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Sleeping Bag Review - Synthetic vs Downby Dalene Ingham-Brown

In this sleeping bag review, we help you make a decision on what sleeping bag you should be investing your money in. This review sees the battle of synthetic vs down sleeping bags. The winner? You decide. Here is a great sleeping bag review to help you ref the match between synthetic vs down sleeping bags.

Synthetic vs down sleeping bags

Synthetic sleeping bags

Below is a list of pros and cons of a synthetic sleeping bag vs a down sleeping bag

•  Made of synthetic fabrics

•  Insulate well when wet

•  Don't pack small

•  They still keep you warm and dry when weather is wet

•  Cheaper than down •  Can last for years

Down sleeping bags

Below is a list of pros and cons of a down sleeping bag vs a synthetic sleeping bag

•  Filled with soft bird feathers

•  Traps a lot of air which means great insulation

•  Extremely warm and comfy

•  Doesn't weigh a lot

•  Packs into small parcel

•  More expensive than synthetic

•  Great for icy weather where water is solid

•  Breathes really well

•  Pack and re-pack year after year without them breaking

The main things to consider when choosing whether to go for a synthetic or a down sleeping bad are price and usage. If you don't know what adventures you're going to be going on, then go with a versatile synthetic sleeping bag. However, if you know that you're going to be backpacking and doing trails a lot, then the weight of your sleeping bag is extremely important and a down sleeping bag is recommended. Now that you're sorted with what sleeping bag to pack, it's time to review the rest of your 'what to pack' checklist.

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