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Play with your food: Awesome food artby Dalene Ingham-Brown

Everyone has a talent. Some can sing like Adele, dance like Michael or twist a cherry stalk into a knot with their tongue like my friend Tiffany. But how many people can say that they have the ability to whittle a sculpture out of food? **queue sound of crickets chirping** … I thought so.

When it comes to food, 90% of us foster an imaginative streak that never stretched further than making a dam out of our mashed potatoes and filling it with gravy. Fun. The remaining 10% put us to shame with using their amazing talent to do stuff like this to food:

Apple Biting Finger

Bread Art

Bread Hand

Cabbage Face

Different Fruit Pear

Nintendo Lunch

Orange Peel Woman

Pasta Face

Sexy Sardine Legs

Sydney Opera House Watermelon

Vegetable Bicycle

Walle Food

Watermelon swimmer

World Apple

Pretty dang cool.

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