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Packing list for backpacking in Africaby Dalene Ingham-Brown

Need a packing list for backpacking in Africa? Look no further! For those of you planning a trip backpacking in Africa and don't know what to pack, here is a packing list that will ensure you're prepared for your backpacking adventure.


Packing list

Photo by Piotr Ciuchta



☐ Passport

☐ Copies of important documents (passport, credit cards, etc...)

☐ Important phone numbers

☐ Money (credit/debit card, cash, travellers cheques, etc...)

☐ Backpack (not a suitcase)

☐ Day bag

☐ Sleeping bag, sleeping sheet and camping mattress (check with your travel consultant if required)

☐ Head torch and spare batteries

☐ Sunglasses

☐ Washing line

☐ Towel



☐ 1 pair of open shoes

☐ 1 pair of walking shoes

☐ 1 pair lightweight long sleeved shirt

☐ 2 lightweight long pants

☐ 1 bathing suit

☐ 5 light cotton tops

☐ 3 shorts/shirts/boardies

☐ 1 sarong

☐ 1 hat/sunhat/cap

☐ 1 lightweight waterproof jacket

☐ 1 sweaters/polar fleece/jumpers

☐ 3 pairs of socks

☐ 7 pairs of underwear

☐ One set of tidy clothes for a night out



☐ Your normal toiletries

☐ Insect repellent

☐ Sunscreen

☐ Lip balm

☐ Contraceptives

☐ Water purification tablets

☐ Enough of your prescribed medication to sustain needed usage


First Aid Kit

☐ Pain killers

☐ Malaria medication

☐ Rehydration sachets

☐ Anti-diarrhoea medication

☐ Antihistamine tablets or cream

☐ Antiseptic cream or spray

☐ Plasters

☐ Eye drops

☐ Tweezers



☐ Camera with spare batteries and charger

☐ Extra memory card ☐ Camera case



☐ Contact number for your travel consultant

☐ Write a list of your allergies in your vaccination certificate booklet


Do Not Bring

☐ Drugs

☐ Weapons

☐ Camouflaged patterned clothes

☐ Hair dryer/curling iron

☐ Bathrobe

☐ Expensive clothes

☐ Expensive jewellery


Also Bring

☐ Sense of humour

☐ Sense of adventure

☐ Open mind

☐ Patience

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