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Top 5 Cultural Adventure Tour Experiences in Africa

Thursday, December 29th, 2011
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So you've met everyone down at the pub and you're looking to meet some new people. Cool: we know people!  We know people who want to dance, eat, jump and share with you, and its nowhere near a bowl of bar snack pretzels. An overland trip adventure tour gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and experience the adventure of a lifetime, exploring the African continent and soaking up its rich culture. Go one, pick your adventure:

bellydancing in Turkey
Above: Belly dancing in Turkey

People and Culture on an Adventure Tour

1. Masai Cultural Village

Delve into a cultural experience very unlike your own by meeting the vibrant and colourful people of the Masai Cultural Village in the Masai Mara. Watch as the tribesmen perform their jumping dance, and get involved, trying this routine which proves to be tougher than it looks. This is an amazing opportunity for the old and new cultures to interact in the modern world.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Game Parks and Gorillas :  Nairobi to LivingstoneWildlife Wonderland

2. Soweto Cultural Tour

Experience one of the biggest townships on the continent with an adventure through the Sowetan township in Johannesburg, South Africa. Known as the birth place of the struggle for liberation, the area hosts over 2 million residents in the township which came to be under the old apartheid system. The lively culture that lives within the cardboard shacks and over-the-top mansions has seen 2 Nobel Peace Prize winners as well as the award winning movie, Tsotsi, emerge from its midst.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Kruger Safari : Bob's Best of Zimbabwe : East Africa Southbound

3. Nubian Village Dinner

Be welcomed into a local Nubian family’s home for an evening of sharing food and stories in an experience where you’ll learn a bit about the Nubian culture. The evening is spent on the family’s island in the middle of the Nile River; you’ll be ‘taxied’ to and from the island on an Egyptian felucca. An extremely unusual, yet warm adventure tour to guide cultural discovery.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Middle East Trek : Best of Egypt

4. Cappadocia Belly Dancing Night

Turkey is brimming with intriguing culture. Spend the evening discovering it being entertained in an underground restaurant enjoying dinner and drinks. Try your hips out in a session of festive belly dancing. The gorgeous experts, with hips that don’t lie, offer their tips to bringing out your inner goddess.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Middle East Trek

5. Ghanzi Trance Dance

The San people are serious about the Ghanzi Trance Dance. Only performed when someone is genuinely ill do they bust out in energetic movement. The dance is similiar to the Rain Dance enthusiastically performed in celebration of good hunting trips and the enjoyment of gathering together. The dance can range from three hours, to a whole night, depending on how the gods react to the rhythmical clapping, dancing and chanting of the San people. Trance dances aren't a bunch of actors paid to jump around for tourists. These are the real deal carried out by real Bushmen who still live traditional lifestyle deep in the Kalahari in Botswana.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Cape to Vic and MozambiqueDesert and DeltaSouthern Africa Adventure

For one of those fulfilling experiences that leave you feeling like you've just helped a little old lady across the road and shaken Nelson Mandela's hand simultaneously, this journey of personal growth will leave you feeling like a million bucks. Adventure travel FTW*!

*FTW is online slang that stands for 'for the win' and is used in conversation to indicate that someone is supporting something strongly and positively. In this instance, adventure travel is receiving praise for being awesome!

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Tags: adventure, adventure-travel, culture, culture-tour

Top 5 Best Game Parks in Botswana

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011
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Botswana is known for its stunning eco-systems, with the Okavango Delta running through most of its land. This stretch of Africa is brimming with wildlife, birdlife and all sorts of lush vegetation making it a great destination for safaris in Africa. When keen to explore a section of Botswana's natural beauty, a visit to one of the following game parks will not disappoint!


1.  Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park boasts one of the highest concentrations of game in Africa and is overflowing with migratory herds and the predators that follow. The Chobe experience offers travellers a rich wildlife viewing experience on Botswana's beautiful plains. The park is also famous for its large elephant population.

2.  Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi Game Reserve is home to a variety of rare and endangered animals and is said to be Africa’s most beautiful wildlife sanctuary for safaris in Africa. A large portion of the Okavango Delta is part of the reserve, offering its lush vegetation and awesome array of wildlife and birdlife that survive in this unspoiled wilderness.

3.  Savuti National Park

Savuti National Park is well-known for its large lion population, offering prime game viewing. This region is now dry, however it was once home to a large marsh. Mysterious myths and legends surround Savuti, which lend to a rich history and its thriving wildlife, birds and gorgeous landscapes.

4.  Makgadikgadi Pans

The Makgadikgadi Pans make for a truly unique sight to experience on a safari in Africa! When dry, the stretches of landscape are broken with baobab trees and glistening salt fossil pans around which wildlife like zebra, springbok and impala can be seen grazing. When the pans are wet, the area is equally as stunning, with loads of migratory birds gathering around the water filled salt pan basins; wildebeest and zebra by their side.

5.  Selinda Reserve

Selinda Reserve is located between Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta. The reserve has two permanent lodges and two fly camps and the ideal location for game viewing. Game drives allow visitors to get a great feel for what Africa's wilderness and wildlife are all about. Herds of elephant and prides of lion are what the area is renowned for, as well as Selinda's leopard, cheetah and giraffe population. So if you're looking for an utterly amazing trek through Botswana on a wildlife spotting safari in Africa, one of these top 5 best game parks in Botswana are the way to go! Pick your adventure through Botswana here!

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Zanzibar to Johannesburg - The Overland Trip Experience

Monday, December 12th, 2011
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Anyone visiting Africa might wonder, where do rangers go when they have holidays? Well, Africa is still the perfect place! I decided to become a safari guide after travelling to Africa on overlanding trips and have now made South Africa home. By keeping in contact with friends and family over Facebook I was invited to enter a competition by Overlanding Africa that could lead to winning a trip from Zanzibar to Johannesburg. What do you know, I won! Starting out on the beaches of Zanzibar, I was introduced to my group. We swam with turtles, we drank cocktails in hammocks on the beach, my camera even decided to take a trip without me around a local village before making its way back… luckily unharmed.


Above: Zanzibar Beach

Many days were spent driving through the vast expanses that Africa is known for but this meant that everyone in the truck was forced to interact to keep each other amused – and this is where friendships are made. This is what overlanding is mostly about and why people will always come back to this style of travel. It’s the people - everyone travelling together, initially as strangers and then leaving as friends. You can visit some fantastic places and see wonderful things but you know you’re going to meet some great individuals along the way. Malawi, too, is all about the people and, of course Lake Malawi, or “Ocean Malawi” – so big you can’t see the other side. Being able to meet a witch doctor on these shores was a highlight. Apparently I’ll be married within 3 years with 3 children and a successful career, great stuff! But it was surprising just how moving it was seeing the children around there. Tweedie09_LakeMalawi Tweedie05_MeWithWitchDoctor

Above: Left - Lake Malawi / Right - Alex Tweedie with a witch doctor

As we walked through little villages the younger children, not old enough to be in school, would yell out “The muzungus* are coming!” as they would crowd around and reach for your hand (or belt loop as I gathered a growing brood of 6 children at one point). On the shores of the lake we collected sunbeams and discovered “Exotic Fanta” during games of “Funny Bunny.” The favouritism of Exotic Fanta was only lost over the border in Zambia when a new drink “Janta” was discovered. It’s often about the little things when you travel, the stories that come out that often only your group will ever understand. Janta came about during a Birthday Cruise on the Zambezi. With drinks aplenty, the sun shining after the first storm of the season and birthday hats and party blowers for everyone we watched as the sun set over elephants crossing the Zambezi. It even overtook the fact that my tent got completely flooded – Janta can cure all of your woes apparently.


Above: Children in Malawi Livingstone

On the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe is the centre for an adrenaline rush related activity you can think of, the most well known of these is the bungee jump over Victoria Falls. As I had done this previously, I didn’t feel the need to go again but went to support the overlanders who were tempted. Even those that came for moral support along with me ended up jumping by the end of our visit! For some it can prove a life changing moment of overcoming fears (or in the case of a friend, realise that your fears are not of heights… rather of bridges). For others it is a pure excitement of living in the moment! I often get told to “bring out the Indiana Jones in yourself” at work, and this is a prime example –WWID, What Would Indy Do? For the quieter types, there are always options available, high tea overlooking Victoria Falls rather than jumping might be more to the liking of some (the scones are worth it I hear!). With the mix of people, you’ll get reviews first hand of places to consider going to on your next visit.


Above: Livingston Waterfront

Seeing the wildlife from the point of view of a guest rather than the ranger is something not to be taken for granted in my line of work and the possibility for wildlife sightings on an overlanding trip is unlimited. Of course you’re at an advantage having someone with knowledge of the environment around you rather than going it alone, and most guides have travelled the routes numerous times and gained an insight into the workings of each location – natural world and otherwise.


Above: Stalls in Victoria Falls

Chobe and Kruger were the stand outs for wildlife on this tour. Botswana’s Chobe National Park provided us with a never-ending supply of elephants, crocodiles, buffalo and hippos on the Sunset Cruise. Red lechwe, water monitors, and amazing birdlife including the rare saddle-billed stork were also located in a photographers dream setting. Taking the land option, Chobe gave us many other animals but the brief sightings of wild dogs and sable made the day for this little ranger. It doesn’t have to be the big things to make it memorable. In Kruger National Park, probably South Africa’s most famous National Park, watching a dragonfly in love with a backpack or reacting to a very cheeky vervet monkey who had a taste for Doritos (inside our vehicle!) were just as fun as seeing the rhinos and elephants not five-minutes from the gate. Buffalo, mating lions a fantastic Giant Eagle Owl spotted by one eagle-eyed guest, were some of the other delights of the day. With the final evening at hand, we said hesitant farewells around the fire and blessed Facebook for an easy method of keeping in contact. Many of the group since being on the tour have already caught up further in their travels again in various places around the world – South Africa, Brazil, Australia to name a few. Although some may have gone straight home, for others, they’re always travelling. But in this sense it makes a tour like this even more memorable – now you have more friends to either live vicariously or to plan your next adventure with!

Check out the itinerary and book the

Zanzibar to Johannesburg trip here

Post written by Guest Blogger Alex Tweedie


Alex is an Aussie expat now living in South Africa as a Field Guide (ie. ranger). She has travelled extensively through Southern and Eastern Africa on a number of overlanding trips as well as taking people around the lowveld of South Africa herself. *foreigner or white person

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The Best Safari Destinations Around the World

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011
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Because of the annual migration of two hundred and fifty thousand zebra and over a million and a half wildebeest, Serengeti National Park is widely considered to be the best safari destination in the world. The animals undergo a 500K round trip from the southern part of the Serengeti to the Masai Mara National Reserve.


Above: Serengeti Lanscape

The density of prey and predators makes the park one of the most visited and visitors can expect to see Leopards, hyenas and cheetahs. Animal numbers and varieties are impressive, with leopard numbers estimated at over 1,000 and hyena, over 9,000. Any time of year is a good time to visit the Serengeti although visitors may wish to avoid the rainy seasons, which are March to April and October to November. The wildebeest migration is normally between September and December, although not necessarily.

The Ngorongoro Crater, once formed by volcanic activity, lies within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. The area is unique in that the Tanzanian government, whilst allowing human habitation, provides protection status for the wildlife, so land use is strictly controlled. Around 25,000 large animals live in the crater, including black rhinos and hippopotamuses. The most common large animals include zebra, wildebeest and Thompson's and Grant's gazelles. There are some lions as well as elephants and leopards on the crater rim. Buffalo are extremely common. Around 1.7 million wildebeest, 470,000 gazelles and 250,000 zebras pass through the crater on migration. Also common in the reserve are spotted hyenas, hartebeest, lions and jackals.

The Ngorongoro Crater is a good holiday destination at any time of year, unless you wish to avoid the rainy season. However, as there are fewer visitors then, it can be a good time to go, although roads may be slippery. The number of animals does not vary whatever the time of year. The Kruger National Park, South Africa, is one of Africa's largest game reserves, covering almost twenty thousand square kilometres. To the south and west of the park are the two South African provices of Mpumalanga and Limpopo. To the east is Mozambique and to the north lies Zimbabwe.


Above: Kruger National Park Waterhole

The game reserve is vast - in fact it is larger than Israel. The wildlife experiences here are almost indescribable. The land forms part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (the Peace Park) that links game parks in Mozambique and Zimbabwe to Kruger National Park. Fences have been dismantled to allow animals to roam freely without the intervention of man made structures. When it is complete, this park will extend to more than 35,000 square kilometres. This is the land of fever trees, marula and mopane trees, knob thorns and big animals. Numbers here have been estimated at 230 black rhino, 12,000 blue wildebeest, 30,000 Burchell's zebras, 8,000 elephants, 4,600 giraffes, 97,000 impala, 1,500 lions and 1,800 white rhinos.

The Okavango Delta is a labyrinth of lakes, hidden channels and lagoons covering around 17,000 square kilometres. The Delta is trapped in the sands of the Kalahari Desert, Botswana and is a magnet for wildlife, who depend on its waters.


Above: Okavango Delta

The Okavango is often called a swamp but is nothing of the kind. The water moves mysteriously, slowly and gently in a creeping fashion, through channels that are barely discernible and which creep away behind papyrus reed into an ever increasing network of even smaller passageways. These channels link small islands, lagoons and islets with flooded plains and open grassland. Trees and palms throw shade over forest glades and crystal pools. Because the water passes through unpopulated areas on its journey from Angola, the water is pure and clean. In the lush forests of the islands and the delta and all along the floodplains there are over 400 species of birds. Among the islands of the delta and on the mainland are hyenas, elephants, lions, buffalo, hippos, crocodiles and wild dogs. There are many varieties of antelope as well as other smaller animals such as mongoose, warthogs, bush babies and monkeys. This Delta offers unparalleled experiences to any wildlife watcher.

The Masai Mara is situated in the south west of Kenya and has been called Africa's Greatest Wildlife Reserve. Best known for its abundance of lions and for the Masai people with their distinctive colours of dress and unique customers. The reserve lies around 1,500 to 2,000 metres above sea level and is predominantly grassland with riverine forest. The Masai Mara is home to dozens of animal species including lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, rhinos, hippos and of course the one and a half million wildebeest that migrate here. As well as this, over 450 bird species have been recorded including 57 species of birds of prey. Over 95 mammal species have been recorded. Lying just over 270 kilometres from Nairobi the journey to the reserve takes about 45 minutes by air and 5-6 hours by road. The unique ecosystem is home to one of the highest densities of lions anywhere in the world.

Guest Post Author: Tony Haslam


Written by Tony, part of the cheap holidays team over at Travel Supermarket.

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Top 5 Wildlife Adventure Tour Experiences in Africa

Monday, November 14th, 2011
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If you're set on getting prime wildlife viewing into your adventure tour in Africa, then we have just the activities for you. From gorilla trekking to swimming with whale sharks, your adventure tour in Africa is a mere click and book away. I'm excited for you.

Wildlife to experience on an Adventure Tour

1. Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda


This trip is an adventure and a half. Gorilla’s know no boundaries often Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda means having to drop into a neighbouring country to track down a glimpse of these amazing creatures. The track will get you a glimpse of these brilliant wildlife 99% of the time. The professional and experienced park ranger does not unfortunately employ the gorillas which means they are entitled to meander the country as they please. This is an adventure tour not many get to experience; gorilla trekking is a fantastic way to get to see these rare animals in their natural habitat. A life changing experience indeed.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Gorillas and Lakes : Game Parks and GorillasNairobi, Gorillas to Johannesburg

2. Gweru Elephant Swim


Yes, elephants can swim. And you have the opportunity to hop on board! This elephant swim shows you that not only can they swim, but that they’re actually pretty good at it too. Expect to get wet, very wet, on this extremely fun adventure for all animals involved (that means you too).

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Vic Falls and Indian Ocean : Savannahs and LakesCentral Africa Loop

3. Praia Do Tofo Whale Shark Safari


This is an adventure activity for you to soak up the amazing underwater sights while having adrenaline rush through your body after seeing of one of these beautiful creatures. More whale than shark, this Mozambique adventure safari allows you to witness these majestic creatures who’ve made the warm coastal waters their home for a good part of the year. You won’t need a scuba diving qualification to delve into the water on this swimming and snorkeling activity. Whatever you do, make sure you bring an underwater camera, swimming with these giants of the deep is a once in a life time opportunity, and you’ll want to catch this on camera.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Mozambique Magic : Classic Mozambique

4.  Great White Shark Cage Diving in South Africa


Unlike the whale shark which may as well have marshmallows for teeth, they’re so tame, the Great White Shark is a sea dwelling predator of note, flashing its up-to 15 rows of teeth only  to those who get close enough. This beautiful animal glides through the water commanding attention with its watchful eyes and majestic air about it. Shark cage diving is a controversial, yet extremely popular adventure tour that is definitely one way to get that adrenaline of yours pumping. After a short boat trip you slap on a wetsuit and snorkel and lower yourself into the cage hanging beside the boat before coming face to face with one of the most misunderstood and scariest marine animals known to man.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Cape Town and Garden Route : Discover South Africa : Cape Town to Nairobi Epic

5. Serengeti National Park Hot Air Balloon Ride


Soar high above the plains of the Serengeti on a peaceful hot air balloon ride as you get to look down at the massive stretch of lank dotted with huge herds of game and migratory wildebeest from a bird’s eye view. The Serengeti National Park Hot Air Balloon Ride is more than just a safari adventure tour in the sky, it also sees you enjoying a scrumptious sit down bush breakfast before game driving your way back to camp.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Falls to Serengeti :  Zanzibar and Game ParksVictoria Falls to Nairobi

Make sure that your dream adventure tour in Africa is filled with all the things you want to do and all the wildlife you want to see. Search for your ideal adventure tour holiday activities here and then pick your trip...

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Adventure Travel in Africa

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
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Adventure travel in Africa promises the most thrilling, adrenaline pumping, pupil dilating activities while you're surrounded by the most beautiful flora, fauna, bodies of water and stretches of land.

1. Zambia Adventure Travel Activities

1. Jet Boating on the Zambezi
2. Zambezi River White Water Rafting
3. Victoria Falls Elephant Ride

Half the size of Europe, Zambia is home to gorgeous wilderness areas, national parks and fosters about 740 bird species. Boasting some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world, namely Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River and Lake Kariba, Zambia provides a plethora of different adventure travel and safari activities.


Above: Victoria Falls

Browse through adventure travel holidays in Zambia.

2. Mozambique Adventure Travel Activities

1. Inhambane Scuba Diving
2. Praia Do Tofo Deep Sea Fishing
3. Praia Do Tofo Whale Shark Safari

Mozambique is a string of deserted tropical islands and coral beaches. This country offers endless adventure activities, safaris and seafood so fresh it has practically leaped out of the water and onto your plate. This marine paradise is a honeymooning haven and an adventure traveller’s bliss.


Above: Whale Shark Safari

Browse through adventure travel holidays in Mozambique.

3. South Africa Adventure Travel Activities

1. Tandem Paragliding from Lions Head
2. Abseil Table Mountain
3. Bloukrans Bridge Bungee Jump
4. Drakensberg Horse Riding, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing
5. Great White Shark Cage Diving
6. Orange River Canoeing
7. Scuba Diving in Cape Town
8. Table Mountain Guided Bike Ride
9. Two Oceans Aquarium Skark Diving

South Africa is buzzing with diverse cultures, breathtaking scenery and world-class adventure travel attractions. With the Kruger National Park and its proud Big Five, with Table Mountain and its hiking, cable car and abseiling, with townships, friendly people and a variety of culturally rich cities, South Africa is the scenic adventure travellers's Mecca.


Above: Abseiling off Table Mountain

Browse through adventure travel holidays in South Africa.

4. Namibia Adventure Travel Activities

1. Swakopmund Quadbiking
2. Swakopmund Sandboarding
3. Swakopmund Sky Diving
4. Sossusvlei Scenic Flight
5. Paragliding
6. Game Fishing

Namibia: known for Etosha National Park, the dunes of Sossusvlei and the coastal town of Swakopmund, this country is an adventure traveller’s playground. Its range of adventure activities, string of endangered wildlife, and conservation efforts make Namibia a truly beautiful place to enjoy a scenic adventure travel experience.


Above: Swakopmund Skydiving

Browse through adventure travel holidays in Namibia.

5. Zimbabwe Adventure Travel Activities

Zimbabwe is home to four World Heritage Sites, one of the ‘Seven Natural Wonders’ of the World, and offers a variety of adventure travel activities, plus great Big 5 safari tours. The world famous and awe inspiring Zambezi River and Victoria Falls is the perfect setting to enjoy many of those activities which get your adrenaline pumping, while surrounded by Zimbabwe’s natural beauty.


Above: Gweru Elephant Swim

Browse through adventure travel holidays in Zimbabwe.

If you're looking for adventure travel, Africa is the continent you can find it in. The biggest, the best, the most beautiful adventure holiday destination: Africa.

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Best New Routes in Western Cape 2011

Thursday, October 27th, 2011
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So you’ve seen Victoria Falls and Table Mountain. You know what a township looks like and you’ve jumped out of a plane that was far too high, for a moment that was far too short. You’re in the mood for something different. Thanks to the innovate travel and tourism minds out there, there are 5 New Routes, at least one of which is guaranteed to tickle your fancy.

1. Voortrekker Express Route

The road less travelled. That’s what this route is all about. The Voortrekker Express Trip is an overland tour offered which offers an authentic flavour of ‘real’ South Africa, visiting local destinations that really are off the beaten tourist track! Leaving Cape Town, the trip takes you to see the massive SALT telescope, across the Karoo, to 'old school' Afrikaner towns, and to check out the black-maned Lions. Camp on the Orange River, experience Evita Bezuidenhout's humble hospitality, and finish in Mother City Cape Town!

Book your spot on the Voortrekker Express now! voortrekker-express

2. Cape Town Design Route 2011

Cape Town has recently been awarded the title of World Capital of Design 2014, so when in Cape Town, do as the Capetonians do! Revel in the relaxed atmosphere of natural beauty and creativity the Mother City has to offer. The Cape Town Design Route plots a string of extremely talented artists and designers with innovative ideas and a flair for the creative so hot, you’re guaranteed a design experience with a bang. If you’re up for a dose of amazing design, check out the latest Cape Town Design Route 2011 and pair it with a trip starting in Cape Town!


Photo by Whale Cottage

3. New Wine Route

Swirl. Sniff. Taste. Offering a diverse glimpse of the surrounding communities, the Franschhoek Wine Valley has launched a brand new wine route: Franschoek Rond en Bont! The route traces through Dwarsrivier, a neighbouring region of Franschhoek, communities in Wemmershoek, Bosbou, Groendal, Mooiwater, and Tyotyombeni, neighbouring farms, and the town of Franschhoek. If you’re keen to try a wine route with a cultural twist, give this new route a swirl, sniff and a taste.


Photo by Patrick Hajzler

4. Absa Cape Epic Mountain Biking Route 2011

If you love the feeling of your thighs on fire, then the latest Mountain Biking Route is for you! This Epic Route consists of eight days, 1 200 riders and 781km. From Cape Town to Lourensford, the ultimate adventure tour of the Western Cape offers a thrilling, extreme scenic cycle of awesome! I can feel the burn just thinking about it. “The Absa Cape Epic has again selected some of the best terrain that the Western Cape has to offer. Our route designer, Leon Evans or as he is best known amongst riders, Dr Evil, has again found the perfect balance between exciting trails, challenging terrain and wider vistas in the pursuit of the ultimate mountain biking experience.” says Kevin Vermaak, Director and Founder of the Absa Cape Epic. The Absa Cape Epic Mountain Bike Route 2012 flows through various areas of the Western Cape: Stage 1: Loop around Robertson Valley Stage 2: Klein Karoo Stage 3: Robertson to Caledon Stage 4: Loop around Caledon Stage 5: Calendon to Oakvalley Stage 6: Circuit around Elgin Grabow over Groenlandberg Stage 7: Lourensford Watch this inspiring video about the new Absa Cape Epic Mountain Bike Route.

An adventure tourist route not to be missed!

5.  The Perlemoen Route

This scenic hiking trail kicks off near Gansbaai. The fun thing about this hiking trail is that it is versatile. The route you take depends on what the wind and tide are doing, and of course, how fit the hiker is. The first day starts at De Dam just east of Pearly Beach for a day of scenic fynbos covered dunes, beaches and rocky shores. The second day on route follows the recently renovated Duiwelsgat trail passing coastal fynbos, Stanford Cove's milkwood forest and various great archaeological sites along the way. Also, this part of the trail is great for Whale watching in season.  Day three is an optional extra, where you will spend the day tracking down a few of the caves on 'The Five Caves Trail'. Explore the Drip Kelder Gideon’s Cave, Duiwelsgat, Dry Cave and Klipgat, on the final day of the scenic Perlemoen Trail.

When planning your next overland trip in Africa, be sure to take a few extra days to enjoy these new routes before or after your scheduled trip. Go on… explore!

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Awesome Extreme Adventure Photography

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
  • Google+

National Geographic has put the graphic back into their name, posting an ‘Extreme Photo of the Week’ on their website for all to see, drool over and wish they were somewhere else other than sitting in front of their PC.

Check out these gnarly photographs:

Above moment captured by Ryan Foley

Above moment captured by Paul Bride

Above moment captured by Lucas Gilman

Above moment captured by Nick Muzik

Above moment captured by Michael Clark

Above moment captured by Mikey Schaefer

Now that I’ve sufficiently lubricated your wanderlust, here’s a nudge in the right direction: Experience an adventure tour of your own.

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Check out our June Specials

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011
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The overland season has officially started , and in celebration of , Overlanding Africa has decided to gift you with an array of discounted overland trips to choose from.

Overlanding Africa season begins

Photo By Steve Safari

Check out our specials page for more information. For tailor made trips, you simple need contact us at Overlanding Africa, we are here to assist you in any possible way. Happy Overlanding!

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African Wildlife from an Overlanding Truck

Monday, May 9th, 2011
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Africa's wildlife spectacle is actually quite easy and inexpensive to access, if you've got the mettle of an overlander. Of course there are silver-service bush camps dotted throughout the wilds of Africa offering bespoke game viewing experiences, but unless you're on a film star's salary, chances are these types of safaris are something you'll save for later, and besides we've got an option that is infinitely more entertaining. Budget African travel from Overlanding Africa is definitely your best opportunity to experience Africa, her wildlife, landscapes, cultures and cities, plus you'll do it with a bunch of like-minded people whose agenda begins with fun and ends with good times.

Here's a fraction of the wildlife roaming Africa:

Wildlife Wonders:

Armadillo in Africa

Armidillo in Africa

Waterhole reflections

Buck drinking water

Cheetah Cubs in a Tree

Cheetah cubs perched in a tree

A Herd of the Gentle Giants, Elephants

Elephant herd

Giraffes at an African Sunset

Giraffes at sunset

A Horse Rider in Cameroon

Horserider in Cameroon

Quirky Meerkats


Wild Dog Pups


The Greatest Show on Earth, Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest migration


Zebras reflection

Although there's no best time to visit Africa, generally the Southern Hemisphere winter tends to offer better game viewing in Africa, the sparser vegetation and general decline in water availability means wildlife is easier to spot and animals reliably congregate around water holes.

If you're interested in visiting Africa on a budget holiday see our Overlanding Africa Tours page, or get in touch with one of our overlanding travel consultants, they're veterans of overlanding Africa trips and will excite you into an itchy feet frenzy about experiencing Africa from a truck.

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