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Central Africa Family Loop Tour in Photos

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012
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The Central Africa Family Loop Tour starts in Johannesburg, takes you through Africa and back to Johannesburg in 22 days. On this adventure you get to experience some of Africa's most sought after attractions and destinations like Victoria Falls, the Okavango Delta and Kruger National Park. They say a picture paints a thousand words, so instead of writing a 10 000 word article about what you can experience on the Central Africa Family Loop Tour, Maik Duijvesteijn has given us the opportunity to show you in photographs.

Thanks go to our happy traveller, Maik, for sharing his photos with us. Maik, we're keeping your overland truck seat warm until you decide to return to Africa.

Ten Central Africa Family Loop Tour Photos

Central Africa Family Loop Tour in Photos Sunddown

Above: Sunset in Okavango Delta

Central Africa Family Loop Tour in Photos Elephant

Above: Elephant feeding in Kruger National Park

Central Africa Family Loop Tour in Photos Boat

Above: Taking a makoro trip through Okavango Delta

Central Africa Family Loop Tour in Photos Crocodile

Above: Crocodile in Chob National Park

Central Africa Family Loop Tour in Photos Waterfall

Above: A natural African waterfall in Blyde River Canyon

Central Africa Family Loop Tour in Photos Lion

Above: Jawing Lion in Antelope Park

Central Africa Family Loop Tour in Photos Landscape

Above: Gorgeous horizon in Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve

Central Africa Family Loop Tour in Photos Lions

Above: Lions bound to receive their meal in Antelope Park

Central Africa Family Loop Tour in Photos Walk with Lions

Above: Walk with Lions - Antelope Park

Central Africa Family Loop Tour in Photos Victoria Falls

Above: Maik enjoys the view at Victoria Falls

All of Maik’s photos were taken on a the Central Africa Family Loop Tour. Also check out our other trips and tours or talk to one of our consultants who would be glad to help you plan a tailored trip to suit your budget and your needs. Share your photos We love receiving traveller photos and videos that we can share on our website. Drop us an email and share your experiences with us, and with the world.

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Kruger National Park Camps

Thursday, July 12th, 2012
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Not sure which of the thirteen Kruger National Park camps to stay at? Below are your options along with a short description of what you can expect when staying at each rest camp. From luxury accommodation to rustic, no-electricity camping, whatever kind of Kruger National Park adventure tour you're looking for, you can find the accommodation to meet your needs within the camp.


Above: Rustic camping in Kruger National Park


List of 13 Kruger National Park Camps:


1. Berg en Dal Rest Camp

As one of the newer Kruger National Park Camps, Berg en Dal offers travellers a selection of snappy bungalows, guest houses, camping and caravan spots to choose from. The area is surrounded by awesome rocky hillsides and the camp lies on the Matjulu Spruit bank. Activity wise, game drives and bush walks are available as well as trips to view the san rock painting sites.

2. Letaba Rest Camp

Letaba Rest Camp in Kruger National Park is a magical site where bird watching is really good, and your chances to spot elephant are also on the cards. A lush section of the park close to three of the area’s main dams. These dams are great for wildlife viewing, but if you wish to explore after dark, then perhaps an optional 3 hour night game drive will tickle your fancy as one of the many things to do in Kruger National Park. This Kruger National Park camp is kitted out with first aid supplies, a fuel station and banking facilities for convenience. Letaba is also home to the Goldfields Environmental Education Centre which is great for curious minds of all ages. Your night’s accommodation choices range from cottages, huts, bungalows, furnished safari tents and guest houses.


Above: View of Letaba River by Hyper7pro

3. Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp

The location where Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp is set is rich in history and a great starting point for Big Five tracking safaris. The Crocodile Bridge happens to be the Kruger National Park rest camp closest to the Mozambican border and Maputo. So if you’re keen to add a week in Mozambique onto your Kruger National Park safari with minimal travelling time, then this is the Kruger National Park camp you want to go for. Accommodation options include safari tents, camping sites and bungalows. There is also a Laundromat, a store and a place where you can buy alcohol. A really great camping spot.

4. Lower Sabie Rest Camp

A great place to be if you’re looking for a spot near a river. The Lower Sabie Rest Camp is on the Sabie River – a river that thrives all year around attracting hordes of wildlife. Lower Sabie has ready done it’s best to create a family friendly Kruger National Park camp environment. Bird life is plentiful in and around Lower Sabie Rest Camp. If you aren’t on a self-drive safari then you can also book both day and night drives from the camp.

5. Mopani Rest Camp

Mopani Rest Camp is the baby of the Kruger National Park camp family. The camp’s view over the Pioneer Dam promises brilliant waterbird viewing. This spot boasts good opportunity to view game without having to leave the camp! Game drives, bushwalks and a special sleep-out game viewing hide offer further opportunity to spot wildlife in the area. Rich in historical and archaeological elements, Mopani Rest Camp has its own interesting story…


Above: Mopani Rest Camp by Nathaniel S


6. Olifants Rest Camp

Olifants Rest Camp offers great stretching views that make it great for spotting wildlife. The camp has a lovely picnic site as well as a shop and fully equipped conference facility. Loads of wildlife and bird life hang around this Kruger National Park camp. You can choose from either bungalows or luxury guesthouses if you’re interested in spending the night in the camp.

7. Orpen Rest Camp

A truly beautiful little Kruger camp situated right by the Orpen Gate entrance to the park. Hugged by a bold rock garden lush with Barberton Daisies and Aloes. The stretching views make for great wildlife spotting, as does a trip down to the nearby watering hole. For a guest’s convenient, Orpen Rest Camp have a variety of facilities which include a fuel station, a first aid centre, grocery store and public phone. The Kruger National Park camp offers accommodation types that include bungalows, huts and semi-luxury family cottages.

8. Pretoriuskop Rest Camp - Oldest Kruger National Park Camp

Meet the grandfather camp in Kruger National Park. Pretoriuskop Rest Camp has been around the longest and proudly boasts good chance of viewing white rhino within its surrounds. It's safe to say that wildlife spotting opportunities are good with Pretoriuskop Rest Camp as your base, as there are many wilderness trails, game walks and game drives available. For a travellers comfort and convenience, Pretoriuskop rest camp has its own licensed restaurant, cafeteria and gorgeous natural rock swimming pool. Even though this Kruger camp has its presence steeped in history, each of the accommodation units offer modern furnishings.

9. Punda Maria Rest Camp

Rare wildlife and birdlife love this spot because of its thriving, lush vegetation. The bird viewing here is particularly good. Punda Maria rest camp is rich in prehistorical and modern historic archeology, earning its merit as a much loved Kruger camp spot. This Kruger National Park camp has it's own laundromat, store and fuel station.

10. Satara Rest Camp

Satara is a Kruger rest camp brimming with old-world personality. It's neat pathways and thatched rondawels reflect a colonial Africa ambience. Situated in the centre of  the park, this Kruger National Park camp is known for its great leopard, cheetah and lion spotting. It is also the third largest camp in Kruger National Park, with picnic facilities for day visitors. If you're keen to stay the night here your options for accommodation range from guesthouses, bungalows, camping and caravan spots.

11. Shingwedzi Rest Camp

Large herds of elephant are commonly spotted around this Kruger rest camp, and during the dry months this is a sought after spot for game viewing because of its close proximity to the river. The camp has a restaurant, swimming pool, laundry, fuel station and picnic site.

12. Skukuza Rest Camp - Biggest Kruger National Park Camp

Known as the capital of the park, Skukuza is quite possibly the most talked about Kruger National Park camp. As the biggest camp in Kruger, it should come as no surprise that guests are spoiled with facilities like a shop, ATM, internet cafe, restaurant, library, fuel station and more of course. The camp is also pimped with conference facilities, a gorgeous 9 hole (18-tee), Par 72 golf course, riverside walks, wilderness hikes and game drives. The rest camp offers a plethora of accommodation options, from your standing camping to luxury lodges. Also, the wildlife viewing options are great! Of course.


Above: Skukuza Rest Camp by Reemer


13. Tsendze Rustic Kruger National Park Camp

A new Kruger National Park camp, Tsendze is known as a rustic campsite with space for 30 small groups. Travellers who are keen to experience an 'into-africa', 'roughing-it' experience will love this. With no electricity or generators and open-air showers, this is the African experience. However, the camp does have two ablution blocks. A mere 7km from Mopani Rest Camp in Kruger Park, those who decide they aren't up for the roughing-it experience can happily upgrade. Book your Kruger National Park accommodation,  hire a car for Kruger and explore South Africa's most well managed national park on a wildlife spotting adventure. Whether you're in the mood to safari cheaply, with your family or in luxury, there are Kruger National Park lodges and camps that can happily meet your needs.

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Africa’s Big 5 - The quirky facts!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
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What are Africa's Big 5? They are the elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo, and are as quirky as your friend who enjoys dabbling in dead fly art. Here is a pictorial safari in Africa of Africa's Big 5, along with each animal's most unique attributes. If you think humans are interesting creatures, you should take a closer look at Africa's Big 5!


1. Baby ellies sucks their trunks for comfort. 2. Elephants are either right-tusked, or left-tusked, just like humans are either right or left-handed. 3. An elephant's skin is an inch thick. 4. When swimming, elephants use their trunk as a snorkel. 5. Swinging their trunks up in the air and from side to side help elephants smell better.


Photo by: Craig Thomson



1. There are two subspecies of the African Lion that are both extinct: the Barbary lion and Cape lion. 2. Simba is the Swahili word for lion. The word also means aggressive, king and strong. 3. Male lions are slower and less agile than lionesses. 4. 21 hours of a lion's day is spend simply lying around. 5. Lions can survive for about 6 days without drinking water.


Photo by: KCZooFan



1. As strong tree climbers, leopards often climb a tree while carrying a prey their own weight. 2. Leopards are great swimmers and therefore hunt on both land and in water. 3. Leopards are nocturnal predators. 4. Leopards are solitary animals. 5. Leopard does not normally chase its prey. They stalk their prey and when a few feet away they pounce.


Photo by: Tambako the Jaguar



1. Due to poaching, Rhinos are critically endangered. 2. Rhinos make their own sun block by covering themselves in mud and letting it dry. Once the mud is dry, it also protects rhino's from most blood sucking insects. Nifty! 3. Black rhinos run on their toes. 4. The closest relative to a rhino is most likely a horse. 5. If a rhino horn is cut off or broken, it can grow back.


Photo by: Craig Thomson



1. A full grown adult bull can weigh around 2000 pounds. 2. Oddly enough, Buffalo calves are usually born in May. 3. When attacked, adult buffalo in a herd form a circle around the young and face outward. 4. Buffaloes can live in herds consisting of over one hundred, but are known for congregating in thousands in the Serengeti during the rainy season. 5. A buffalo's sight and hearing are both rather poor, but their sense of smell is very well developed.


Photo by: Chadika


If you're keen to see Africa's Big 5 why not choose an overland trip to Kruger National Park? Alternatively, browse through the Top 5 Best Big 5 Safaris in Africa and book your dream overland trip.

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Kruger National Park Ban on Alcohol

Monday, June 20th, 2011
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Photo by David W. Siu

Our days of eating ripe Marula fruit with the elephants are over. The Kruger National Park has banned all drinking of alcohol in the park’s public areas. According to park spokesperson William Mabasa, the decision has come about due to an increasing amount of guests getting out of hand with littering, skinny dipping, playing loud music, aggression and speeding on park roads.

With the park’s guests getting wilder than the Big 5, they had no choice but to enforce the Liquor Act within the park’s perimeters. Day visitors will not be allowed to bring alcohol into the park, however tourists who have booked accommodation and restaurant reservations may enjoy a drink in the privacy of the establishments. Basically here are your options:

  1. Don’t drink in the park’s public areas = You, and fellow tourists have a memorable experience.
  2. Drink in the park’s public areas = Get arrested and spend the night in a cell with a guy called ‘Bubba’.

Nose out of joint about the recent ruling? Check out our accommodated trips to Kruger National Park.

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Kruger Safaris - South Africa’s Budget Safari Solution

Thursday, August 19th, 2010
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For the ultimate wildlife adventure, working out a Kruger safari budget is essential to ensure that you get the most from this spectacular game reserve. Kruger National Park is situated in the South African province of Mpumalanga, and is widely considered to be one of the largest and most outstanding game reserves in the world. While safaris here are affordable if you know how to get the best safari deals, setting aside a South Africa safari budget will help you ensure the most rewarding experience – putting your money into things that count, rather than forking out thousands for luxury accommodation, only to not be able to afford to enjoy game drives and other activities.

Here are some additional tips to consider when planning your Kruger adventure on a budget:

Consider the length of your safari While longer trips may seem to give you more ‘bang for your buck’, they often end up costing way more than a shorter trip. On a four day safari, you will be able to enjoy a host of attractions, including game drives, bird watching, sundowners and game viewing, and it will end up costing you way less than a longer two week holiday. Working out a Kruger safari budget for four to seven days will ensure that you get to enjoy good accommodation, a number of added activities and your travel expenses – allowing for a rewarding safari expensive that can be worked into your budget fairly easily.

High season versus low season Another thing to consider is the time of year that you take your safari in Kruger. Always ask your travel specialist about peak seasons versus low seasons, as this will affect the final cost of your safari quite drastically. High season is classified as the busiest or peak season, which is when more travellers flock to Kruger National Park. This time is the most expensive time to visit, while low season, when less people are visiting, is more affordable. Ask your safari specialist for more information on the best time to visit Kruger, to help you plan your South Africa safari budget more effectively.

Straight Kruger tour or fuller Southern African safari Tours that focus solely on Kruger National Park safaris are generally more affordable, as additional travel costs are taken out of the equation. However, tours that cover a greater area could end up giving you a wider experience for your money – for instance Kruger National Park and Victoria Falls that give the chance to see more during your trip. If your South Africa safari budget only stretches so far, you could consider a shorter tour that covers more than one area, or you could choose a longer tour that focuses on the Kruger area solely.

Choose the simplest way to travel While we all dream of luxury Kruger safaris that offer sumptuous accommodation and comfortable tented camps, this is out of the budget of most travellers. One of the best ways to get all the benefits of a Kruger safari, complete with spectacular game viewing and activities, is to consider overland tours. These tours take you across outstanding Africa destinations by overlanding truck, and give you a chance to experience the thrill of camping in the beautiful Kruger National Park – right in the middle of all the action. You will be able to travel with like-minded travellers, and you will enjoy a ‘real’ African safari adventure, for the experience of a lifetime. Plus, this is one of the best options for those on a Kruger safari budget, as it is a highly cost-effective way to travel, making it the perfect way to enjoy a Kruger adventure.

For all South Africa and Kruger safari trips and information contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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5 Short Trips to Kruger National Park

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
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kruger_national_parkSouth Africa's world-famous Kruger National Park offers overlanders and like minded travelers an experience of a lifetime!

The unspoiled environment offers great game viewing and creates an opportunity for you to experience wild Africa just as you imagined it.

Whether you are an early bird, awake before sunrise to view the bushveld's early risers at the waterholes, or tracking the nocturnal animals with spotlights at night, game drives in the Kruger is one of the best  experiences ever! Our Top 5 short trips are:

4 day 'Kruger Lodge Safari' This is a short trip, but it's definitely sweet. This trip is focused around the Kruger National Park which includes game drives and animal spotting that will keep you in awe of the beauty that can be found in the game park. 

6 day 'Vic Falls and Kruger Highlights' From the adventure playground of Victoria Falls through the northern Kalahari to the ever famous Kruger National Park. A short but rewarding tour!

7 day 'Kruger and Swaziland Lodge Safari' This mixed pot of highlights includes the best of scenic South Africa combined with the fantastic wildlife in Kruger National Park - and then add the best of Swaziland to the lot!!

7 day 'Kruger to Vic Falls' This week long trip takes in 'Big Five' game drives in Kruger and open skies in the Kalahari on the way to the rushing white water of Victoria Falls!

13 day 'Swazi and Lesotho Trek' This trip takes in the very best of the Kruger Park, Swaziland, KwaZulu Natal and Lesotho where meeting the traditional Basotho people and guided trek through this picturesque country provide the perfect end to this adventure.

See longer and shorter tours to Kruger National Park here, or contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com.

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