pincers on the front. Red Billed Buffalo Weaver (bird): Very vocal and build HUGE nests where hundreds all live next to each other. Leopard Tortoise: Growing up to 60cms long and 35kg in weight you will certainly see them coming. Rhino Beetle: A miniature dinosaur with pincers on the front almost as big as the rest of it's body!


8. Campfire Stories and Guitar Sessions Maybe its the Kiwi in me but a good campfire and a good guitar player make for a great night. Or maybe it's a good campfire, a good guitar player and a good singer that does the trick. Either way, just don't ask me to sing...

Sunset Bar

9. Cocktails at Africa House Hotel, Stone Town, Zanzibar Once owned by the Sultan of Zanzibar before becoming the 'English Club', this little place is a well kept gem full of history. Sit on the deck of the Sunset Bar with locals and tourists alike,  enjoy a cocktail and the stunning view over the Indian Ocean.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the quiet. Awesome!

10. Classic African Road Signs







Got your own list of Top 10? Leave them below! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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South African Top 10 Adventure Activities

Thursday, April 1st, 2010
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SurfDudeSouth Africa is home to adrenalin junkies galore which means we have an endless supply of adrenalin pumping activities to feed any adventurous soul.

Why not paraglide off Lions Head in Cape Town, dive with sharks in Gansbaai, bungee jump off Bloukrans, or fly in a hot air balloon over the Winelands. Skydive in Johannesburg or Cape Town and canoe or scuba dive in Durban. You name it we have it. The Top 10 South African Adventure Activities are… - Abseiling from Table Mountain - Drakensburg Rock Climbing - Tandem Paragliding from Lions Head - Tsitsikamma Treetop Canopy Tour - Scuba Dive - Cape Town - Great White Shark Cage Diving - Orange River Canoeing - Bloukrans Bridge Bungee Jump - Tsitsikamma Forest Quad Biking - Learn to Surf - Cape Town Check them all (and more) out here! Or get in touch with OverlandingAfrica.com for trips to get you to these activities.

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