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Spitzkoppe Camping - Meeting Namibia’s Raw Natural Beauty [Travel Diary]by Dalene Ingham-Brown

Spitzkoppe - A great-great-great-grandfather mountain of granite that is over 700 million years old that looks out over stretches of still Namibian landscape. It's here I spent a magical 24 hours on my camping safari through Africa.

The Spitzkoppe mountains

Above: Spitzkoppe - I camped at the bottom of that bad boy

The kilometres of road leading up to the foot of the mountain were flanked by ground that literally glittered in the sun. It's as if someone had gone nuts with a Bedazzler. The area is a mineral hotspot and there's quartz everywhere - the sand, rocks and mountains glisten with the stuff.

The campsite was far less glamourous. No shower, and a long-drop. It's all that was needed though - anything more would’ve taken away from the site's isolated appeal. Being in such a naturally beautiful and undisturbed place, it was refreshing to enjoy just as it was. I plonked my tush on a rock overlooking the surrounding landscape and took a quiet moment to just sit and soak up this grand place. It was a quiet moment of epic appreciation.

Nothing for miles

Above: The view from the rock where I perched myself for a little 'me-time'

I spent the afternoon accompanied by a local from the Spitzkoppe community (it's a cluster of houses with a church and a school a few kilometres away from our rocky campsite). My new local friend took a group of us on a nature walk to a small cave where ancient rock art still exists. He patiently shared his knowledge of the area with us, answering our 101 questions about everything from what the grass is called, to what kind of insect leaves 'these' kinds of tracks.

As the horizon claimed the sun, the African sky showed us one of its great works of art. There is was - a sky of vibrant blue, pink and orange for all to enjoy. All that was missing was popcorn.

Namibia's natural work of art

Above: Namibia's natural work of art

The evening was spent around the campfire; the overland truck driver strummed classics on his guitar while the rest of the group chatted, sipped on coffee from tin cups and enjoyed the blanket of evening stars. Spitzkoppe - you beaut!

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