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African Festivals of Vibrant Culture

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013
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Zanzibar Music Festival

Zanzibar Music Festival

The stage at Old Fort. Photo by: Jill Maczka


Sauti za Busara also known as the Zanzibar Music Festival is East Africa’s No.1 festival that brings people together to celebrate the variety and richness of African music. The festival spans over three nights and includes both established and upcoming musicians from East Africa and further.


Usually held at Old Fort and Forodhani Gardens in Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar, Tanzania.


Takes place every year over a weekend in February.


Come to Zanzibar Music Festival and get to see some of the best East African musicians live in action.

Festival in the Desert

Festival of the Desert

A group of musicians onstage at Festival in the Desert. Photo by: SPINearth.tv


The Festival of the Desert also known as the Festival au Désert is a musical festival in which is held annually in the north of Mali. The festival showcases traditional Tuareg music as well as music from all over the world. About 30 artistic groups from the world perform at this festival in Africa.


The festival is held just outside Timbuktu in Mali.


It takes place every year over 3 days in January.


It’s not every day that you get to experience a music festival in the desert.

Cape Town Jazz Festival

Cape Town International Jazz Festival

The crowd at one of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival stages. Photo by: Danie van der Merwe


Cape Town International Jazz Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Africa, annually hosting more than 30 000 jazz lovers. With renowned jazz artists from all over the world, it's a weekend not to be missed. Every year there are about 40 international and local acts performing across five stages over three days.


Annually the event takes place in Cape Town at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC).


It spans over three days and is annually held in April.


Get to experience some of the best international and local jazz acts all under one roof.

ABSA Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK)

Klein Karoo National Arts FestivalDie Tuindwergies onstage at the KKNK. Photo by: MKtv


The ABSA Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK) is an Afrikaans art festival that takes place every year in Oudtshoorn with more than 100 000 people that attend over 8 days. There are about over 1000 performing and exhibiting artists. This African festival includes; visual art, music stages and much more.


Every year the event takes place in Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape, South Africa.


It usually takes place at the end of March to the beginning of April.


Get to see experience the biggest art festival in South Africa.

Kriol Jazz Festival - Praia

Kriol Jazz Festival - Praia

Yamandu Costa at the Kriol Jazz Festival. Photo by: Antonio Gomes


The Kriol Jazz Festival - Praia is an annual jazz festival where you will get to see some the best artists in the Creole world. There are concerts as well as workshops for people to share their experiences and expertise.


The festival annually takes place on the island of Santiago.


It takes place during April over 3 days.


Come see some of the best jazz  music that Santiago and the rest of the world has on offer.

Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA)

Harare Int’l Festival of the Arts

One of the groups onstage at HIFA. Photo by: HIFA's gallery


The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) is a 6-day festival and workshop programme that annually showcases local, regional and international arts and culture. The festival's programme includes theatre, dance, music, spoken work, circus, street performance and visual arts. HIFA is currently the biggest cultural event in Zimbabwe and one of the eight major African festivals.


Takes place in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.


The festival usually takes place between the end of April and the beginning of May.


Get to experience one of the most diverse festivals in Africa.


Bushfire Festival

Bushfire Festival

The crowd at Bushfire Festival. Photo by: Bushfire Festival gallery


The Bushfire Festival is a three day music and arts festival  that takes place annually. Every year a global community of up to 20 000 people gather in Swaziland to experience the amazing Pan-African festival and international line-up of live music, theatre, dance, poetry, film, circus and visual arts.


Takes place every year at House on Fire in Swaziland.


It takes place annually between the end of May and the beginning of June.


You've got to be there to experience what sets the Bushfire Festival apart from all other festivals in Africa.


Mombasa Street Cultural Carnival


Mombasa Street Cultural Carnival is an opportunity for Mombasa to celebrate its rich cultural resources. There is a street parade where many cultures and communities participate. There a few stages featuring bands and dancers, art and crafts stalls and a sailing Regatta.


Takes place in Mombasa, Kenya.


The carnival takes place every year in November.


Get to see the amazing artists and musicians from all over Kenya.

Essaouira Gnaoua Music Festival

Essaouira Gnaoua Music Festival

The crowd at Essaouira Gnaoua Music Festival. Photo by: Hasan Almustafa


Every year thousands of people gather at the Essaouira Gnaoua Music Festival to celebrate their love of music. The festival creates a space for people to enjoy the great music and just let themselves go.


The festival is held in the city of Mogador in Morocco.


The Essaouira Gnaoua Music Festival takes place in June.


Get to experience music like never before.

Durbar Festival

Durbar Festival

Drummers at the Durbar Festival. Photo by: Gozilah52_Archive


The Durbar Festival is celebrated in some cities across Nigeria. It is an annual festival and takes place during the month between Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha (two Muslim festivals). It starts with prayers, there's a parade of the Emir which includes music and showcase of horsemanship.


The festival takes place in cities such as Katsina, Bida and Kano in Nigeria.


During the month between  Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.


Get to experience Nigeria's rich tradition and enjoy the showcase of horsemanship.

L'Boulevard - African festival of music



The crowd at L'Boulevard. Photo by: culturejamming-mark levine


L'Boulevard is a music festival contest which takes place annually in Morocco. The festival lasts for four days and includes four main music genres: hip hop, electro, fusion, rock and roll/metal.


L'Boulevard takes place in Casablanca, Morocco.


Takes places every year in May and spans over four days.


Experience a mixture of music genres all in one venue.

International Camel Derby

International Camel Derby

The start of the Camel Derby. Photo by: Mark Skipper


The derby is known as an international sport and is also a platform which is used to make people aware of the desertification in Africa. Besides the camel rides, there are also cycle races, donkey rides, other events as well as stalls and regional dancing.


Yare Camel Camp, 3 km from the township of Maralal in Kenya.


The derby takes place over a weekend in August every year.


Get to experience Kenya's culture like never before at this international festival in Africa.

Live 1001 nights in the Moroccan


Get to spend the last evening of the year watching traditional folkloric dance, while listening to the Berber drum music and some songs. There is also a delicious Moroccan feast to indulge in.


Moroccan Sahara.


New Year's Eve - 31 December.


Celebrate the new year at this African festival in a completely new way like never before.

Hermanus Whale Festival

Hermanus Whale Festival

Crowds at the Hermanus Whale Festival. Photo by: Celanth


The festival celebrates the spotting of Southern Right whales that return during the mating and calving season. Many food and craft stalls can be found at the festival as well as music and entertainment.


In Hermanus, Western Cape in South Africa.


Takes place every year at the end of September and spans over four days.


Get to see the return of the beautiful Southern Right whales while enjoying great food and music.



FESPACO closing ceremony. Photo by: talatu-carmen


Fespaco is the biggest film festival in Africa. It is also the largest cultural event that takes place in Africa that focuses on the African film industry.


Takes places in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.


The festival takes place two weeks after the last Saturday in February. It lasts for a week and is held every two years.


Get to see the best films that Africa has on offer.

Cattle Crossing Festival

Cattle Crossing

A young man herding cattle at the Cattle Crossing Festival. Photo by:  Brad Watson


This is one of the biggest festivals that takes place in Mali and is held in Fulani village of Mopti. It's an important African festival as it marks return of all those who sent their cattle across Sahel with young men who herded the cattle for a year. The festival is filled with singing and dancing to honour the young men who returned home.


Diafarabé, in Mali.


The festival happens every year in December.


Get to experience a unique festival that is unlike other African festivals.



International Festival of the Sahara

International Festival in the Sahara

A group of people gathering at the International Festival of the Sahara. Photo by: Mossaab


The festival is an annual celebration of traditional desert culture. The festival includes traditional music and dancing, camel races, poetry reading, horse races, dog races and wrestling. There are usually conferences and discussions that round out the festival.


Douz, Kebili, Tunisia.


The festival annually takes place in November or December.


Join the celebration and experience traditional desert culture.

Zanzibar International Film Festival


Swahili Vibes onstage at the the Zanzibar International Film Festival. Photo by: Peter Bennett


Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) is the biggest film, art and music festival in East Africa. Some of the best films from Africa and beyond are screened. There is also live music, DJs, workshops, exhibitions and performances at various venues.


Annually takes place in Zanzibar.


Lasts for just over a week from the end of June until the first week of July.


Get to see some of the new and best talents from Africa and beyond.

Fez Festival of Sufi Culture


The festival features music, dancing, meetings and lectures which are based on the Sufi culture. The festival also includes Sufi's spiritual and cultural traditions of the Moroccan people.


Takes place in Fes, Fès - Boulemane, Morocco.


Takes place annually in April.


You will get the full Sufi Culture experience by attending the Fez African Festival.


We hope you find this list of festivals in Africa useful when choosing the right African festival to attend. With so many awesome choices, we're sure that you'll enjoy them all, no matter what you choose.

ABSA Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK)
The ABSA Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK) is an Afrikaans art festival that takes place every year in Oudtshoorn with more than 100 000 people that attend over 8 days. There are about over 1000 performing and exhibiting artists. The festival includes; visual art, music stages and much more.
Every year the event takes place in Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape, South Africa.
It usually takes place at the end of March to the beginning of April.
Get to see experience the biggest art festival in South Africa


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The Namib Desert: Namibia’s ultimate adventure destination

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012
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The Namib Desert if home to the much loved destinations of Sossusvlei, Namib-Naukluft National Park and Swakopmund. So basically what I just said there is that the Namib Desert is home to scenic adventure, game park adventure, and a heavy dose of muscle clenching, scream inducing, pupil dilating adventure. Namib Desert trips offer opportunity to experience Namibia's ultimate adventure destination!


Above: Swakopmund quadbiking adventure by Coda

Swakopmund: the ultimate adventure destination

Ever heard of Swakopmund? Yeah, well that little coastal town is the adventure capital of Namibia! Here you can do all the fun crazy things your mom wouldn't do. So why Swakopmund and not anywhere else? Well because after you've spent a day walking around the town scoping out the place's intriguing history, culture and beach, you feel a rush of 'what can we get up to next?' coming over you. Luckily, the answer is... almost anything! Here are a few of the awesome experiences well worth your dollars: - Quadbiking - Ballooning - Micro-light flights - Skydiving - Paragliding - Sea kayaking

Is there bungee jumping in Namibia?


One adventure activity you can't do in Swakopmund is bungee jumping. Not yet anyway. I'm sure that if Swakopmund had a massive bridge, they would strap a bungee cord to it and let travellers take the plunge over a sea of sand. But until then... If you've never been bungee jumping before and you were hoping to experience the thrill while in the Namib Desert, you're probably wondering how it would have played out. Well the truth is, the exhilarating free-fall would've made you scream like a little girl. For those who were hoping to experience bungee jumping for the second time, the experience would've been different. The free-fall would've still been exhilarating and you still would've screamed like a little girl, but this time, you'd buy the video.


Above: Sossusvlei dunes by Monica Guy

Sossusvlei: the ultimate scenic adventure destination

Adventure activities in Sossusvlei are less about teasing your breaking point, and more about lapping up the sheering beauty of the Namib Desert dunes and smaller wildlife. Here are a few great ways you can adventure your way through the scenery: - Ballooning - Guided hikes - Scenic flights Sossusvlei is home to stretches of the tallest shifting sand dunes in the world. Here, the contrast of the blue sky with the striking orange hue of the dunes is stunning. This experience wouldn't be complete without a guided hike up Dune 45 - Sossusvlei's 'My Precious'. Dune 45 stands over 170m high and is made up of 5 million year old sand that was blown there from the Orange River and Kalahari Desert. Journeying up this grand mound one can't help but imagine an ancient civilisation trudging through the sand on a mission cross country with concealed shanks ready for a tussle. Sossusvlei I would label the ultimate scenic adventure destination!


Above: Deadvlei, situated in Namib-Naukluft National Park by MauritsV

Namib-Naukluft National Park: the ultimate game park adventure destination

The Namib-Naukluft National Park includes the scenic region of Sossusvlei, and is, quite surprisingly, home to wildlife inhabitants and its fair share of greenery. Often one assumes that because an area is located within the Namib Desert, it's dryer than Woody Allen's humour. Wrong - this desert does foster vegetation! Creatures that roam this hyper-arid area include snakes, geckos, insects, hyenas, gemsbok and jackals. Along the coastline thousands of birds flock around the park's lagoons, wetlands and mudflats. Here are a few great ways you can adventure your way through the scenery: - Ballooning - Guided hikes - Scenic flights The destination of Deadvlei can also be found within the park. This stretch of Namibia sees trees that have been dead for over 550 years, still firmly planted in the parched, white clay cracked ground. What does parched, white clay cracked ground look like? Granny's heels.


Above: Granny's heels. Thanks Wikipedia!

You must be thinking "No lion? No elephant? No cheetah? Where is the game park adventure in that?" Well, the Namib-Naukluf National Park is... wait for it... the biggest game park in Africa, and fourth largest in the world! The desert tours are an adventure of note - delving into the area's history and eco-system are just a mind-blowing adventure of discovery. I know by now you're ready to explore the ultimate adventure destination of Namibia's Namib Desert. All you need is the dough. Idea! Collect tin cans whenever possible. Sell them to a tin recycling plant for cash. Book your overland trip to the Namib Desert and kiss Mama's basement goodbye (for a few weeks at least).

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10 Adventure Activities for Africa Adventure Trips

Friday, May 18th, 2012
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Have you run out of ways to get that adrenaline rush? Check out these spine-tingling adventure activities that you can enjoy on Africa adventure trips.


Image from smagdali

1. Swimming with elephants in Zimbabwe

Believe it or not, elephants are actually pretty good at swimming! If you’re looking for something a little bit more out of the ordinary than your usual elephant ride, why not try the Gweru Elephant Swim? Be prepared for a bumpy ride and a whole lot of splashing! One of the more unusual Africa adventure trips indeed.

2. Bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls

Travellers looking for a once in a lifetime experience should try taking a breath-taking bungee jump from the Victoria Falls Bridge. Towering a dizzying 111 metres above the fast-flowing Zambezi River, the bridge is a hot-spot for first time bungee jumpers and veteran thrill seekers alike.

3. Climbing Kilimanjaro

Scaling the towering heights of the great Kilimanjaro is a lifelong dream for many an avid mountain climber. Kilimanjaro is the tallest freestanding mountain in the world, and reaching the summit is a gruelling (but rewarding) challenge. Make sure to check out the weather before you go on this adventure trip in Africa!

4. Crocodile cage diving

The Cango Wildlife Ranch in Outdshoorn has become famous for its unique attraction of crocodile cage diving. Brave souls are sent into a pool with just a cage for protection to enjoy some alone time with a bunch of scary looking Nile crocodiles. Thankfully, the crocs have been bred in captivity so they are unlikely to attack.

5. White water rafting down the Zambezi River

If you’ve been bungee jumping over the Zambezi, the next logical step is to go rafting in the river itself. Why not try the wonderfully named ‘Commercial Suicide’ run or perhaps the more pleasant sounding ‘Morning Glory’ rapids? If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can always go on one of the rafting expeditions which range from overnight stays to five day treks. Now this is one of those Africa adventure trips of note!

6. Kloofing in Suicide Gorge

Derived from the Afrikaans word for gorge, kloofing is an adventure activity that involves plunging yourself into the depths of a ravine. One of the most famous kloofing hot-spots is 'Suicide Gorge' in the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve. Applicants must be prepared to swim in cold water and leap across large stretches of waterfall that can be as wide as seven or eight metres.

7. Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking gives you the unique opportunity to see rare mountain gorillas in their natural habitat on an Africa adventure trip you're not likely to forget. Trekking generally takes place in Uganda or Rwanda in stretches of land protected by gorilla permits. The trek starts early in the morning and can last up to eight hours, so be prepared for the long haul.

8. Skydiving in Swakopmund

What better way to see the sights than from above? Soar like a bird over the beautiful landscapes of Namibia with a tandem skydive or a heart stopping static line jump. Thrill seekers are driven out to the Drop Zone in the Namib Desert before enjoying a breath-taking flight 10,000 feet above Swakopmund.

9. Quad biking through the African bush

Africa adventure trips should always include a dose of speed! Get your goggles on and get ready for a thrilling quad bike ride across Africa. As an alternative to the usual game drives, many National Parks in Africa are now offering quad bike tours. Feel the fresh air rush past you and see if you can spot a herd of elephants or zebra along the way.

10. Paragliding off Lion’s Head in Cape Town

Why take the walking tour when you can fly? Tandem paragliding takes the pressure off first-time fliers so you can just sit back and enjoy those breath-taking views! Take a leap of faith off Lion’s Head before touching down on the beautiful Camps Bay beach.

Becky is a passionate traveller who blogs about her Africa adventure trips and the hidden gems she finds along the way. She currently writes for Enjoybedandbreakfast.com, which showcases unique, unusual and the truly special bed and breakfasts and guest houses from across the world.

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The Best African Safaris

Monday, April 30th, 2012
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The best African safaris include all the elements that make Africa so great… so appealing. Wildlife! What would an African safari trip be without wildlife? Culture! Africa is well known for its rich and diverse cultural heritage, it would have to offer a glimpse into culture of past or present. Adventure! On a continent with such diverse landscapes, there are thousands of opportunities to discover Africa – in both relaxed or adrenaline coaxing ways. Which ever way you want it, the best African safaris have wildlife, culture and adventure. Bam.

Wildlife on a safari trip

It's not one of the top African safaris if it doesn't showcase wildlife

An African safari trip needs its fair share of wildlife. Viewing a host of unusual looking animals that trundle, crouch, roar and stalk is an African safari at its best. Ever heard of Africa's big five? The lion, the leopard, the buffalo, the elephant and the rhino; all wildlife highly sought after and absolutely golden when wishing to go on an ultimate African safari.

Culture on an African trip

A glimpse of a past culture shows signs of a great African safari

Museums are great for offering a glimpse into the lives of those who lived in a culture foreign to our own. Original artifacts, replicas, tours and insight can be enjoyed when stepping into a museum offering knowledge about those who lived, worked and loved the area you’re exploring. Some of the best safaris not only include a trip to a museum where the past can be re-lived through relics, but rather experienced first hand through physically visiting a tribe and cultural group who still practice the beliefs and rituals of their ancestors.

Adventure on top Africa safaris

The best African safaris are an adventure

From the way you get around, to the things you get a chance to see and do, top Africa safaris trip will offer you a variety of ways to experience a certain area. Our biased mode of transport is of course, overland truck. Seeing the passing vistas through the enormous windows of the custom truck, packed with your newly appointed nomadic holiday family from all over the world. Hopping off together, hiking, skydiving, exploring an ancient island on a moped. Laughing around the campfire, making the campfire. Experiencing new things with a bunch of people as awesome as you are. So what are the best African safari trips? The top safari trips aren’t picked by us, they're picked by you! The amount of bookings received for these trips rank them as the best. Why? Because they bring opportunity for travellers to explore Africa’s wildlife, culture and adventure. Check out which three African safaris are ranked best:

Top 3 Best African Safaris

1. Cape Town to Victoria Falls

This trip takes one on a safari adventure where an exploration of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe sees cross-cultural interaction and wildlife interaction on an epic adventure one is not likely to forget.

Cape to Vic: One of the best African safaris

2. Okavango Delta to Johannesburg

This overland safari is a short trip taking travellers through the highlights of the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park. The journey takes you on a cultural discovery of South Africa's apartheid history, their struggle and success fighting for freedom. Ride an elephant in Victoria Falls, walk with lions or go white water rafting. Culture, wildlife, adventure!

Okavango Delta to JHB is one of the best African safaris around

3. Nairobi to Dar Es Salaam

This 10 day adventure takes you on a journey through Tanzania, exploring the country's intriguing culture and diverse wildlife. Ride a camel, snorkel, take a tour of Prison Island. The route leads you through a world of rich discoveries in Eastern Africa, bringing you to the tropical and historical haven of Zanzibar, before the trip glides to an end.

Nairobi to Dar es Salaam is one of the best African safaris you can experience

Ready to book your seat on one of the best African safaris around? Grab your sense of adventure, will for cultural discovery and interest in wildlife and spoil yourself to one of the top African safaris around!

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Top 5 Cultural Adventure Tour Experiences in Africa

Thursday, December 29th, 2011
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So you've met everyone down at the pub and you're looking to meet some new people. Cool: we know people!  We know people who want to dance, eat, jump and share with you, and its nowhere near a bowl of bar snack pretzels. An overland trip adventure tour gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and experience the adventure of a lifetime, exploring the African continent and soaking up its rich culture. Go one, pick your adventure:

bellydancing in Turkey
Above: Belly dancing in Turkey

People and Culture on an Adventure Tour

1. Masai Cultural Village

Delve into a cultural experience very unlike your own by meeting the vibrant and colourful people of the Masai Cultural Village in the Masai Mara. Watch as the tribesmen perform their jumping dance, and get involved, trying this routine which proves to be tougher than it looks. This is an amazing opportunity for the old and new cultures to interact in the modern world.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Game Parks and Gorillas :  Nairobi to LivingstoneWildlife Wonderland

2. Soweto Cultural Tour

Experience one of the biggest townships on the continent with an adventure through the Sowetan township in Johannesburg, South Africa. Known as the birth place of the struggle for liberation, the area hosts over 2 million residents in the township which came to be under the old apartheid system. The lively culture that lives within the cardboard shacks and over-the-top mansions has seen 2 Nobel Peace Prize winners as well as the award winning movie, Tsotsi, emerge from its midst.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Kruger Safari : Bob's Best of Zimbabwe : East Africa Southbound

3. Nubian Village Dinner

Be welcomed into a local Nubian family’s home for an evening of sharing food and stories in an experience where you’ll learn a bit about the Nubian culture. The evening is spent on the family’s island in the middle of the Nile River; you’ll be ‘taxied’ to and from the island on an Egyptian felucca. An extremely unusual, yet warm adventure tour to guide cultural discovery.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Middle East Trek : Best of Egypt

4. Cappadocia Belly Dancing Night

Turkey is brimming with intriguing culture. Spend the evening discovering it being entertained in an underground restaurant enjoying dinner and drinks. Try your hips out in a session of festive belly dancing. The gorgeous experts, with hips that don’t lie, offer their tips to bringing out your inner goddess.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Middle East Trek

5. Ghanzi Trance Dance

The San people are serious about the Ghanzi Trance Dance. Only performed when someone is genuinely ill do they bust out in energetic movement. The dance is similiar to the Rain Dance enthusiastically performed in celebration of good hunting trips and the enjoyment of gathering together. The dance can range from three hours, to a whole night, depending on how the gods react to the rhythmical clapping, dancing and chanting of the San people. Trance dances aren't a bunch of actors paid to jump around for tourists. These are the real deal carried out by real Bushmen who still live traditional lifestyle deep in the Kalahari in Botswana.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Cape to Vic and MozambiqueDesert and DeltaSouthern Africa Adventure

For one of those fulfilling experiences that leave you feeling like you've just helped a little old lady across the road and shaken Nelson Mandela's hand simultaneously, this journey of personal growth will leave you feeling like a million bucks. Adventure travel FTW*!

*FTW is online slang that stands for 'for the win' and is used in conversation to indicate that someone is supporting something strongly and positively. In this instance, adventure travel is receiving praise for being awesome!

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Top 5 Wildlife Adventure Tour Experiences in Africa

Monday, November 14th, 2011
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If you're set on getting prime wildlife viewing into your adventure tour in Africa, then we have just the activities for you. From gorilla trekking to swimming with whale sharks, your adventure tour in Africa is a mere click and book away. I'm excited for you.

Wildlife to experience on an Adventure Tour

1. Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda


This trip is an adventure and a half. Gorilla’s know no boundaries often Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda means having to drop into a neighbouring country to track down a glimpse of these amazing creatures. The track will get you a glimpse of these brilliant wildlife 99% of the time. The professional and experienced park ranger does not unfortunately employ the gorillas which means they are entitled to meander the country as they please. This is an adventure tour not many get to experience; gorilla trekking is a fantastic way to get to see these rare animals in their natural habitat. A life changing experience indeed.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Gorillas and Lakes : Game Parks and GorillasNairobi, Gorillas to Johannesburg

2. Gweru Elephant Swim


Yes, elephants can swim. And you have the opportunity to hop on board! This elephant swim shows you that not only can they swim, but that they’re actually pretty good at it too. Expect to get wet, very wet, on this extremely fun adventure for all animals involved (that means you too).

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Vic Falls and Indian Ocean : Savannahs and LakesCentral Africa Loop

3. Praia Do Tofo Whale Shark Safari


This is an adventure activity for you to soak up the amazing underwater sights while having adrenaline rush through your body after seeing of one of these beautiful creatures. More whale than shark, this Mozambique adventure safari allows you to witness these majestic creatures who’ve made the warm coastal waters their home for a good part of the year. You won’t need a scuba diving qualification to delve into the water on this swimming and snorkeling activity. Whatever you do, make sure you bring an underwater camera, swimming with these giants of the deep is a once in a life time opportunity, and you’ll want to catch this on camera.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Mozambique Magic : Classic Mozambique

4.  Great White Shark Cage Diving in South Africa


Unlike the whale shark which may as well have marshmallows for teeth, they’re so tame, the Great White Shark is a sea dwelling predator of note, flashing its up-to 15 rows of teeth only  to those who get close enough. This beautiful animal glides through the water commanding attention with its watchful eyes and majestic air about it. Shark cage diving is a controversial, yet extremely popular adventure tour that is definitely one way to get that adrenaline of yours pumping. After a short boat trip you slap on a wetsuit and snorkel and lower yourself into the cage hanging beside the boat before coming face to face with one of the most misunderstood and scariest marine animals known to man.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Cape Town and Garden Route : Discover South Africa : Cape Town to Nairobi Epic

5. Serengeti National Park Hot Air Balloon Ride


Soar high above the plains of the Serengeti on a peaceful hot air balloon ride as you get to look down at the massive stretch of lank dotted with huge herds of game and migratory wildebeest from a bird’s eye view. The Serengeti National Park Hot Air Balloon Ride is more than just a safari adventure tour in the sky, it also sees you enjoying a scrumptious sit down bush breakfast before game driving your way back to camp.

Experience this adventure on one of these overland trips

Falls to Serengeti :  Zanzibar and Game ParksVictoria Falls to Nairobi

Make sure that your dream adventure tour in Africa is filled with all the things you want to do and all the wildlife you want to see. Search for your ideal adventure tour holiday activities here and then pick your trip...

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Adventure Travel in Africa

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
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Adventure travel in Africa promises the most thrilling, adrenaline pumping, pupil dilating activities while you're surrounded by the most beautiful flora, fauna, bodies of water and stretches of land.

1. Zambia Adventure Travel Activities

1. Jet Boating on the Zambezi
2. Zambezi River White Water Rafting
3. Victoria Falls Elephant Ride

Half the size of Europe, Zambia is home to gorgeous wilderness areas, national parks and fosters about 740 bird species. Boasting some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world, namely Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River and Lake Kariba, Zambia provides a plethora of different adventure travel and safari activities.


Above: Victoria Falls

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2. Mozambique Adventure Travel Activities

1. Inhambane Scuba Diving
2. Praia Do Tofo Deep Sea Fishing
3. Praia Do Tofo Whale Shark Safari

Mozambique is a string of deserted tropical islands and coral beaches. This country offers endless adventure activities, safaris and seafood so fresh it has practically leaped out of the water and onto your plate. This marine paradise is a honeymooning haven and an adventure traveller’s bliss.


Above: Whale Shark Safari

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3. South Africa Adventure Travel Activities

1. Tandem Paragliding from Lions Head
2. Abseil Table Mountain
3. Bloukrans Bridge Bungee Jump
4. Drakensberg Horse Riding, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing
5. Great White Shark Cage Diving
6. Orange River Canoeing
7. Scuba Diving in Cape Town
8. Table Mountain Guided Bike Ride
9. Two Oceans Aquarium Skark Diving

South Africa is buzzing with diverse cultures, breathtaking scenery and world-class adventure travel attractions. With the Kruger National Park and its proud Big Five, with Table Mountain and its hiking, cable car and abseiling, with townships, friendly people and a variety of culturally rich cities, South Africa is the scenic adventure travellers's Mecca.


Above: Abseiling off Table Mountain

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4. Namibia Adventure Travel Activities

1. Swakopmund Quadbiking
2. Swakopmund Sandboarding
3. Swakopmund Sky Diving
4. Sossusvlei Scenic Flight
5. Paragliding
6. Game Fishing

Namibia: known for Etosha National Park, the dunes of Sossusvlei and the coastal town of Swakopmund, this country is an adventure traveller’s playground. Its range of adventure activities, string of endangered wildlife, and conservation efforts make Namibia a truly beautiful place to enjoy a scenic adventure travel experience.


Above: Swakopmund Skydiving

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5. Zimbabwe Adventure Travel Activities

Zimbabwe is home to four World Heritage Sites, one of the ‘Seven Natural Wonders’ of the World, and offers a variety of adventure travel activities, plus great Big 5 safari tours. The world famous and awe inspiring Zambezi River and Victoria Falls is the perfect setting to enjoy many of those activities which get your adrenaline pumping, while surrounded by Zimbabwe’s natural beauty.


Above: Gweru Elephant Swim

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If you're looking for adventure travel, Africa is the continent you can find it in. The biggest, the best, the most beautiful adventure holiday destination: Africa.

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