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Camping safaris with children: A guide for family holidays in Africa

Thursday, April 5th, 2012
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A lot of people think that when they have children, backpacking and camping safaris are over. Absolutely not true. Camping safaris with children are great! You just have to do it a lot differently now that you're going on family holidays in Africa.


Photo by Hector Landaeta


1. Adjust Goals of backpacking adventures

The first thing you need to consider is to adjust your goals, because obviously if you have little people with you you’re going to be going a lot slower, you’re not going to be able to go on such intensive terrain and you’re not going to be able to get as far. Evaluate where you want to go and set your family up for success by not planning such a huge trip. Realise that if you are going on a nature walk, you may only hike about half a mile in about an hour or so. It might take you that long to get there since you have kids that you may end up carrying, or they may just be walking very slowly. Also, when you're not hiking you may need to pack one extra small backpack for each child to help curb travelling bordem between destinations.

2. Gear

The amount of gear you pack for camping safaris with children is also a huge factor to be considered. Even on a hike, you’ll have to take a lot more stuff with you. You may end up carrying all the gear on your back… and your child too. To fit in everything you’ll need for the hike, you’ll need to pull out that backpack you can fit a kitchen sink into. Fun.

3. Elements on a Camping Safari in Africa

Camping safaris in Africa mean elements varying from extremely hot to very cold. Your children are so important to you and for that reason you’ll want to protect them against the elements that cause sunburn and hypothermia. Make sure your backpack is packed with all the things you’ll need to prevent this from happening.

4. A Child's Perspective

When you’re on a backpacking adventure with with children, remember that children are a lot closer to the ground. To see the world from a child’s perspective, get down on your haunches or knees and have a look around at what kids experience. From this level it is so much easier to spot the little things, like pretty flowers and interesting mounts of earth. Bringing oneself to a child’s level really is a great way for parents to understand their children more, and understanding all the distractions they are may face along the way. Family holidays in Africa are a great time for important bonding.

5. Camping Safari Fun

Kids love to have fun and nature provides such a playground for things to see and learn about. While on your camping safari, take some time to do fun things as a family that will keep the little ones entertained. Try skipping stones, swimming, chatting around a campfire and roasting marshmallows on the fire everyone helped gather wood for. Check out these great tips for travelling with kids that'll keep your kids entertain just about anywhere. Your days of camping safaris are not over! They're now camping safaris with children. Nobody does family holidays in Africa better than you and your loved ones. Grab your kids, gear and energy and embark on a camping safari you’d still love to experience and share with your family.


Photo from Laura Souyoultzis Gallery

Top 3 Family Holidays in Africa:

1. Victoria Falls to Johannesburg Family Tour


2. Johannesburg to Vic Falls Family Tour


3. Central Africa Family Loop


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Beginners Guide to Camping Safaris - Tents, Meals and Campfire

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012
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Camping safaris can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences you ever have, but only if you’re properly prepared with the right knowledge and the right gear, especially when you're venturing off on safaris in Africa. Watch this quick YouTube video about camping safari tips for beginners and get clued-up in a jiffy. Alternatively, just read the great camping tips below.


The Tent on Camping Safaris

First and foremost, you need a tent for camping safaris. The number of people you’ll have sleeping in your tent will determine the size of the tent you need. Rule of thumb: always get a tent that will sleep two more people than you intend to have. If you’re a family of four, get a six man tent. Why? You’ll need the extra room to store your duffle bags, backpacks, shoes, boots and other gear. It’s also nice, but not necessary, to have a tent you can stand up in. It makes getting in and out a little easier, as well as getting dressed and undressed. You’ll want to set your tent up on level ground, it is very uncomfortable to pitch your tent on uneven or slanted terrain. You'll need all the sleep you can get on safaris in Africa, with days filled with hiking, game viewing, dilated pupils and adventure.

Meal Planning on Camping Safaris

Okay, so you’ve made it to the campground. The tent is up, the gear is in. Well, you could take a break. I mean, you worked hard! You deserve it! Crack open a cold one and relax. Okay, enough relaxation, time to plan your meals. If you’re going camping with a group of people, then you’ve got some meal planning to do. How many people are you going to feed, and how often? Perhaps each person, or family can be responsible for one meal, or one day of meals for the entire group. Talk to each other beforehand. Good meal planning can prevent waste, and starvation. As far as what food to bring, well, whatever you normally eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner is what you’ll bring. If you're going on an overland trip with fellow passengers, your overland guide is a great source of help for what food you should prepare for an overland truck full of hungry bellies, if it's your turn to cook.

Campfire Building on Camping Safaris

Okay, now you want to get some kindling. Kindling? Small pieces of wood that will burn quickly in order to get the fire started. Go out and gather some small branches. Pick them up off the ground in the area surrounding your campsite. On a camping safari, you don't want to venture off into the bush without a guide on a safari in Africa. There are wild animals out there. Also, cutting branches off trees is a no-no. Green wood won’t burn anyway. If you bought a bag of firewood, there should be some narrowly cut wood in there. Use that. Firstly, take some newspaper, or any other paper, for that matter, scrunch it up in a ball, and place it in the middle of the fire ring. Now you are going to build a little teepee around it. Use the kindling first, then surround it with larger logs. Now you’re just about ready for ignition. Light the paper in the middle, which in turn will burn the kindling, which in turn will burn the logs. All right, you’re not going to have a real flamer in 10 seconds, it is going to take a little work: you may have to re-light it a few times, blow on the embers, stoke it a bit, but eventually you will succeed.

Camping safaris can be greatly enjoyable with a little help from great YouTube video resources, as well as your overland guide if you're venturing out on safaris in Africa.

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Camping vs Accommodated: The Overland Experience

Monday, June 6th, 2011
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We understand that camping isn’t for everyone. The thought of nothing but millimetre thin canvas between you and the elements doesn’t quite strike everyone’s fancy: we get it. For this reason, we’ve made sure that there is also an ‘accommodated’ option to pair with your yearning for an overland adventure.


The camping option offers a traveller the fully blown ‘roughing-it ’experience. It’s as simple as: 1. Find a flat-ish piece of land. 2. Pitch your tent. 3. Unroll your mattress. Easily the most important item to pack on your overland trip; your sleeping bag is something you don’t want to find yourself without in the middle of Africa.



The accommodated option offers a traveller a twin room, unless a single room is requested. There are certain locations where dorms are used and ablution facilities are usually communal.

You’ll still need to pack your bag as if you were on a camping trip though.


Being able to carry your luggage comfortably on your adventure will make the experience all the more enjoyable for everyone, so leave the clunky suitcase at home and sling on a backpack. Not sure what you should be packing? We have helpful packing guidelines. The accommodation preference makes no difference to the actual experience; the journey is still classified as an adventure trip. This means you’ll need to prepare for a journey where you can carry your own bag and dig your own hole in the ground (you never know when nature might call).

Whether you choose to rough-it in a tent or venture indoors for your shut eye, the spirit of overlanding remains the same: Awesome. Get more more information on our camping trips. Get more more information on our accommodated trips.

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Camping Safaris in Africa

Thursday, May 27th, 2010
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Camping safaris in Africa offer the ultimate way to experience the beauty of Africa, with a wide range of highly affordable safaris on offer to suit every taste and budget. From the very early days of African travel, visitors have long been enthralled by the scenery, wildlife and birdlife that the continent has in such abundance, with each destination offering its own unique charms. Camping safari trips take things one step further, putting you right into the heart of the African wilderness for an adventure that will be remembered for years to come.

camping safaris

Three of the most popular and rewarding camping safaris by far include the following:

1. Kruger National Park Kruger National Park safaris are hugely popular with visitors and locals alike, offering a thrilling and memorable wildlife experience on the borders of South Africa's Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces. The park is home to a staggering 336 tree, 49 fish, 34 amphibian, 114 reptile, 507 bird and 147 mammal species (including the famous Big 5 - lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo), with 18,989 square kilometres of beautiful landscapes to be found. A number of rivers run through the park from west to east, including the Sabie River. The size and sheer magnificence of Kruger National Park makes these camping safaris extremely popular, offering an excellent option for travellers seeking an affordable and exciting big game experience.

2. Serengeti National Park Serengeti National Park offers one of the most unforgettable camping safaris in Africa, with the awe-inspiring natural spectacle of the annual wildebeest migration into bordering Kenya offering a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience. Situated in Tanzania, and forming part of the Northern Tanzanian Safari Circuit this park is home to an abundance of wildlife including the millions of wildebeest that make their way across the borders each year in a huge stampede. Additional must-sees in the park are the famous tree-climbing lions and some of the largest elephants in Africa, with massive tusks that are built to adapt to the vegetation and landscapes of this area. Within this region you can also visit Ngorongoro Crater - a prehistoric crater that is teeming with game and luscious vegetation presenting incredible wildlife viewing opportunities. The trip from the Serengeti into the Crater is one of the most beautiful and memorable ones imaginable, passing through the 'Cradle of Mankind' and the Rift Valley, with undulating landscapes and game to be seen throughout.

3. Botswana From its lush waterways to its harsh deserts, Botswana is teeming with wildlife, bird life, plant life and fascinating culture. Key destinations on camping safaris in this region include the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, Savuti National Park and Chobe National Park, with large numbers of elephant, lion, rhino and many other game species to be found throughout. Explore the deltas of the Okavango in a moroko (canoe) and witness some of the rare and magnificent species of bird, reptile, fish and game to be found in this beautiful country. Botswana is arguably one of the most visited countries in Africa for its wildlife alone, ensuring one of the best options for camping safaris in Africa - especially for nature lovers seeking an affordable overland adventure in this spectacular country.

For information and trips into these beautiful regions, contact the experts at OverlandingAfrica.com.

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