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Victoria Falls to Serengeti National Park [Traveller Photographs]

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013
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One of our happy campers, Robyn Preston, shared her 21 day Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) to the Serengeti National Park (Kenya) experience with us in photographs. This Falls to Serengeti overland trip offers so many stunning moments in Africa, we're so glad Robyn wanted to share them with you. Thank you Robyn!

Victoria Falls to Serengeti National Park in Photographs

Best of South West Africa & Falls to Serengeti Tour in Photos_sunset

Above: Sunset on a game drive in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

Best of South West Africa & Falls to Serengeti Tour in Photos_fisherman

Above: Two fishermen on their way to check their nets one evening on the Luangwa River, Zambia. This river is one of the major tributaries of the Zambezi River and one of the four largest in Zambia.

Best of South West Africa & Falls to Serengeti Tour in Photos_Dhou

Above: A traditional dhou sails the waters in the harbour of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This is the view from the ferry across to Zanzibar.

Best of South West Africa & Falls to Serengeti Tour in Photos_Hornbill

Above: The eyes of the Yellow Billed Hornbill watch from a branch. These birds are found in southern and eastern parts of Africa and are often seen perched in the acacia trees.

Best of South West Africa & Falls to Serengeti Tour in Photos_maasaijump

Above: A masai tribesman shows off his jumping skills. The masai dance, or adumu, is performed by the men of a village to show strength and stamina. This photo was taken during a tribe visit in Tanzania.

Best of South West Africa & Falls to Serengeti Tour in Photos_buffalo

Above: This gnarly buffalo in the Serengeti appears to be docile. In fact the buffalo is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa due to its unpredictable nature.

Best of South West Africa & Falls to Serengeti Tour in Photos_serengeti_scene

Above: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, is one of the most famous parks in Africa. This is a scene showing the wildlife harmonising together amidst the endemic acacia trees.

Best of South West Africa & Falls to Serengeti Tour in Photos_elephant1

Above: A baby elephant stays close to its mother for protection. Seen on a game drive in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Best of South West Africa & Falls to Serengeti Tour in Photos_giraffe

Above: One of the most elegant African animals you will see on any game drive is a giraffe. They are found in many parts of Africa. There are several different species which are distinguished by their specific patterns.

All of Robyn's photos were taken on the Falls to Serengeti overland trip. Check out our other trips and tours or talk to one of our consultants who would be glad to help you plan a trip to suit your budget.


Share your photos
We love receiving traveller photos and videos that we can share on our website. Drop us an email and share your experiences with us, and with the world.

Share your photos We love receiving traveller photos and videos that we can share on our website. Drop us an email and share your experiences with us, and with the world.

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How to Plan a Safari in Tanzania

Monday, September 17th, 2012
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Tanzania is an incredible country that contains some of the world’s most amazing attractions and an awesome array of nature’s own wonders. Tanzania is where the tallest free standing mountain in the world stands and is the magical land of the great migration. It's the perfect stretch of Africa to explore.

Plan a safari in Tanzania - trust me. Why safari in Tanzania? Tanzania is a pure paradise of wildlife with the Big Five, a beautiful and mystical land steeped in deep African tribal traditions of the Maasai warriors and fused with an influence of strong Arabian culture. Plan the perfect adventure to this magnificent scenic country. An overlanding adventure that includes a visit to Tanzania is the perfect trip for the outdoor enthusiast.

Best Time to Go


Above: Go on a safari in Tanzania at the time which suits what you're going for.

A safari in Tanzania offers visitors the opportunity to witness and experience the great migration, it is an incredible experience and should be on everyone’s bucket list as a must-do before you die. Take into consideration though that high season travel is always more costly than low season, and December holidays happen to fall over an off peak period, but you miss the migration.

Read About Tanzania

Read about where you are going to on your safari in Tanzania, and check out the best routes to get there if you are renting a car, a jeep or a minibus and find out more about the local tribes, culture and traditions. Take an African bird book and wildlife handbooks for useful information about this incredible country and continent.

Dress Casual is Safari

Bring lightweight clothes that can dry quickly. Don’t pack bright colours, take clothes in neutral tones which can’t absorb heat and that will blend with the natural environment around you. Bring a good warm jacket; some areas in Tanzania can get seriously chilly at night and early morning during its winter June through August. Safari in Tanzania is all about taking it easy.

Getting To Tanzania


Above: Self-drive to your safari in Tanzania

Getting to your safari in Tanzania is possible by self-drive overland travel, where you hire a 4x4 and drive there on your own steam, from a neighbouring country. Alternatively, you can get to Tanzania by flying there. Booking flights is easy to do online or through a travel agent. You can also get to Tanzania by hopping on an overland tour that passes through the country. It's really up to you how your personal preferences how to get there. Gaining entry into Tanzania is pretty simple. It simply entails paying the cost of your visa on arrival at the airport. A visitor's travel visa ranges in price between 50 and 100 USD depending on where you are from. You will need to pay the visa costs in order to get into the country and enjoy a real safari in Tanzania.

Be Aware At All Times

Keep your eyes peeled for any wildlife around your accommodation and camp sites where you set up. Do not walk alone to your room or tent after dark, visibility is low and there is safety in numbers. Guides and professional overlanding crew take every precaution to ensure your safety on a Tanzania safari, so listen to their announcements when arriving at a destination.

Learn Swahili

Learning the local language on your Tanzania safari makes communicating with the guides, traders, accommodation staff, border control and the park staff much easier. The effort is always much appreciated. The local people are wonderful, friendly, and warm, taking your greetings in Swahili to heart.

Have the Right Currency


Above: American dollars can be used in urban areas when on your Tanzania safari. Photo by DarrenDean

Tanzania uses two currencies. These are the local shilling and the US Dollar. You are able to trade in both currencies although some tourist centres and parks will accept only the dollar from visitors outside of Tanzania. If you have a currency calculator handy, figure out which currency you should use at the time in order to save what you can.

Market Bartering & Trade

Traders hike the prices for tourists and are prepared to negotiate prices down quite substantially while making good profit. Everyone is an optimist in Tanzania. Negotiation is the key. Bartering is how you are able to get the most out of your money when going to markets throughout Africa. Overlanding Africa will grant the opportunity for barter and trade with locals along the way, a Tanzania safari holiday is no expectation.

Have the Time of Your Life

Having fun and sharing the experience with new people from all over the world is part of what makes overlanding a truly experience. Have the time of your life spending a lengthy period of time on the road (and off road) building new memories together while exploring the wonder of Africa rich in culture and natural beauty, making new friends, living life to the full and taking it all in. Whether you are planning to see the famous great migration or spend your summer vacation in Tanzania, adding the overland travel experience will ensure more than simply a memorable experience, but an unforgettable one. Contact Overlanding Africa for advice and assistance in planning your overlanding trip combining it with the magic of an accommodated or camping safari in Africa and experience the great migration. Article written by Jacqueline Freer

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Tags: tanzania, tanzania-overland-tours

What You Didn’t Know about the Great Wildebeest Migration

Monday, April 11th, 2011
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Wildebeest Crossing Mara River Great Migration

Are you dreaming of a front row seat to Mother Nature’s most dramatic play of survival, death and life - playing out in front of your gob smacked eyes on your Kenya adventure?


Overlanding Africa lets you in on fascinating facts for you to better appreciate the Great Migration on your Kenya holiday or Overland trip.

  • Each year around 2 million Wildebeest and over 1 million Zebra, Eland and Gazelle undertake the daunting Great Migration between the Southern Serengeti plains in Tanzania, and the Masai Mara plains in Kenya.
  • Thousands of Wildebeest die, either drowning in the flooded Mara River, breaking their legs after jumping down cliffs or falling prey to hungry predators.
  • The enormous herds gather at the waters edge trying to find the courage to cross the dangerous Mara River. It takes only one Wildebeest to jump in and then the rest will follow; crossing at up to 20 000 Wildebeest per hour!
  • Predators like Lion, Hyena, Wild-dog and Leopard follow the Wildebeest, Zebra and Gazelle to the Masai Mara plains thus creating the greatest game concentration anywhere on earth.
  • After about 3 months of relaxing and grazing on the Mara plains, the herd leaders begin to smell the Serengeti short rains. This usually occurs at the beginning of November (however the exact dates and times vary from year to year) and lead their herds across the Olduvai Gorge back across to Tanzania.
  • The herds arrive back in the Serengeti Plains just in time for calving season, usually in late January through mid March, when over 80% of the Wildebeest give birth over a period of a few weeks.
  • Less than half the calves born survive past their first Great Migration crossing, falling easy prey to predators.
  • The Great Migration takes place continuously, there is no exact schedule and it can all vary depending rainfall.

Booking your seat at the Wildlife Extravaganza So you want a ticket to the greatest game viewing show on earth, but don’t know if you can afford an ultimate Kenya safari experience? Hi there welcome to Overlanding Africa! We are masters of everything from a budget Kenya trip to epic Overland adventures - all organized just for you to experience the Great Migration without having to sell your kidneys for the memories! For more information on any of the Overland trips you can visit our overland tour page, contact one of our friendly Overlanding Africa experts or post your comments below.

Have you been on a Kenya Safari or Overland trip lately and seen the Great Migration? Share your Kenya safari experiences, photographs and highlights with Overlanding Africa by e-mailing info@overlandingafrica.com. Keep Discovering.

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Tags: africa-budget-travel, kenya, tanzania, the-great-migration, top-10-activities

The 5 Best Kept Secrets of Zanzibar

Friday, January 7th, 2011
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Zanzibar Beaches

With its vibrant culture and great diversity of landscapes beneath the tropical East African sky, Zanzibar is Tanzania's ultimate paradise. The turquoise waters along the coast of Zanzibar are teeming with abundant sea life and stunning coral reefs for snorkelling and diving. Besides the narrow winding alleys and jostling bazaars of Stone Town, or the endless white soft-sand beaches with its many idyllic palms, Zanzibar has a few best kept secrets and I’m going to share a few with you.

The Zamani Beach Club Grill and Bar Behold the horizon and beyond. Freshly cut coconut, succulent grilled jumbo prawns and crescents of pearly white sand beach with it's crystal clear waters…  divine! Zamani Beach Club Grill and Bar is open everyday from 10:00 until sunset.

Diving in Zanzibar Top sites include Kizidi Reef, a mini wall just 10 minutes by boat from Kizimkazi – one of Zanzibar’s best-kept secrets. A wonderful display of soft and hard corals, loads and loads of fish including some big groupers and rays, and the occasional turtle make this an excellent spot for snorkelers, novices and experienced divers alike. Look out for the tiny critters such as Leaf fish and cute little Nudibranchs.

Stone Town Fish Market The best and cheapest place to eat in Stone Town, if not Zanzibar, is at the open air fish market in the Forodhani Gardens on the waterfront. The smell might put you off but definitely a must see as its a great look at local life in Zanzibar. Opens at night.

The House of Wonders The House of Wonders is home to the Museum of History and Culture of Zanzibar and the Swahili Coast. The building is the largest in all of Stone Town - four stories with huge verandas. It takes you through Swahili history, culture, and economy - from the beginning days to present. Visit this early on during your stay so you can appreciate better the experience of being in Zanzibar.

Sunset Bar at Africa House Hotel With history dating back 150 years the Africa House Hotel boasts previous owners who were a wealthy slave trader from Oman, and the Sultan of Zanzibar. From the Sunset Bar on the first floor you can chill out and relax, drink in hand, and watch the colorful sun set over the ocean while fishermen glide by in their dhows. Stunning. For further information on East Africa, Zanzibar or overland trips in Tanzania contact OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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Mt Kilimanjaro - Things To Know Before You Go

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
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Kilimanjaro Sun

Rising 19,340 feet above sea level Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa and the world's highest free-standing mountain.

Today, about 15,000 people attempt to climb Kilimanjaro each year, as a spiritual journey or as a personal challenge.

This truly amazing experience will change your life and test your endurance.

What you need to know before you go: Get Fit and Break in those Hiking Boots Get physically fit, no need to be Superman fit, but be physically ready to make sure you reach the summit.

Break in those hiking boots before you come or you will end up with blisters for feet. Book in Advance Make your reservations in advance and make sure everything is in place before you arrive. This will also give you a chance to see what equipment you can rent from the operator instead of having to schlep it with you. Choose your Route There are three popular routes; Machame, Rongai and Marangu. Each have their own pro's and cons. Decide which one is best for you. Go Slowly You will hear the Swahili phrase “pole pole” alot. It means to go slow and it is good advice or you may not reach the summit. Be Mentally Prepared This is definitely a mental as well as physical challenge. You should prepare yourself to endure this journey and the elements.

Tips on what to pack: - Wet wipes - Snacks - Adequate sun protection - Thermal flask - Camera & Film If you want to know more see the Team at OverlandingAfrica.com

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Top 10 Tanzania Highlights

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
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Ngorongoro Crater Game Drive

Have you ever ridden a camel or swum with dolphins? Why not?

From snorkeling in some of the clearest Zanzibar water, to following the footprints of lions on a game drive in the Serengeti - Tanzania has it all!

The excitement of a hot air balloon safari is rivaled only by being within a car length of a Big 5 animal whilst on a game drive. Achieve the ultimate and climb Kilimanjaro or have 'High Tea' complete with scones, jam and cream at a local tea plantation. Enough adventure for one day?

Head out on a dhow and sip on cocktails while watching the sun set over the azure waters of the Zanzibar archipelago. Sounds good?

Check out the Top 10 Tanzania Highlights: - Ride a Camel in Arusha - Trek Mt Kilimanjaro - View game in the Ngorongoro Crater - See the migration herds in the Serengeti National Park - Have fun on the Stone Town Spice Tour - Swim with Dolphins in Zanzibar - Scuba dive the crystal clear Zanzibar waters - Sail in a dhow and go snorkeling - See the tea plantations near Iringa - Take a balloon ride in the Amboseli National Park

For trips that cover these awesome highlights contact us at www.overlandingafrica.com

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