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See It All On An Egypt Overland Tour – Even On A Tight Travel Budget!by Tania Wheeler

Egypt Budget Travel

Nothing brings to mind exotic mystery more than an Egypt overland tour, with images of pyramids, camels, palm trees, endless deserts, and one of the world's most ancient cultures throughout the history of man.

For many adventure-seekers, a Cape to Cairo tour offers infinite allure and day dreams of distant lands and desert adventures, but the thought of the cost is enough to put off even the most intrepid of travellers. With overland tours however, travel to Egypt is made possible - regardless of your budget.

One of the best ways to experience Egypt and the allure of North Africa is through Egypt budget travel which takes you across the key landmarks of Egypt as well as its surrounding countries. This gives you a holistic travel experience that far surpasses any dedicated tour to just one destination, allowing you the trip of a lifetime as you set off to explore the wonders of the northern tip of Africa by overland truck.

Egypt overland travel could include the following:

- Cape Town to Cairo Nile Trans As one of the most ancient and well-travelled overland routes in the world, the Cape to Cairo overland trip brings to mind all the excitement of travelling across the African continent in search of adventure, memories and all the wonders offered by each destination you pass. Beginning in the beautiful Cape you will travel across Africa - through countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, Ethiopia and many others - before getting to the breathtaking attractions of Egypt. Here you will see the legendary Pyramids of Giza, take in the vibrant streets of Cairo, see the world-famous Nile River and many other landmarks. This is Egypt overland at its finest, with the additional benefit of a coast to coast journey across Africa.

- The Roof of Africa Trip For those who would prefer to focus their attention on the northern most tip of Africa, the Roof of Africa experience gives the opportunity to discover the many wonders of the top of Africa. From the pyramids, deserts and landmarks of Egypt, to the ancient ruins of Libya and the desert wonders of Tunisia, you will be able to see some of the most famous and renowned sites within North Africa on this Egypt budget travel experience. In three weeks, you can learn about the fascinating history of North Africa, and find out about the ancient cultures and influences that have made this region one of the most fascinating destinations in the world.

-Trans Africa Trip If you are up for a major challenge and want to experience one of the most rewarding and memorable overland tours imaginable then the Trans Africa trip is one of the best ways to experience Egypt (as well as many other countless destinations and attractions across Africa) over a grueling yet highly unforgettable 40 week adventure.Egypt overland tours simply do not come more epic than this one and for those who are tough enough to brave the deserts, heat and challenges that lie in wait, this tour is a must. However you choose to experience the wonders of Egypt, overland tours offer the most affordable and fun way to explore this fascinating country and its surrounding destinations, putting you right into all the action and ensuring that your Egypt overland adventure is truly unforgettable.

** (Most of these trips also run in the opposite direction if that works better for your flights!)

For the best overland trips in and around Egypt contact the experts at OverlandingAfrica.com!

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