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Kenya a Gateway to Africa

Monday, April 11th, 2011
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Kenya, the gateway to Africa for a fair chunk of Overlanders, the disembarkation point for others. Which ever camp you find yourself in, you’ll most likely have a few days either side of your Overlanding Africa trip to while away in Kenya. Here are some ideas on how to keep yourself from functioning as a bar prop.

Kenya Safari

Photo By Sarit

Can You Say, ‘Safari’?

Wildebeest, buffalo, antelope, giraffe, elephants, the Big 5 – need we say more? Enjoy a Kenya Safari and discover the fabled Africa. Well known for its reputation as the ‘safari country of Africa’, Kenya is a burgeoning economy of safaris.

The Great Migration resized

Photo By Steve Safari

The Great Migration Unfurls

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Kenya, also referred to as ‘the greatest wildlife show on earth’. Taking place annually, the infamous Wildebeest Migration sees hundreds of thousands of ungulates trek to greener pastures. Read more on the migration misconception here (link to Migration misconception article).

Tribal village resized

Photo By Eric Lafforgue

Tour a Traditional Tribal Village

Many Kenyan tribes have stayed true to their roots and maintain the lifestyle of their ancestors. The more famous of the tribes, the Masai, are actually taking their newly harnessed ‘fame’ and making it work for them. It's possible for tourists to enjoy a cultural visit with the Masai tribe; this entails meeting the elder men (who will eagerly explain their way of life), enjoying a cup of chai tea, watching the performance of traditional dances.

Saunter the Swahili Coast Region

Kenya’s coastal region is quite unique and stands apart from the rest of Kenya, fusing African, Arabic and Indian cultures to create the colourful Swahili culture. Swahili has become the hybrid language understood and used by many natives to East Africa. Intriguing places one should consider stopping by include the island city of Lamu and the harbour city of Mombasa. Bear in mind the Kenyan coastal regions comprise of over 500 kilometres of beautiful white sandy beaches.

Hot air balloon resized

Photo By Andrew Wragg

Balloon Tripping in Kenya

Enjoy Kenya from an omnipotent view point. Kenyan hot-air balloon safaris open up kilometre upon kilometres of untouched and unscathed terrain gifting you a 360 degree view of the pristine bush.

Mount Kenya resized

Photo By Steve Safari

Mount Kenya Trekking

Africa’s second highest peak is an excellent trekking opportunity and delivers big time on regal views, magnificent sunrises, biodiversity, scenery and a breathless sense of accomplishment. From here you can see Africa’s giant, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Kenyan coast and Mount Elgon. You’ll want to be prepared and guided for this trek. Sail Away on a Dhow
The traditional Kenyan dhow vessels offer a great sailing experience along the coastal shores of Kenya. Dhows were historically used by Arabic traders who used to frequent East Africa from the 8th century, and are still fully operational today.

Kenyan Reefs resized

Photo By B Smith

Diving the Kenyan Reefs

The diving and snorkelling possibilities offered by most of Kenya’s National Parks are supposedly at such high standards, most dive enthusiasts make a bee-line for them. Kenya’s coastal reef is in pristine condition, allowing many exotic fish to flourish.

nairobi city centre resized

Photo By Focal Smoke

Nairobi - A Word of Caution

Nairobi, or 'Nairobbery', is considered the hub of East Africa. However the nick-name Nairobbery is not without reason. If you choose to go anywhere in Nairobi, use a reliable taxi (ask for these at your hostel) and try to leave the bling at home, like wise for anything electronic, or in fact valuable. When travelling, some of the smallest nuances are what leave the greatest impressions, unexpected encounters and meetings, local interaction, traditional mannerisms and customs. Of course Kenya’s magnificence is undeniable, her nature is grand her wildlife spectacular, but it’s her quirks that imbue a visitor with a sense of place and Kenya is peppered with these.

Get out there and feel Africa on a Kenya Safari. Browse our overland trips in Kenya here.

If you’re still in 7 minds about which route to take through Africa, contact the well weathered experts at Overlanding Africa or stoke those fires of desire through our Overlanding Africa Trip Finder page.

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Kenya Uncovered in 25 images

Saturday, April 9th, 2011
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A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not spare the words and let your eyes soak up Kenya through 25 photographs. These images are just a peek through the looking glass, an inch closer to experiencing Kenya in its fullness.

Image 1

Amboseli National Park by George Steinmetz resized

Photo of Amboseli National Park by George Steinmetz

Image 2:

baobab kenya dessert by Barbara R Jones resized

Photo of Baobab tree in Kenya by Barbara R Jones

Image 3:

elephants by detany resized

Photo of Elephants by Detany

Image 4:

flamingoes by Shawna Nelles resized

Photo of Flamingos by Shawna Nelles

Image 5:

hippos by Phil resized

Photo of Hippopotami by Phil

Image 6:

kenya-lion_by Michael Nichols resized

Photo of Kenyan Lion by Michael Nichols

Image 7:

leopard-tree-kenya_by Brian Helmuth resized

Photo of Leopard in tree by Brian Helmuth

Image 8:

kenya skies by Cristina Sbu resized

Photo of Kenyan landscape by Cristina Sbu

Image 9:

kenya equator by Makis resized

Photo of Kenyan map at Equator by Makis

Image 10:

masaai warriors resized

Photo of Masaai ladies in red by Photo Nature

Image 11:

kenya village huts by force 199 resized

Photo of Kenyan huts in tribal village by Force199

Image 12:

lake-turkana-fishermen_by Nigel Pavitt resized

Photo of Lake Turkana fishermen by Nigel Pavitt

Image 13:

masai-mara-kenya_by Wietske van de Zande resized

Photo of Masai Mara Kenya home life by Wietske van de Zande

Image 14:

Masai Mara National reserve by Jen Eudy resized

Photo of Sunset at Masai Mara National Reserve by Jen Eudy

Image 15:

migration by Miguel resized

Photo of Migration in Masai Mara by Miguel

Image 16:

mombasa camel beach by Chet Gordon resized

Photo of Camel on Beach in Mombasa by Chet Gordon

Image 17:

samburu-wedding_by Michael Nichols resized

Photo of Samburu Wedding celebrations by Michael Nichols

Image 18:


Photo of Samburu Seduction dance by Eric Lafforgue

Image 19:

tusk-arches-mombasa_by Ken Gillham resized

Photo of Tusk Arches in Mombasa by Ken Gillham

Image 20:

mount-kilimanjaro-by Steven Pollack resized

Photo of Mount Kilimanjaro by Steven Pollack

Image 21:

keyna beach life by Pier Luigi Dallimonti resized

Photo of Kenyan Beach life by Pier Luigi Dallimonti

Image 22:

topie-kenay-sunrise_by Linda Wilson resized

Photo of Kenyan sunrise by Linda Wilson

Image 23:

Mount ololokwe by Michaal Nichols resized

Photo of Mount Ololokwe by Michael Nichols

Image 24:

zebra purple fields by Ben Heine resized

Photo of Zebra in Kenyan fields of colour by Ben Heine

Image 25:

river nile kenya by Clinton Hadenham resized

Photo of the river Nile in Kenya by Clinton Hadenham

Want more? Drooling onto your keyboard? The Overlanding Africa Kenya tour options is just a mouse click away – Do it, you know you want to! Keep discovering!

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