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Pack Like Overland Crew

Thursday, May 19th, 2011
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There are varying opinions as to what is best to pack on an overland trip and throughout the years and after hundreds of overland trips one thing stays the same: everybody brings too much stuff! You will not need all that 'stuff', and you will be pleased to know that your overland truck does come fully stocked, kitchen sink and all... Your best bet would be to follow the example set by more seasoned overlanders and who better than the Crew?

Overlander Backpack

Photo By Dan Haneveer

You will find most crew members agree that there are a few key essentials needed in every overlanders backpack.

Key Essentials:

- No suitcase allowed on the truck! Get a backpack instead. Be sure to have a day bag separate from your main bag.

- Sleeping bag! A must for those travellers wanting to doze off with a semblance of comfort.

- Towel: even the ‘Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ highlights the importance of your towel. Never go anywhere without it! Though the above mentioned are sure to be found in any crew members backpack,

I know you will find the following 'must-haves' included in said backpack as well.

Must-haves: - Comfy shoes: 1x sandals (or any kind of open shoes – for the hot African days), 1x hiking shoes (for guided walks and hikes)

- A ‘scarfy’ (scarf) or sarong: perfect for the heat (when moistened it will keep you cool), perfect for the cold (simply wrap it around you, and be cold no more), perfect for dusty and windy conditions (use to shield eyes, ears and mouth against windy and dusty conditions), perfect when you lose your towel.

- A Sweater: a long sleeved sweater to shield against any cold weather. It will also shield against insects on the prowl for something tasty to bite into...

NB: don’t forget to bring along with you a mini first aid kit, just in case.

In Your Day Bag:

Your day bag should include all things that you will need with you during the day, as you may only have the chance to check your main bag in the mornings and evenings. Your day bag is likely to include the necessary to make your day as pleasant as possible, from sunscreen to sunglasses, a water bottle , and your current read.

What to wear?

When it comes to attire Overlanders need not worry about what they look like, no one will throw you dirty looks if you rock the same tee for the next day or two. Important to bring with you is a thick pair of socks, for those heavy duty walks that are almost guaranteed to crop up.

To prepare for the unpredictability of Africa’s weather it is recommended to pack at least one form of long trousers, and at least one form of short trousers, along with practical and easy to wash clothing. The only 'Cats' you see have nothing to do with the catwalk, so forget fashion and opt for comfort instead.

The basics are really all you need to bring with you on your Overlanding Africa trip. In addition to the above mentioned essentials, don’t forget to pack your lust for adventure, an open mind and the willingness to muck-in. Come prepared, and expect the unexpected – easy hey!

For all your overlanding requirements and advice, contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com

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Are You an Overlander at Heart?

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
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Overlanders are a rare breed. Being an adventurer that revels in trekking terrains off the beaten track, willingly signing up for weeks upon weeks of roughing it, all in the name of experiencing the wilds of Africa. Surely this is only something a mad man would do... right?  Well, sanity is quite relative in this case.

Overlanders getting stuck in it

True overlanders will be the first to tell you that an overlanding trip is anything but cushy; however, they keep coming back for more. It seems the rewards gained from living life for a few weeks as a nomad and traversing the lap of the land draws overlanders back like a moth to the flame.

Overlanders Camp Site

Here’s a quick ‘health’ check to see if your heart drums to an overlanding Africa beat:

  • You’re sick and tired of eating pasta
  • The 'smell' doesn’t bother you anymore
  • Showers are a convenience
  • A 7am start to the morning has you feeling like a sloth
  • Going to bed at 11pm is late for you
  • The burn marks in your clothes are evidence of nightly campfires
  • You can’t tell which are your feet and which are your sandals
  • Brushing your hair has become a distant memory
  • You’ve got setting up camp and tents down to an art
  • You keep wondering why the smoke from the campfire makes a beeline directly for you – always!
  • You have adopted the “thirty second rule” (where any seat left vacant around the campfire for more than thirty seconds is up for the taking)
  • The “five second rule” is your friend (any piece of food dropped on the floor is still edible if retrieved within 5 seconds)
  • Night swimming in the nude is becoming the norm

If you have found yourself nodding fondly to any of the above mentioned checklist, then chances you’re an overlander at heart, and if instead you’re nodding your head in eager anticipation then you need to get yourself on an overlanding truck, pronto!

Life as an Overlander

On the Overlanding Africa website, you will find all the information needed to transform the niggling urge into a very real and vivid adventure. Explore the world and get to know yourself.

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