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Camping safaris with children: A guide for family holidays in Africa

Thursday, April 5th, 2012
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A lot of people think that when they have children, backpacking and camping safaris are over. Absolutely not true. Camping safaris with children are great! You just have to do it a lot differently now that you're going on family holidays in Africa.


Photo by Hector Landaeta


1. Adjust Goals of backpacking adventures

The first thing you need to consider is to adjust your goals, because obviously if you have little people with you you’re going to be going a lot slower, you’re not going to be able to go on such intensive terrain and you’re not going to be able to get as far. Evaluate where you want to go and set your family up for success by not planning such a huge trip. Realise that if you are going on a nature walk, you may only hike about half a mile in about an hour or so. It might take you that long to get there since you have kids that you may end up carrying, or they may just be walking very slowly. Also, when you're not hiking you may need to pack one extra small backpack for each child to help curb travelling bordem between destinations.

2. Gear

The amount of gear you pack for camping safaris with children is also a huge factor to be considered. Even on a hike, you’ll have to take a lot more stuff with you. You may end up carrying all the gear on your back… and your child too. To fit in everything you’ll need for the hike, you’ll need to pull out that backpack you can fit a kitchen sink into. Fun.

3. Elements on a Camping Safari in Africa

Camping safaris in Africa mean elements varying from extremely hot to very cold. Your children are so important to you and for that reason you’ll want to protect them against the elements that cause sunburn and hypothermia. Make sure your backpack is packed with all the things you’ll need to prevent this from happening.

4. A Child's Perspective

When you’re on a backpacking adventure with with children, remember that children are a lot closer to the ground. To see the world from a child’s perspective, get down on your haunches or knees and have a look around at what kids experience. From this level it is so much easier to spot the little things, like pretty flowers and interesting mounts of earth. Bringing oneself to a child’s level really is a great way for parents to understand their children more, and understanding all the distractions they are may face along the way. Family holidays in Africa are a great time for important bonding.

5. Camping Safari Fun

Kids love to have fun and nature provides such a playground for things to see and learn about. While on your camping safari, take some time to do fun things as a family that will keep the little ones entertained. Try skipping stones, swimming, chatting around a campfire and roasting marshmallows on the fire everyone helped gather wood for. Check out these great tips for travelling with kids that'll keep your kids entertain just about anywhere. Your days of camping safaris are not over! They're now camping safaris with children. Nobody does family holidays in Africa better than you and your loved ones. Grab your kids, gear and energy and embark on a camping safari you’d still love to experience and share with your family.


Photo from Laura Souyoultzis Gallery

Top 3 Family Holidays in Africa:

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2. Johannesburg to Vic Falls Family Tour


3. Central Africa Family Loop


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5 Tips for the Perfect Africa Family Safari

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
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Africa Family Safari

Parents planning the holiday of a lifetime may struggle to decide where to go and what to do - consider an Africa family safari - one of the most popular and worthwhile holiday options by far. Blending all the benefits of an enriching experience in Africa’s leading game reserves and natural landscapes with education, cultural interaction and of course, plenty of fun, family holidays in Africa have it all, ensuring a memorable experience for the whole family – from the youngest member to the oldest. When planning your dream safari with the family, consider these expert tips from Africa travel specialists:

Plan ahead – right down to the very last detail As any parent knows, when it comes to travel with small children, preparation is essential. This is why planning your Africa family safari is the most important step of all. This means that every last detail, from passports and visas, all the way through to connecting flights, transfers, overland agency bookings, vaccinations, packing, activity planning and any other thing that you may need to bear in mind for the safari needs to be planned beforehand, so that you are free to enjoy the trip without the worry of missing a crucial step. Children need to be kept busy, without unnecessary delays or issues with lost papers, missed flights or other travel dramas thrown into the works.

Choose a shorter safari to get the most from the trip While you may be dreaming of a month long safari in the deepest darkest depths of Namibia, Kenya or Mozambique, realistically speaking, children generally fare better on shorter, more rewarding trips. Unlike adults, who crave the peace and quiet that safaris in the bush offer, children need to be kept busy and entertained at all times. This means ensuring plenty to do each day – something that can get challenging when you are on day 21 in the remote wilderness of Africa.

Consider your activities carefully Make the most from your family holidays in Africa with activities that aim to entertain, educate and enrich. This means choosing things that your children can benefit from, rather than things that purely keep them out of your hair for a few hours. Plan fun activities such as game drives (keeping safety in mind at all times, and following your guide’s advice on age limits), bird watching, horse trails, visits to cultural villages, nature walks, hikes, fishing, snorkeling (again, keeping safety in mind – only strong swimmers should be allowed to snorkel), visits to nature and game reserves and environmental organizations and other landmarks to teach your children about the countries you visit.

Choose the best season and destination for your safari The best season for all safari experiences depends on what you are aiming to enjoy – game viewing is generally best in the dry season, however this is also the hottest season. Birding is often best during the wet season, which also means heavy rains. Speak to your travel guide to learn more about which season will suit your needs, and which destination offers the most for what you would like to see on your Africa family safari – game, culture, fun or education.

Make sure the safari is fun for the whole family At the end of the day, this holiday is meant to be fun for the whole family – from the little ones who are able to enjoy some activities, but not the game drives and other options that are best for older children, to teenagers who may not be thrilled at the idea of spending time with the parents. Speak to your travel adviser to learn more about child-friendly family holidays in Africa.

For Family Overland Safaris and family trips in Africa speak to the Team at OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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Bring the Kids! - Family Safaris and Holidays in Africa

Thursday, July 8th, 2010
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For parents looking for the ultimate holiday experience, an Africa family safari offers one of the most rewarding experiences for children of all ages to enjoy - combining all the fun of a safari in Africa with child-friendly activities and plenty of learning opportunities.

With a number of affordable family safaris on offer, it has never been easier to enjoy a wildlife and nature experience in one of Africa's top safari destinations. Some of the biggest benefits to family holidays in Africa include the following:

  1.    Fun for the whole family All too often children get bored on adult-tailored safaris. With many activities that are more targeted to grown ups the younger generation are left to try and enjoy the same activities, or settle for a play area at camp, with not very many activities specifically tailored for children to enjoy. Family holidays in Africa meanwhile are designed to ensure that children and adults both get the most out of the safari with plenty of attractions for children of all ages to enjoy.

2.    Learning experiences abound From the abundance of wildlife and bird life to be seen on a typical African safari, to the various landscapes and environments to be seen, Africa offers plenty of learning experiences for parents to share with their children. A wide range of interesting subjects can be explored on an informal basis, helping children learn more about the animals, birds, plants, history, culture and people of Africa - without ever having to open a book! Learning as a family is one of the best ways to learn and on a typical Africa family safari children will be able to discover a whole world of wonder on every game drive, day trip or walk.

3.    Experience all the thrills of a safari in Africa Enjoying thrilling experiences as a family is excellent for bonding - giving plenty of memories that will last a lifetime. Some of the most popular family holidays in Africa include tours to top destinations such as Namibia (home to towering dunes, vast landscapes of contrast, game-rich regions and many exciting activities), Zambia (where the magnificent Victoria Falls can be seen, and plenty of adventure sports from white river rafting to micro-light flights can be enjoyed), Botswana (excellent game viewing, river cruises, bushman tracking adventures and plenty of other activities on offer) and South Africa (Kruger National Park, beaches, activities and many other attractions) to name but a few - each offering a myriad of things to see, do and experience within Africa.

4.    Cost effective safari for the whole family Family safaris are one of the most affordable safari options especially those that stick to the basics. Camping safaris and overland tours give the best value for money as these types of safaris use standard accommodation and often camping rather than luxury accommodation at lodges that cost the earth. Many activities are included in the tour cost which means that there are very little additional costs. With so many benefits on offer and so much fun and learning to be enjoyed it is no wonder that Africa family safari tours are such a popular choice for families seeking affordable holidays in Africa.

For all Family Safaris and Holidays in Africa contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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