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Camping vs Accommodated: The Overland Experience

Monday, June 6th, 2011
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We understand that camping isn’t for everyone. The thought of nothing but millimetre thin canvas between you and the elements doesn’t quite strike everyone’s fancy: we get it. For this reason, we’ve made sure that there is also an ‘accommodated’ option to pair with your yearning for an overland adventure.


The camping option offers a traveller the fully blown ‘roughing-it ’experience. It’s as simple as: 1. Find a flat-ish piece of land. 2. Pitch your tent. 3. Unroll your mattress. Easily the most important item to pack on your overland trip; your sleeping bag is something you don’t want to find yourself without in the middle of Africa.



The accommodated option offers a traveller a twin room, unless a single room is requested. There are certain locations where dorms are used and ablution facilities are usually communal.

You’ll still need to pack your bag as if you were on a camping trip though.


Being able to carry your luggage comfortably on your adventure will make the experience all the more enjoyable for everyone, so leave the clunky suitcase at home and sling on a backpack. Not sure what you should be packing? We have helpful packing guidelines. The accommodation preference makes no difference to the actual experience; the journey is still classified as an adventure trip. This means you’ll need to prepare for a journey where you can carry your own bag and dig your own hole in the ground (you never know when nature might call).

Whether you choose to rough-it in a tent or venture indoors for your shut eye, the spirit of overlanding remains the same: Awesome. Get more more information on our camping trips. Get more more information on our accommodated trips.

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Africa Budget Travel for Seniors

Thursday, November 19th, 2009
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If you think overlanding is all about trips for noisy backpackers aged 18 - 35 - you would be WRONG! Whether you are 6 or 60+, want to sleep in a tent or in a real bed, want to rough it or want somewhere to plug in your hair dryer - there is a trip out there to suit you. Safaris4seniors.com offers unique Africa budget travel for senior folks who are young at heart.

Senior Travel Africa

10 reasons why senior travel in Africa will suit you:

-  Explore the 'real Africa' -  Meet the friendly local tribes people -  Smaller group sizes -  Experience different cultures -  Spot the wildest of wildlife -  Admire the ever changing scenery -  Slower paced tours -  Shorter driving days -  Choose your activities as you go -  Be as active or as relaxed as you like

Senior Tours in Africa

You may not be as young as you used to be but this doesn't mean that you can't experience all the excitement and adventure that senior tours in Africa have to offer. Safaris4seniors.com offer unique Africa safaris for senior travelers - perfect for those who still enjoy a jolt of adrenaline, a bit of adventure and some of the finer things in life! Feel free to email any questions about senior tours in Africa and overland travel in Africa or share your comments below. 

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