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Elephant Swimming in Mozambique Waters!

Monday, February 6th, 2012
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Recently, a happy ellie was spotted having a ball in the waves of Nuarro Bay, Nampula, Mozambique. The question is, where did the elephant come from? The best guess is that he travelled from about 150km away seeing as Lurio Falls is home to ellies. That’s quite a far trek for this little guy to enjoy the washing, drinking and frolicking he’s so obviously loving. Regardless, he looks happy to be at Nuarro Bay and residents hope he stays.





A big thanks to Crissy, the camera ready dive master for taking these photos!

Go on a Mozambique adventure and enjoy the best safari in Africa, where tropical fish swim, where whale sharks glide and where elephants frolic!


Pick your camping safari in Mozambique:

Mozambique Magic Livingstone to Johannesburg

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Tags: elephant, mozambique, unusual

Mozambique Travel Holiday Specials

Monday, August 22nd, 2011
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Picture this. Mozambique. It's afternoon. The heat of the African sun is beating down on your in-need-of-some-sun body. Cocktail in hand. Bliss.


Now imagine the damage this kind of holiday would have on your bank account. Imagining your balance figures dropping faster than flies in a 'Doom' haze? Not with us! We’ve got awesome Mozambique travel holiday specials, meaning we’ve smothered your bank balance with SPF 40! Our Mozambique Magic travel holiday special: From the wildlife extravaganza of north-eastern South Africa and the stunning scenery of Swaziland, to the golden beaches of Mozambique - and back!

Compare the spectacular diversity of 3 amazing countries in one mind-blowing tour! Our Classic Mozambique travel holiday special:  Travel from Johannesburg through the kingdom of Swaziland to the pristine beaches of Mozambique. Leave Mozambique with sun-kissed skin and head to Kruger National Park for jam-packed game viewing opportunities. Now you too can afford one of those island holidays... and more!

Specials like these are hard to find… but congratulations, you have managed to find the pot of gold at the end of your Google rainbow! Overland trips beat the pants off of any other kind of holiday because the experience is all about the journey through Africa. Snatch up the offer while you can. Book Now! Trust me.






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Tags: budget-travel-mozambique, mozambique, mozambique-travel-holiday-specials, specials, travel-holiday-specials

African Wildlife from an Overlanding Truck

Monday, May 9th, 2011
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Africa's wildlife spectacle is actually quite easy and inexpensive to access, if you've got the mettle of an overlander. Of course there are silver-service bush camps dotted throughout the wilds of Africa offering bespoke game viewing experiences, but unless you're on a film star's salary, chances are these types of safaris are something you'll save for later, and besides we've got an option that is infinitely more entertaining. Budget African travel from Overlanding Africa is definitely your best opportunity to experience Africa, her wildlife, landscapes, cultures and cities, plus you'll do it with a bunch of like-minded people whose agenda begins with fun and ends with good times.

Here's a fraction of the wildlife roaming Africa:

Wildlife Wonders:

Armadillo in Africa

Armidillo in Africa

Waterhole reflections

Buck drinking water

Cheetah Cubs in a Tree

Cheetah cubs perched in a tree

A Herd of the Gentle Giants, Elephants

Elephant herd

Giraffes at an African Sunset

Giraffes at sunset

A Horse Rider in Cameroon

Horserider in Cameroon

Quirky Meerkats


Wild Dog Pups


The Greatest Show on Earth, Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest migration


Zebras reflection

Although there's no best time to visit Africa, generally the Southern Hemisphere winter tends to offer better game viewing in Africa, the sparser vegetation and general decline in water availability means wildlife is easier to spot and animals reliably congregate around water holes.

If you're interested in visiting Africa on a budget holiday see our Overlanding Africa Tours page, or get in touch with one of our overlanding travel consultants, they're veterans of overlanding Africa trips and will excite you into an itchy feet frenzy about experiencing Africa from a truck.

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Tags: adventure, africa, animals, cape-town, drc, egypt, ethiopia, images, landscape, mozambique, overlanders, overlanding, photography, south-africa, travel, trips, waterfall, wildlife

Our Overlanding Africa Images

Monday, May 9th, 2011
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We were trawling through the image database last week, a little house keeping before the overlanding season kicks off, and while slotting images into the correct folders we pulled out a few of our photographs to wet your appetite. Here's 16 snapshots of what it's like to go overlanding in Africa. Overlanding Exclusives: Dune Climbing in Sossusvlei, Namibia

Overlanders dune climbing in Sossusvlei, Namibia

Game Drive at Sunset

Overlanders game drive at sunset

Game Ride on Horseback

Overlanders horseback game ride

Lake Malawi Water-skiing

An overlander water-skiing at Lake-Malawi

Overlanders in Okavango Delta, Botswana

Overlanders enjoying lunch in the Okavango Delta

Overlanders Getting their Feet Wet

Overlanders getting their feet wet

Overlander Restroom

An Overlander restroom

Overlanding Beach Drive

An Overlanding beach drive

Overlanding Tent Site

A typical overlanding tent site

Overlanding Truck Stuck

Overlanding truckstuck

Overlanding Truck Stop

Overlanding truck stop


An Overlander Paragliding


Quad Bike Adventure

An overlander quad biking in Namibia

Overlanders Recycle

Overlanders recycle

Skydiving in Namibia

Overlanders Skydiving in Nambia

White River Rafting Adventure

Overlanders white-river rafting

If any of the images above struck a chord with you, or enticed that travel bug to rear its adventurous head, have a gander at our Overlanding Africa Tours page, we've got a 164 trips for you to explore Africa.

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Tags: adventure, africa, animals, cape-town, drc, egypt, images, landscape, mozambique, overlanders, overlanding, photography, south-africa, travel, trips, waterfall, wildlife

Top 5 Mozambique Overland Tours

Friday, September 3rd, 2010
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We have hundreds of tours on our awesome website but we decided to make it easy for those of you dreaming of Mozambique. So we chose the pick of the crop - the top 5 tours that cover beach and bush and all the other highlights of this tropical paradise. Benguerra

Classic Mozambique - 14 day Accommodated Overland - from ZAR12,650

Mozambique Explorer - 14 day Accommodated Small Group Overland - from EUR1,295

Mozambique Magic - 14 day Camping Overland - from EUR825

Vic Falls and Indian Ocean Highlights - 14 day Camping Overland - from EUR855

Cape to Vic and Mozambique - 36 day Camping Overland - from EUR1,995

Whether you are going for the beaches, the diving, the Whale Sharks, or the snorkeling, you are sure to find it in Mozambique. While the rest of the world is only just discovering this piece of paradise you should already have 'been there, loved it, brought the t-shirt'. So what are you waiting for?

See us at OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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Tags: budget-travel-mozambique, mozambique, mozambique-overland, top-5

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mozambique

Monday, August 30th, 2010
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Whale Shark Mozambique

'Everyone' talks about Great White Shark cage diving in South Africa. Yep - it's great, don't get me wrong. But who wants to be in a cage in freezing water when you can swim right next to another giant of the ocean, the Whale Shark, just 'up the road' in the warm waters of Mozambique!

Experiencing marine life in their natural environment is a unique and unforgettable experience and the magnificent Whale Shark in particular is a spectacular sight to behold. Divers, snorkelers and swimmers come to Mozambique to swim with the placid and giant Whale Sharks that frequent the waters of the beautiful coastline. These gentle giants swim near the surface feeding on plankton so they make excellent photographic subjects and ideal swimming partners.

The small town of Praia do Tofo is the home to the largest concentration of Whale Sharks in Africa so go on - go and check it out!

For all your Mozambique overland tour requirements contact OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below. (Although spotted on most dives, the ocean is unpredictable and we cannot guarantee daily sightings).

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Tags: inhambane, mozambique, mozambique-diving, mozambique-overland, tofo, whale-shark

Mozambique’s Top 5 Beaches

Monday, August 30th, 2010
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Mozambique is definitely one of Southern Africa's best kept secrets and is fast becoming one of the ideal holiday spots preferred by beachcombers, surfers and divers across the world. We choose the top 5 beaches so you can make the most of your holiday... vilanculos.beach

Pemba Pemba Beach is the gateway to the romantic Quirimbas Archipelago, on the northern coastline of Mozambique, and Niassa National Reserve. Pemba is also renowned as being a prime destination for water sport and diving enthusiasts with it house reef lying just off shore. Inhambane and Praia do Tofo Inhambane is a small town in southern Mozambique lying on Inhambane Bay, 470 km northeast of Maputo. The warm waters offer safe bathing and smooth and easy boat launching. Good fishing and beautiful coral reefs are nearby for you to explore.

Right next door, the beach at Tofo is a popular surfing spot (if not THE most popular surfing spot in Mozambique). If it's powerful right point break and warm water are not attractive enough then how about being able to check out the surf from your 'casa' overlooking the beach - without having to leave your front door!

Vilanculos 750km north of Maputo lies Vilanculos, the gateway to the romantic playground of the Bazaruto Archipelago. This idyllic archipelago consists of four islands (Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque and Sta. Carolina). Experience the wonder of a traditional sailing dhow gliding through the Bazaruto Archipelago. complete with azure waters, sandy beaches, palm trees and pristine coral reefs.

Ponta De Ouro This area is one of the best locations for scuba diving in the world and its waters are alive with many species of marine life including Dolphins, Manta Rays and the occasional shark for the more adventurous. The shoals of tropical fish fill the coral reefs with an ever-changing spectrum of color and the azure water and perfect white beaches will keep you coming back to this secluded holiday spot.

Bilene The village of Bilene is situated 160km north of Maputo on the shores of the Uembje Lagoon. The 27km long lagoon is ideal  for family vacations with long, bright, white stretches of sand for beach games and shallow, calm water for safe swimming. This resort is particularly popular with water sports enthusiasts, (for example jet-ski’s, water-skiing and parasailing), and more serene non-motorised sports (such as paddle-ski’s, and windsurfing). The mouth of the lagoon, usually blocked by a massive sand bank, is best reached by boat but a long difficult 4X4 track does allow access to the beach facing the open sea.

For all your Mozambique Overland trip requirements contact the Team at OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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Tags: bilene, inhambane, mozambique, mozambique-diving, mozambique-overland, tofo, top-5-beaches, vilanculos

7 Sensational Camping Safaris in Africa

Friday, April 30th, 2010
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For those that prefer the thrill of sleeping under the stars, camping safaris offer the perfect blend of adventure, nature, wildlife and spectacular views - allowing you to experience the ultimate camping trip in some of the most beautiful destinations across Africa.

Camping Safaris

From the remote rain forests of Uganda, to the idyllic beaches of Mozambique, there is a camping tour to suit all tastes, budgets and travel needs, offering a host of activities, attractions and sights. Camping tours are ideal for travellers who are not afraid to get their hands dirty, and do not mind sleeping in the great outdoors with just their mosquito-proof dome tents to protect them against the elements. For travellers who enjoy being right in the middle of all the action however, these trips offer a memorable travel experience in Africa.

The top 7 sensational camping safaris in Africa that are simply not to be missed include:

1. Kruger National Park Kruger National Park camping safaris offer a glimpse into South Africa's largest game park. This four day safari takes you from Johannesburg to the beautiful Kruger Park, continuing to Timbavati to visit a Cheetah Breeding Centre and Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. This camping trip is ideal for travellers wanting a short tour with plenty of game viewing.

2. Gorilla Trekking The five day Gorilla Trekking camping tour is one of the most memorable experiences imaginable. See highly endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, high up in the forests of Uganda. The tour starts in Kampala, and continues on to visit Kisoro and Lake Bunyoni. Gorilla trekking, plenty of game viewing and bird watching, as well as camping in the beautiful rain forests of Uganda are all just a hint of what you can expect on these camping safaris in Africa.

3.    Victoria Falls Visit the World Heritage Site of Victoria Falls, the 'smoke that thunders', and see why this mindboggling waterfall has been rated as one of the wonders of the world. There are a number of camping tour options you could consider for Victoria Falls, with many tours offering a stop-over to this iconic destination as an added option. However you get there, camping in Vic Falls is not to be missed!

4.    Namib Desert Safari Explore the land of contrasts with an eleven day Namib Desert Safari that takes you across the staggering dunes and deserts of Namibia. These camping trips start in Windhoek and head on to Etosha National Park, Spitzkoppe, Swakopmund, Sesriem, Sossusvlei and Fish River Canyon before heading back to South Africa via the Orange River.

5.    Madagascar Dhow Island Hopping Experience the serene beaches and underwater wonders of Madagascar's islands with an eight day camping safari that takes you from Antananarivo to key islands such as Hell-ville, Nosy Iranja, Mahalina, Lokobe National Park and Nosy Komba, before heading back to Antananarivo. You will be able to camp in exotic beach spots, view the islands rare and fascinating wildlife and explore the warm waters that are teeming with marine life.

6.    Botswana Delta and Chobe Expedition The beautiful Botswana hot-spots of the Okavango Delta and Chobe have been hailed as the most stunning safari destinations in Africa, and for good reason. The eight day Botswana camping tour takes you across the waterways and game-rich channels of this Botswana paradise.

7.    Mozambique Magic Mozambique Magic tours take you from South Africa to Swaziland and Hlane Royal National Park, before crossing into Mozambique to visit key destinations such as Praia do Tofo, Bazaruto, Inhambane, Maputo and more. These are the perfect camping safaris in Africa for those who enjoy beaches, friendly locals and stunning wildlife.

For information about these tours and much more contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com!

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