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Best Cape Town Bars

Thursday, July 12th, 2012
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Cape Town is host to some of the best bars on the planet with the summer time packing out the beach bars and the winter cozying up with fires and fun at some of the best Cape Town bars around.


One of the best Cape Town bars and most popular hangouts, a long established bar which attracts a combination of Cape Town’s trendy crowd down to the more laid back, hip hop and hippy collectives. The bar (and by that I mean the actual bar) is pretty awesome, with pocket watches and all sorts set in resin. There is good food on the menu, sit down in the restaurant, hang out in the library or on the balcony overlooking busy Long Street.

This best Cape Town bar's location: Cape Town City


Osaka - one of the best cape town clubs and bars

Above: Osaka - one of the most stylish Cape Town bars

Book a private room, hang out in the bar or sit at a table and explore their menu offering some of the city’s best foods a combination of Asian delights. Weekend entertainment offers DJs and dancing, packing the place out time after time. Excellent service and a fun crowd, along with their incredible kitchen making this Mother City bar a place to be.

This best Cape Town bar's location: Cape Town City

Brass Bell & Bikini Bar

The Brass Bell can be considered a Cape Town classic - definitely deserving a spot on the list of best Cape Town bars. Located right on the Southern rail, you can jump on and jump off right at the pub, climbing off the train and walking through the door. The Bikini Deck can be found next door overlooking the ocean and a sit down restaurant an added option making the Brass Bell a high traffic pub and local hangout serving classic pub food and much more next door. The Brass Bell offers the best of pub vibes with the Bikini Deck offering some of the best cocktails on the Southern Peninsula.

This best Cape Town bar's location: Kalk Bay Station


The recently sold, bought and renovated club now offers new levels opening upstairs to the public giving the popular underground music club more space. This nightclub and bar offers some of the best electronic music the city has to offer, showcasing local and international acts with a late liquor license attracting the city’s dubstep and techno fans and followers. Another great venue, with great staff and brilliant bests overlooks the hustle and bustle, nightclubs and nightlife of Long Street below.

This best Cape Town bar's location: Cape Town City


Discotheque Presents H.I.T.S 100

Above: Gig at one of the best Cape Town clubs and bars - Assembly

Assembly is another of Cape Town’s longer standing nightlife favourites in the underground music scene offering some of the best producer and DJ shows the city has to offer. Assembly offers a great entertainment, nightlife and social experience. A must do if you're looking for an upbeat vibe from Cape Town clubs and bars.

This best Cape Town bar's location: Cape Town City

Café Caprice

Café Caprice has been around for over a decade and still pulls a crowd. Fantastic food combines with house music and trendy crowds. A walk off Camps Bay Beach makes it a summer favourite popular amongst locals and internationals alike having gained a global reputation attracting celebrities from time to time.

This best Cape Town bar's location: Camps Bay


A long time Capetonian favourite and one of the best Cape Town bars, this Caribbean styled and themed bar restaurant has been around for many years and continues to attract locals from the area, the city and the country alike along with international travellers who cotton on the one of Cape Town’s best. Their list of cocktails are lip-smackingly yummy and their chilli poppers are just as delicious. However, we recommend you put a roll of toilet paper in the fridge before you leave the house - the poppers bite.

This best Cape Town bar's location: Tamboerskloof

Café Mojito

Located at the top of Long Street, this Cuban styled and themed restaurant bar offers the best Strawberry Chilli Mojito in town, amongst many other flavours.  The Cuban inspired menu makes eating at Mojitos a real treat at reasonable prices. On the street tables allows you to engage with the city bowl vibe and nightlife atmosphere while the fire place keeps the smoking section toasted and the bar smoke free.

This best Cape Town bar's location: Cape Town City


Mzoli's one of the happening cape town clubs and bars

Above: Where the Mzoli's magic happens

An infamous local hangout and a township experience of note, located in Cape Town’s Gugs Mzoli’s has acquired local and global acclaim attracting travellers, Capetonians and shanti town residence alike. A summer suggestion not to be missed with open fire braai township style, meat on selection from the butcher and Mzoli’s branded wine available at the bar.

This best Cape Town bar's location: Guguletu

Banana Jam

The sister restaurant and bar chain of Mojitos, Banana Jam is another well-loved and high traffic hangout based in the Southern Suburbs walking distances from the train station. Banana Jam hosts an affordable and fun Jamaican BBQ not to be missed when visiting the Mother City. Along with the great social bar vibe and good food it’s a good place to meet friends. Seeing as this IS one of the best Cape Town bars, book a table outside if you want one since they book out fast.

This best Cape Town bar's location: Kenilworth

Blue Peter

Another Cape Town classic and with a view second to none, right on the beach front overlooking the awesomeness of Table Mountain from across the bay. Indoor fire places make it the perfect winter spot with Gluwein on offer for the spices wine lover. Outside tables and manicured grass makes it a pleasure in summer with good pub munchies, basic seafood selection and pizzas on the menu.

This best Cape Town bar's location: Blouberg

Zula Sound Bar

Zulu Bar in Cape Town

Above: Zulu - one of the coolest Cape Town bars

The “new” Zula Bar is as popular as its former since moving lower down on Long Street, Cape Town’s nightlife, nightclub and bar hub is a gem as far as Cape Town clubs and bars go. Hosting reggae artists, rock bands and DJs alike it is the perfect bar hangout with good food, famous veggie burgers and great entertainment. A popular choice across age groups and attracting all walks of life.

This best Cape Town bar's location: Cape Town City

If you've visited all of the best Cape Town bars, it's time for and new type of adventure. Hop on a budget overland trip starting in Cape Town and get out of the city for a bit. Your mind blowing experience awaits...

About the Author


Above: Jacqueline Freer Jacqueline has a career background consisting of nightlife eventing and entertainment fused with hospitality then blending with branding and business and over the past few years focusing on digital media. Her personal passions include the arts, travel, food, film and photography. Jacky is a social media expert, PR professional, blogger, copywriter, events designer and digital journalist with a passion for music. Jacqueline Freer is the MD and founder of Inrichmint Media Studios & Recordings, both divisions under the same brand name.

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African Wildlife from an Overlanding Truck

Monday, May 9th, 2011
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Africa's wildlife spectacle is actually quite easy and inexpensive to access, if you've got the mettle of an overlander. Of course there are silver-service bush camps dotted throughout the wilds of Africa offering bespoke game viewing experiences, but unless you're on a film star's salary, chances are these types of safaris are something you'll save for later, and besides we've got an option that is infinitely more entertaining. Budget African travel from Overlanding Africa is definitely your best opportunity to experience Africa, her wildlife, landscapes, cultures and cities, plus you'll do it with a bunch of like-minded people whose agenda begins with fun and ends with good times.

Here's a fraction of the wildlife roaming Africa:

Wildlife Wonders:

Armadillo in Africa

Armidillo in Africa

Waterhole reflections

Buck drinking water

Cheetah Cubs in a Tree

Cheetah cubs perched in a tree

A Herd of the Gentle Giants, Elephants

Elephant herd

Giraffes at an African Sunset

Giraffes at sunset

A Horse Rider in Cameroon

Horserider in Cameroon

Quirky Meerkats


Wild Dog Pups


The Greatest Show on Earth, Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest migration


Zebras reflection

Although there's no best time to visit Africa, generally the Southern Hemisphere winter tends to offer better game viewing in Africa, the sparser vegetation and general decline in water availability means wildlife is easier to spot and animals reliably congregate around water holes.

If you're interested in visiting Africa on a budget holiday see our Overlanding Africa Tours page, or get in touch with one of our overlanding travel consultants, they're veterans of overlanding Africa trips and will excite you into an itchy feet frenzy about experiencing Africa from a truck.

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Our Overlanding Africa Images

Monday, May 9th, 2011
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We were trawling through the image database last week, a little house keeping before the overlanding season kicks off, and while slotting images into the correct folders we pulled out a few of our photographs to wet your appetite. Here's 16 snapshots of what it's like to go overlanding in Africa. Overlanding Exclusives: Dune Climbing in Sossusvlei, Namibia

Overlanders dune climbing in Sossusvlei, Namibia

Game Drive at Sunset

Overlanders game drive at sunset

Game Ride on Horseback

Overlanders horseback game ride

Lake Malawi Water-skiing

An overlander water-skiing at Lake-Malawi

Overlanders in Okavango Delta, Botswana

Overlanders enjoying lunch in the Okavango Delta

Overlanders Getting their Feet Wet

Overlanders getting their feet wet

Overlander Restroom

An Overlander restroom

Overlanding Beach Drive

An Overlanding beach drive

Overlanding Tent Site

A typical overlanding tent site

Overlanding Truck Stuck

Overlanding truckstuck

Overlanding Truck Stop

Overlanding truck stop


An Overlander Paragliding


Quad Bike Adventure

An overlander quad biking in Namibia

Overlanders Recycle

Overlanders recycle

Skydiving in Namibia

Overlanders Skydiving in Nambia

White River Rafting Adventure

Overlanders white-river rafting

If any of the images above struck a chord with you, or enticed that travel bug to rear its adventurous head, have a gander at our Overlanding Africa Tours page, we've got a 164 trips for you to explore Africa.

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Tags: adventure, africa, animals, cape-town, drc, egypt, images, landscape, mozambique, overlanders, overlanding, photography, south-africa, travel, trips, waterfall, wildlife

Our Top 5 Overlanding Africa Trips

Thursday, May 5th, 2011
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Overlanders across the planet will be the first to tell you that an Overlanding trip will more or less wreck your ambitions for one day sitting at a desk and a being a responsible corporate type. Yip, these trips are that much fun, and almost without exception, feed that greedy travel bug, just enough to fatten the little #%&%#@$ up. Beware the gluttonous travel bug people! A post-trip daydream of adventure spanning the length and breadth of this planet is your doggy bag from an overland truck trip… you simply have to get your butt onto an overland truck, it’s the best way to see the crazy beauty that is Africa. So first timers, the overlanding virgins, and seasoned overlanders, these are our 5 most popular overlanding trips in Africa!

1. Wildlife Wonderland

wildlife-overlanding africa tours










This particular trip covers some of the best game parks in Africa. Starting in Nairobi, traversing the Masai Mara in Kenya, the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania and finally finishing up in Nairobi, 8 action-packed days later. This trip is a great introduction to the wilds of East Africa. Visit Overlanding Africa to find out more about the Wildlife Wonderland Trip.

2. Nairobi to Cape Town Epic:

Nairobi to Cape Town Epic Overland Trip

Thread together tons of game spotting, meeting the local tribes, kicking back on beaches and a few adrenaline sports thrown in to keep your pulse bouncing and you've got a proper African expedition, we call it The Nairobi to Cape Town Epic, this overlanding trip does everything it says on the can. Get your memories of a life time on Overlanding Africa's Nairobi to Cape Town Epic.

3. Discover South West Africa:

Discover South West Africa Overlanding Tour

This trip is hands down, our best-seller. It's 21 days of great game viewing, local tribes, adventure sports and dramatic scenery ranging from beautiful desolation in the Namib to the lush abundance of the Okavango. This overland trip takes you from the mighty Victoria Falls through Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, finishing up in the Mother City, Cape Town. Seriously, could you plan a better 21 days anywhere?! This journey gets a massive thumbs up, get full details on the Discover South West Africa overland trip here

4. Kruger to Victoria Falls:

Kruger Park to Victoria Falls overlanding africa trip

Discover the beautiful Mpumalanga Province en route to the world famous Kruger National Park where two days of game drives, wildlife and the Big 5 lie in wait. We explore the Polokwane Game Reserve on foot before a couple of days in Botswana and Zambia. A day in Livingstone is just a taste of the adrenaline adventures that await you at your destination, Vic Falls. Got 7 days? Want to have your world rocked? See our Kruger to Vic Falls overlanding trip.

5. Ultimate Trans Africa Expedition:

Trans Africa overland trip

This is the ultimate African adventure, actually, this is the ultimate adventure period. 280 days from London to Cairo is for the adventurous only. If you like pressed linen and daily showers stop reading now, if you love grit, getting stuck in, camaraderie and life altering experiences set against the most magnificent scenery on the planet then have a look at our tour itinerary for the Ultimate Trans Africa Expedition.

The Overlanding trips mentioned above are the top 5 overlanding trips we offer, but they're by no means the only trips. We have 164 overlanding trips on our books and that number is growing. We can advise you, assist you and even tailor make a trip for you, contact Overlanding Africa and get trucking!

For detailed information on these trips, and how to get yourself a seat on a overland truck, visit the Overlanding Africa website.


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Interactive panoramic view of Cape Town

Thursday, February 17th, 2011
  • Google+

Check out this insane 360 panoramic view of Cape Town taken from Lion's Head. You can use your mouse to scroll left, right, up, down, zoom in, zoom out and have a nice "look see".

View the full screen interactive panoramic photo of Cape Town

Absolutely amazing! Well done Lee Casalena. Do you have or have you seen any great photo's of Cape Town. You can share them by posting a link in the comments below or on our Overlanding Africa.com Facebook Page. Keep Discovering

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Table Mountain Sunset Specials

Friday, October 29th, 2010
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table mountain

The days are getting longer and it is time once again for Table Mountain to be seen in all it's summer glory. From 6pm every day, from the 1st November 2010 to 28th February 2011, you can take the cable car up and back down the mountain for half price! That means a glorious view over Cape Town at sunset for ZAR90 per adult (return) and ZAR45 for kids under 18 (return).

Take a picnic and enjoy the view! Tickets available at the Lower Cable Station. Check out weather info at http://tablemountain.net/

Contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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Budget Safaris from Cape Town… Overland Style!

Friday, May 7th, 2010
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Cape Town Budget Safaris

Experience the ultimate Cape Town budget safari, taking you from the Mother City to some of Africa's most beautiful and popular travel destinations. Here are three excellent budget safaris departing from Cape Town, to suit all time constraints: 

  • Cape Town to Swakopmund This safari takes you from Cape Town to Swakopmund in 7 days, travelling through some of the most spectacular destinations across South Africa and Namibia. Starting from the world-renowned city of Cape Town, you will begin the journey to Namibia, travelling by overland truck. Each night, you will stop at key points to set up camp - admiring the wealth of landscapes, wildlife, birdlife and natural splendour. All tents and camping equipment is provided, and you simply need to bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat plus suitable clothing and personal supplies. Key highlights of this Cape Town overland tour include a meander through the beautiful Cape Winelands, continuing on to the majestic Cedeberg region before heading to the Orange River. From here you will cross the border into Namibia to visit Fish River Canyon, Helmeringhausen, Namib Naukluft Park, Sossusvlei, Sesriem and Swakopmund. Along the way, you can enjoy a number of things to see and do, including river rafting, game viewing, bird watching, dune boarding, dune exploring, skydiving, quad biking, fishing trips, desert flights, golf, water sports, sand boarding and four wheel drive hire to name but a few of the activities on offer.
  • Cape Town to Victoria Falls For those with a little more time on their hands, the 21 day Victoria Falls safari begins in Cape Town and continues on to Namibia, before heading towards Victoria Falls. You will travel in an overland vehicle, and will camp overnight at key points along the way - allowing a chance to sleep under the stars in the beautiful African wilderness. Key highlights of the Victoria Falls Cape Town budget safari include all the attractions of the Cape, as well as Namibia hot-spots such as Fish River Canyon, Namib Naukluft Park, Sossusvlei, Sesriem, Swakopmund, Spitzekoppe, Etosha National Park and Rundu. After passing into Botswana, you will also visit Maun, the Okavango Delta, Kasane and the stunning Chobe National Park. From here you will make the crossing into Zimbabwe, where you will visit the magnificent Victoria Falls - the 'smoke that thunders'. Enjoy outstanding game viewing and bird watching, take a scenic flight over the falls, try micro-lighting flights, relax at camp or spend a few days exploring the stunning natural landscapes surrounding the falls before your riveting Cape Town overland tour comes to an end. 
  • Cape Town to Nairobi The ultimate Cape Town overland tour takes you on a 6 week journey from the Cape, through the stunning destinations of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and finally to Nairobi, Kenya's capital. Along the way you will experience a myriad of cultures, landscapes, wildlife, bird species, weather conditions and many incredible sights. This is one of the best long safaris for those wanting a full African overland experience, with all the top travel destinations you could ever imagine. Key highlights of the Cape Town to Nairobi safari include Cape Town's Winelands and Cedarberg region, Namibia's deserts, sand dunes and other attractions from Fish River Canyon to Rundu, as well as the beautiful waterways and deltas of Botswana. In Zimbabwe, see the mesmerising Victoria Falls and experience a host of adventure sports, before experiencing the beautiful attractions of Zambia. Malawi and Tanzania offer beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife and a warm and friendly culture, while Kenya offers some of the best wildlife in Africa, ending your Cape Town budget safari on a memorable note. For information about these tours and much more contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com!

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Photos of Cape Town Stadium - the 2010 World Cup becomes a reality!

Friday, December 11th, 2009
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I had the privilege of going on a tour of the Cape Town Stadium earlier today. I simply had to share these photos. Enjoy....

Cape Town Stadium - panoramic

3 days and counting. The FINAL COUNTDOWN !!!

An impressive view from the 2nd level

Charl Pauw (former SABC news reporter) chats to Ray Gamble - project manager of the Cape Town World Cup Stadium

Workers discuss some of the final touches for the Cape Town Stadium

The semi-translucent outer shell of the stadium is constructed out of a high-tech treated fibre-glass fabric

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Summer Travel Tips for Cape Town

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
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Table Mountain

13 things to do and 12 things NOT to do in Cape Town this summer

- from the locals who live here!


-  Take a mini bus taxi down Long Street for the fun of it

-  Eat a crocodile steak at Mama Africa's

-  Barter for curios at Green Market Square

-  Pat a Great White Shark

-  Sleep in an Airstream Trailer on a roof above Long Street!

-  Visit the eco friendly food market at The Old Biscuit Mill

-  Check out Table Mountain

-  Picnic at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

-  Protect yourself against the sun!

-  Give street kids food (not money)

-  Greet the locals

-  Drive on the left

-  Drink the tap water


-  Walk in the city late at night, especially on your own

-  Give street kids money! A sandwich will work much better

-  Spend your nights in boring hotels!

-  Let a meter taxi rip you off, negotiate your rate


-  Miss a sunset from Camps Bay beach, sundowner in hand

-  Drink Mampoer - it (really) hurts in the morning!

-  Walk the streets with cameras dangling and dripping in jewellery. This is not New York

-  Worry about malaria - there isn't any

-  Don't get a fright when the Noon Gun (cannon) goes off!

-  Forget to take a city tour on a big red double decker bus!

-  Go to Cape Point when the south easter is blowing

- go kite surfing at Blouberg instead

Contact OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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Top 3 Tours to Cape Town

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
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Summer is well on its way and there is no better place in South Africa to be than the Mother City of Cape Town!

Check out the 3 Top Tours that will get you there whether you have 7 or 21 days to play with!

Not much time? Swakopmund to Cape Town The oldest desert in the world, the second biggest canyon in the world, and the best sand boarding in the world, stunning Namaqualand and the Mother City of Cape Town - all covered by this wicked overland tour!

Couple of weeks? Discover the Garden Route From the awesome views of the Drakensberg Mountains to the Natal South Coast. Visit the wild Elephants of the Eastern Cape and experience Oudtshoorn, the 'feather capital' of the world! From here it's off to the beautiful city of Cape Town.

Got More Time? Desert, Delta and Tribes Start with the glorious Victoria Falls, continue with the Okavango Delta, a visit to Himba and Bushmen villages and Etosha National Park,  then end at the famous Table Mountain. It doesn't get much better than this!

Contact OverlandingAfrica.com for any questions about overland travel in Africa, or post your comments below.

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