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Top 10 tips to staying healthy when you travel to africa

Friday, January 27th, 2012
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There are all kinds of motivations for going to a third world country, or even just a highly rural area. Whether it’s a service-based mission trip or a study abroad experience, there are additional precautions everyone must take when they travel to Africa, to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Here are a few quick tips to keep that holiday in Africa, a holiday in Africa.


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Before you travel to Africa


1. Insurance

Call your health insurance companies. Besides the simple tips in this post, they have dealt with enough cases and are concerned enough about your health to offer anything you’d ever want to know about travelling to Africa.

2. Drug Mule

Get prescriptions from doctors for your prescription drugs. No one wants to be convicted of dealing drugs on their holiday!

3. Medical travel kit

Load up a travel kit full of over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, antibiotic ointment, band-aids and antacids.  They’ll be a huge help, and I would think anyone would be at a greater peace of mind knowing they already have these things on hand.

4. Vaccinations

Get your vaccinations! The four necessary ones are Hepatitis A & B, yellow fever, and typhoid, but you also should consider other recommended vaccinations as well when you're planning to travel to Africa.


During travel in Africa


5.  Use sun protection!

Wear sunscreen - anything over 30 SPF is recommended to avoid sun burn and blisters. Besides neck protection, a wide-brimmed safari hats plus polarized sunglasses protects the eyes too.

6. Stay hydrated

It’s been noted that physical and mental capabilities decrease drastically as you become more dehydrated. Keeping that water level up will have you feeling lively and give you the strength to outrun those lions and gazelles - that's a joke.

7. Watch what you drink

Staying hydrated is important, but equally important is how you stay hyrdrated. According to a Blue Planet study, contaminated water accounts for 80% of diseases in developing worlds. If you don’t like the 4/5 chance of getting sick, boil your water, use purifying tablets, and stick to bottled water when travelling in Africa.

8. Don't shower with your mouth open

Keep your mouth closed in the shower (think Sex and the City: The Movie) and brush your teeth with purified water. It’s not always easy, but try to confirm if your food was washed with purified water.

9. Be fussy

Be aware of street vendors and strive for food cooked in front of you. Otherwise, there’s no telling how long your meal had been sitting under a heat lamp baking in bacteria. Otherwise, go vegan for a safer bet.

10. Sanitise

Bring hand sanitizer and work it into your hands for at least 20 seconds to ensure all the doorknobs, handrails, and market items you’ve touched stay where they came from. You only want to bring the good things home with you! Now that you're clued up on what you need to stay healthy when you travel to Africa, it's time to book that safari in Africa!


About the author


Nate Schrader, writer for Travel Products enjoys learning anything about the world to help the confused traveler. When he’s not writing, he’s planning his next trip and one day strives to take a mission trip to those in need. Happy travels!

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Latest Yellow Fever Vaccination Recommendations

Friday, June 3rd, 2011
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Yellow Fever in Africa

At the beginning of the year the World Health Organisation published their vaccination recommendations for 2011. Since then the South African Department of Health have recently altered their regulations. Zambia is a region whose regulations have specifically undergone adjustment.

Previously, no proof of a Yellow Fever vaccination was required for those travelling between South Africa and Zambia, but this has now changed: Yellow Fever vaccination proof is now needed. Bordering country Tanzania’s requirements are unchanged, which means that those travelling between Tanzania and South Africa will still require proof of Yellow Fever vaccination.

Passengers, between the two destinations, will also be required to provide proof of Yellow Fever vaccination regardless of how long they have been in-transit for. If you’re leaving for your journey tomorrow, not to worry, the regulation requirements are only expected to be enforced from July 1, 2011. However, for obvious safety reasons its best to get a Yellow Fever vaccination as soon as possible before departure. Any questions? Contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com

LATEST UPDATE: In July 2011, South African Department of Health (SADH) would like to make it clear that travellers DO NOT require a yellow fever certificate for travel between South Africa and Zambia.

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Yellow Fever Vaccination and Certificate - Do I Need It In Africa?

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010
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yellow fever sml

Yellow Fever is a viral disease transmitted to humans via the bite of infected mosquitoes - much like malaria. Unlike malaria, which is often talked and written about, a lot of travellers aren't sure if they require a vaccination against Yellow Fever or what they need a certificate for. The last thing you want is to get halfway across Africa only to find that the next country on your trip won't let you in - all because of a little piece of paper.

Yellow Fever Facts - Although an effective vaccine has been available for 60 years, the number of people infected over the last two decades has increased and yellow fever is now a serious public health issue again.

- Thirty-three countries, with a combined population of 508 million, are at risk in Africa.

- Yellow Fever is a virus belonging to the 'flavivirus group' and humans and monkeys are the principal animals to be infected.

- The virus is carried by a biting mosquito which can also pass the virus via infected eggs to its offspring.

- Yellow fever is difficult to recognize, especially during the early stages however blood tests can detect yellow fever antibodies that are produced in response to the infection.

- There is no cure for yellow fever. Treatment is symptomatic, aimed at reducing the symptoms for the comfort of the patient.

- Vaccination is the single most important preventive measure against yellow fever. The vaccine is safe, affordable and highly effective, and provides effective immunity within one week for 95% of persons vaccinated. (Ref: World Health Organisation 2009)

Do I Need a Yellow Fever Vaccination and Certificate to travel in Africa? Yes... depending on where you want to go. If you are travelling to a Yellow Fever endemic area (see map) then it is strongly recommended that you are vaccinated against Yellow Fever. If you are travelling from a Yellow Fever endemic area (anywhere in the world) then you WILL be required to produce your official, stamped vaccination certificate on arrival in many parts of Africa where Yellow Fever is not prevalent.

Check out the full Yellow Fever story at Overlanding Africa.com or post your comments below.

Additional information you may find useful: Travel Documents for Africa Latest Yellow Fever Vaccination Recommendations Africa Budget Safaris – Essential Travel Checklist You Ought To Know Before You Go!

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