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Things to do in Swakopmund

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012
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Swakopmund activities help make for the best getaways of extreme adrenalin filled days and lazy sizzling hot summer evenings served with a side order of adventure. Located on the fringe of the oldest desert in the world is a small town with a palm lined promenade: Swakopmund. There is a very distinct German heritage here and this is experienced through the town’s atmosphere, especially in the Swakopmund town centre. Early 1900’s German colonial architecture includes a well preserved original station building turned into a popular hotel and casino, but Swakopmund activities goes way beyond gambling.

List of Swakopmund Activities:

1. German October Fest

October is around the corner and one of the simply-cannot-miss Swakopmund activities is the German October Fest. True to its crystal clear German history, the Oktoberfest brings Munich's world famous beer festival to Africa like no other African country could. Swakopmund takes pure pride in its German roots. During this time of year, Swakopmund has no shortage of foaming beer, tasty sausage selections, delicious cured deli meats and German inspired oomph bands.

2. Hang Gliders & Hot Air Balloons


Above: Skydiving is one of the most popular Swakopmund activities

Drift over a breathtaking display and experience a real eye extravaganza by micro lighting, hang gliding and hot air ballooning over Sossusvlei, the awesome Atlantic Ocean and the dream dusted red and orange dunes of the Namib Desert contrasting against the beauty of the white salt pan island. Swakopmund has one of the best Skydiving schools in the world offering classes and high air adventures at exceptionally affordable prices. Hang gliding and hot air ballooning is one of the best Swakopmund activities on offer and a real bucket list ticker.

3. Quartz Crystal Exhibition

In the Swakopmund town centre the world’s largest Quartz Crystal cluster, found 45 m under the ground in 1985, is on display at a permanent Quartz Crystal exhibition. This site is one of the world’s best gemstone scratch patches and a store for the more costly choices if you are after stones for buying. If you’re interested in the miracle of Mother Nature’s crystals, visiting this exhibition is one of the Swakopmund activities you must do.

4. Sand Boarding


Above: Sandboarding activities in Swakopmund

Swakopmund activities include dune skiing and sand boarding adventures at various levels of experience. This is a massively in demand pastime for adventure lovers of all ages visiting and living in Swakopmund. The young at heart and the adrenalin junkies take on the challenge for a day of sand, sun and extreme adventure fun.

5. Great Golfing

In spite of being situated in the desert, golfers will be pleased to know that Swakopmund does in fact have a great 18 hole, par 72 golf course, situated 7 km outside town along the road to Windhoek. The Gary Player design is only one of five grass courses in the world to be situated in a desert.

6. Quad Biking

Quad biking in Swakopmund

Above: Quad biking is one of the most fun Swakopmund activities you can do

As the adventure capital of Namibia, Swakopmund is one of the world’s prime playgrounds for adrenalin and extreme adventure activities including world class quad biking on some of the highest dunes in the world. Hiking and travelling on dunes is one of the most carefully monitored Swakopmund activities in order to avoid disturbing the area's ecosystem. Make use of guides and avoid going off trails. The dunes of the Namib Desert make for some of the most incredible views just right for capturing picture perfect moments.

7. Eating Local

Pier1925, at the end of the restored jetty, serves great food, fresh oysters and has a good wine list. Brauhaus has a great German atmosphere and brews their own beer. Café Anton is known for their variety of baked German goods and delicious breakfasts. The Lighthouse Pub, which comes highly recommended, is the classic pub hangout, serving classic pub style food. The Tug Restaurant by the sea offers fantastic seafood dishes while Kupferpfanne offers good wine wild meat and game meat dishes. Swakopmund activities make for an unforgettable, unbelievable and unique outdoor adventure holiday. Beyond baking on the beach under the African sun, outdoor activities are the order of the day. Swakopmund is an adrenaline junkie’s paradise with picture perfect sunsets offering visitors and locals alike a range of activities to keep all ages occupied. Swakopmund is the perfect holiday destination for a desert and ocean vacation. All these great Swakopmund activities get you ready to explore this sand dune hugged, seaside destination? Browse through the overland trips that include Swakopmund.

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Jacqueline Freer

Jacqueline has a career background consisting of nightlife eventing and entertainment fused with hospitality then blending with branding and business and over the past few years focusing on digital media. Her personal passions include the arts, travel, food, film and photography. Jacky is a social media expert, PR professional, blogger, copywriter, events designer and digital journalist with a passion for music. Jacqueline Freer is the MD and founder of Inrichmint Media Studios & Recordings, both divisions under the same brand name.

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Tags: swakopmund

Cape Town to Vic Falls Overlanding Africa Travel Diary Part 3

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
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As Tamzyn plunges deeper into her 21 day Cape Town to Vic Falls overland trip, her capacity for adventure broadens...

Day 7: The Namib Desert, Dune 45 and Swakopmund

Woohoo!! We race up the 148 meter monster of Dune 45, some of our arses having to be dragged up the dune, to see Sossusvlei stretching out in a sea of caramel-rippled ice-cream.

Top-of-Dune-45 namibia

We were even overtaken by a fit granny on a serious mission who hiked past us at one heck of a speed putting most of us to shame. The view quickly pushes our tired muscles to the back of our minds, as we take time to absorb the sights from the top of the world. The sand towers burn in every shade of rich red, bright orange and deep gold from the streaks of light peering through the clouds. The Namib Desert, which translates from Nama to 'vast area', is the oldest desert in the world and spans 80, 900 km² of desert vlei and dunes with some dunes towering at over 300 meters.

The Namibian Survival Guide

After a mouthwatering and energizing breakfast of French toast and eggs and a quick 4x4 Namibian offroad trip we are at the heart of Sossusvlei. A guided tour through the gorgeous Deadvlei and Hiddenvlei, complete with hilarious anecdotes, expressions, and a shortened version of the Namibian Desert survival book rounds up our morning perfectly.


Our proud Namibian ambassador and tour guide extraordinaire even manages to convince a few of us that the best food source, if stranded in the Namibian Desert, is to kill an Oryx by breaking off its own horn and stabbing it in the heart.

Overlanding’s Cardinal Sin

The early morning starts seem to be getting the better of a few travelers who are caught sleeping through the truck ride, missing half of the Namibian experience and natural beauty as it passes by outside their window. Heavenly Apple Strudel Solitaire is our final stop before arriving at Swakopmund. It is also the perfect chance to enjoy a yummy piece of Namibia’s best Apple strudel from Moose's place.

Swakopmund - Extreme Adventure Paradise

Dizzy Sandboarding swakopmund namibia

Swakopmund is our home for the next three days and it's every adrenalin junkies dream with plenty of opportunity to enjoy some crazy adventures. We are so spoilt for choice that it’s difficult to decide what to do. Sandboarding, quadbiking, skydiving, para-gliding, cruising through the waves or kayaking past the breakers, if its extreme it’s in Swakopmund. Originally the main harbour for South-West Africa, Swakopmund is now better known for being Namibia’s top beach holiday resort and the unique experiences are the perfect chance to explore the dunes and waves of the Namibia Desert from a different perspective.


Tonight’s Mexican Fiesta themed party at our Hotel Gruner Kranz club is our first chance to experience Namibia’s nightlife. We pack the dance floor and dance till the early morning, once again slightly overhydrating ourselves and enjoying each others hilarious ‘dance’ moves .

Day 8: Swakopmund - Calm Before the Storm

Our first beds in a week are soft heavenly clouds of cushion! Swakopmund’s characteristic morning mist is refusing to lift, so some of our activities have been moved to tomorrow which is great news for those of us who need IV coffee drips after dancing until closing time this morning. Some of the group spends the day taking full advantage of Swakopmund’s internet and coffee café’s in the charming German-styled town. I choose to walk Swakopmunds palm-tree lined promenade and gorgeous coastline of caramel colored sand dunes enjoying some personal thinking time and solitude in the desert. The fishermen are hauling in today’s catch as kids play in the breakers at the bathing beach and the old shipwreck bobs in the waves. The Swakopmund pier and local cafés are buzzing with tourists as the sun sets on another perfect day on this Namibia safari.

Day 9: Swakopmund Adrenaline Day

After a quick breakfast of eggs, cereal and French toast we dash upstairs of a quick shower before heading out to explore the desert and get our adrenalin kicks for the trip.

sandboarding swakopmund namibia

The Greatest Day of my Life

The day starts with some epic action. We race up and down a monster 100m dune trying to learn how to sand board on full size snowboards. I can’t seem to stop smiling which is problematic when I spend more time on my face with a mouthful of sand than standing up on my board. We finish up with Dizzy, the fastest lie-down boarding run in which you whizz down the dune face on waxed up wooden chipboard at speeds over 70 km/ h. One person clocked 78 km/h whilst a few others came clean off their boards and ended up with crusty sand filled eyes and mouths but even then they couldn’t stop laughing. sandboarding swakopmund namibia sand dunes

Go Jump Out of a Plane!

This is the most fun that you can have with your clothes on!! We are all loving life as we bundle in the kombi and head back to Gruner Kranz, for a quick change before psyching ourselves up to jump out of a plane.

Skydive swakopmund namibia

My excitement is building as I watch the others go up and then come down in a mushroom coloured cloud looking chuffed as hell. Champion sleeper, Kim, even manages to sneak in a nap 15 minutes after jumping. Surprisingly my jump partner and I are not nervous.The afternoon seems to whizz by at the skydiving hangar and soon they are calling our names for the final jump of the day- the sunset jump. DID I MENTION I LOVE MY LIFE! Mias, my instructor, is so friendly and excited that he immediately puts any fears I should have had out of my mind. The climb to 10 00 ft takes only 25 minutes as we fly over and take in the insanely gorgeous views of Swakopmund and the desert. 5 minutes left and I am being strapped in by Mias for final checks. Then we are shuffling towards the door, sitting on the edge! Then freefall - 5 000 ft in 35 sec! Absolutely amazing! No one can describe the sensation of cruising through the air at 250 km/ h. I scream the whole way down and when Mias hands me the parachute toggle I pull it hard to make me spin faster towards the ground.

Skydiving-swakopmund namibia

I am wearing a permanent smile for the next two days and we all can’t stop replaying the jump in our minds both in our minds and on video.

Next instalment is in the post...

For information about overlanding in Africa or to find out more about this trip, contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com

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Better than sex - Swakopmund Top 5 Adventure Activities

Monday, March 14th, 2011
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Swakopmund is an adrenalin junkie’s paradise, and if that's how you get your kicks, this place is better than sex. The air, ocean and sand adventure activities in Swakopmund will get the heart racing whilst exploring and enjoying your Namibia overland trip. Namibia’s adrenalin capital, Swakopmund, is a candy-store of adventure activities to quench the thirst of even the most extreme adrenalin junkie on a Namibia overland tour. The beautiful seaside holiday belies the host of exciting and unique adventure activities which are the ultimate way to explore all the natural wonder and beauty of a Namibia overland whilst getting your adventure fix. Here is Overlanding Africa’s guide to Swakopmund's top 5 adventure activities to make your Namibia tour legendary.

Skydiving over the Namibia Desert


What better way to enjoy the endless panoramic views of Swakopmund, the rugged Namibia coastline and vast Namib Desert on your Namibia overland trip than from 10 000 ft in the air attached to a friendly tandem master and a parachute. After a 25 minute scenic flight up into the air, you shuffle towards the door and peer over the edge to the beautifully infinite desert stretching out around your feet. Then it’s three, two, one and out the door for 30 seconds of freefall flight in which you reach speeds of up to 200 km/h. If you ever dreamed of being superman as a kid this is your best chance. Nothing can describe the feeling of flying through the air and soaking it all in before you pull your parachute and coast back down to the Namibia Desert floor enjoying the view as you go. No Swakopmund trip or Namibia tour is complete without skydiving over the Namib Desert. Don’t believe how awesome skydiving is? Check out this video. Skydiving in Swakopmund For more information or to book a skydive contact Ground Rush Adventures.


Paragliding in Namibia For those Namibia tour travellers looking for a little more hang-time, paragliding is unique way to experience all the insane beauty of the Namib Desert dunes from the air. Let the air thermals of the Namib Desert carry you down the sheer face of the Swakopmund sand dunes or explore the diverse birdlife, game and natural wonder of Sossusvlei, Sandwich Harbour and Damaraland on a Namibia overlanding paragliding trip.

Check out the awesome imagery provided by Namib Gliding, click here to view the photo gallery

For more information or to book paragliding trips contact Namib Gliding.

Exploring the Namib Sand Dunes on a Namibia 4x4 adventure

Quadbiking-in-the-Namib-Desert Translated from Nama to mean vast, the Namib Desert is an infinite sea of sand in every vibrant and crazy shade of caramel, red and gold possible. With so much sand to explore and rugged coastline to see on a Namibia tour there is no better way to tear up the dunes than on a speeding Namibia 4x4 ATV or four wheeler. It’s a blast whizzing up the sheer towering sand dunes, the Namib Desert whipping through your hair as you try your luck at popping wheelies and outracing your fellow Namibia 4x4 adventurers. Monstrous Namib Desert dunes, speed and motoring on a Namibia safari- enough said. For more information or to book a Namibia 4x4 ATV or four-wheeling adventure contact the Far Out offices on +26464402737 or  +264811282737.

Swakopmund Sandboarding


The Swakopmund sand dunes are any board lovers dream on a Namibia tour. An epic 100m 6 sided dune calls for you to conquer it. After waxing up your snowboard or lie-down board you shred your way down the sheer face of the dune getting schweet turns in before running back up to try again. There is even the chance to grab some air on the ramp or clock up to 80 km/h on the infamous lie-down sandboarding Dizzy run. Sandboarding down one of Namibia’s iconic Namib Desert monsters is the most fun you can have on a Namibia tour - as long as you don’t mind the taste of Namib Desert sand. For more information or to book a sand-boarding trip contact Alter-Action. (They can also be found in the lobby of Swakopmund’s Hotel Gruner Kranz in the Far Out offices).

Sea kayaking

Sea-Kayaking-Swakopmund Sea Kayaking along Swakopmund and Walvis Bay’s rugged coastline teeming with ocean life is a unique experience on any Namibia tour. Curious bottle-nose dolphins will swim alongside you and fur seals will do back flips as you paddle through the waves with your experienced guide.  You will explore the wonder of the seal colony and see Namibia’s variety of birdlife as you get up-close-and-personal. For more information contact Namibia Sea Kayaking.

The Most fun you can have with your clothes on

Swakopmund skydiving

Whether you’re keen to race up the sheer towering faces of the Namib Desert Dunes on a Namibia 4x4 wheeler tours, tear down them on a snowboard or take in the view of the rugged Swakopmund coastline as you hurtle towards the ground, Swakopmund will plant a grin on your face for the rest of your Namibia overland trip. All of these activities and more can also be booked through the Far Out offices in the Hotel Gruner Kranz lobby in Swakopmund’s Swakop Lodge. For more information you can chat to one of our Overlanding Experts or check out our tour page for Namibia Overlanding tours passing through Swakopmund. Keep Discovering!

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Top 5 Swakopmund Activities

Thursday, May 20th, 2010
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Swakopmund is the perfect playground for adventure seekers and you adrenalin junkies. Head into the dune field and spend half a day on a quad bike - it is a must, and for those real daredevils, check out the skydiving too! One of the most gorgeous drop zones in the world. How about up to 80km/hr down a star dune on a sandboard?!

You don't have to be a 25 year old fitness freak to try any of these things - if an 80yr old granny can do it then there is no excuse for anyone else! No experience is necessary.

Our overland tours stay in Swakopmund for at least a day or two, giving you the opportunity to make the desert your playground!

Check out the:

sky dive


quad bike

Paragliding Climb the 50m sand dune as many times as you can to master this form of flight.

Quadbiking Cover up to 60km's as you wind your way through, up and around the mystical dunes...

Sandboarding Sandboarding is not an 'extreme sport' but it certainly will get the blood pumping.

Sky Diving Quote: it's the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Game Fishing A satisfying day out on the water  is to be had.

For trips to Swakopmund and elsewhere contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com!

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Get Sand In Your Pants - Top 3 Namibia Tours

Friday, December 11th, 2009
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I love Namibia - no seriously - I LOVE IT! Huge expanses of desert sand looking like caramel ice cream as far as the eye can see and the rugged coast steeped in the history of violent seas and shipwrecked sailors. Ancient tribes people talk with clicking tongues and cover themselves not with clothes, but with mud. I could go on.... and on...

Top Namibia Tours

See for yourself on the top 3 overland tours to Namibia...

Not much time? Taste of the Desert From the coastal beauty of Cape Town through the arid desert of Namibia this short tour explores the best of both worlds. End it off with some serious adventure in Swakopmund!

Couple of weeks? Namibia in Full All the highlights of Namibia in one tour! Wildlife in Etosha National Park, adventure activities in Swakopmund and giant sand dunes at Sesriem!

Go all out! Southern Classic (Accommodated) This tour allows you to view the world famous Table Mountain in Cape Town, before exploring the ghostly Namibian desert. Wildlife lovers are in for a treat on the Etosha safari. Adrenaline junkies will feel right at home in Vic Falls, take time to bridge jump or boogie board down the Zambezi.

For all you need to know about overlanding in Africa contact the experts - www.OverlandingAfrica.com - or post your comments below.

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Sandboard Namibia - if you dare!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
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The Alter Action sandboarding team show us how it should be done and our travellers show us how we end up doing it! Even the dog has a  go! Classic!

For overland tours featuring sandboarding in Namibia or for any questions about

Overlanding contact OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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