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Overland Tours - The Secret to Finding Discounted African Safarisby Tania Wheeler


One of the biggest attractions of overland tours is that they allow you to travel even on a tight budget.

That Africa safari, is now made possible! With the recession still fresh in many consumers' minds, and the huge costs involved with travel these days, it can be hard to know where to go to find a great travel deal - especially for those who have longed to visit Africa, but simply don't have the funds for an expensive tour package.

To help travellers find their perfect safari even on a shoestring budget, here are some excellent tips to help find affordable safaris, whatever your budget may be:

1.    Research There are hundreds of discounted African safaris out there, just waiting for you to try. A simple web search on Google will bring up loads of results - try searching for discounted safaris in Africa, and you will get pages of results that you can check out and compare to find the discounted safaris that best suit your budget and travel needs.

2.    Off season safaris Generally, peak season overland tours tend to never be discounted, with the off or low season safaris offering great discounts. Africa is situated in the southern hemisphere, which means that summer takes place between December and February - a time that coincides with school holidays across the continent, as well as peak tourist season as many flock to warmer areas to escape the cold winter in the northern hemisphere. Winter on the other hand is low season in Africa, and with less tourists, prices tend to drop. Game viewing is still excellent during winter months, and bird watching is also fairly good, so travellers will still be able to get the full African safari benefits, even if it may be a bit quieter with more rain during these months.

3.    Tour groups Solo travel has its advantages, but group travel offers far more benefits - especially in terms of prices. Overland groups are the best way to enjoy discounted African safaris, cutting down costs and also adding to the Africa safari experience by allowing you to meet new people, and enjoy a thrilling and rewarding overland adventure. More often than not, you will be able to save thousands when travelling with a group, especially if you choose a low budget camping tour option that stays overnight at camp sites and other cheap accommodation venues rather than luxury lodges and hotels.

4.    Tour planning You may want to visit almost every country in Africa in one round trip, but realistically, you would be far better off planning carefully and choosing one or two countries that are located fairly near to each other. Each country in Africa offers incredible overland tour options, with abundant game, bird life, culture and activities to be found in almost every region. Choose one of the top overland destinations such as Kenya, Tanzania or Namibia, or focus on a longer safari that covers East African countries or Southern African countries, and you will get the full African feel, at a fraction of the cost of a Cape to Cairo trip.

5.    Short tours To find the best budget safaris, you will also need to ask around to find the best tour options. If you have always dreamed of going on an Africa safari, but can't afford a full tour, look for a short tour or even a day tour that departs from a specific location in Africa. If you are staying in South Africa on holiday for example, you could look for short tours that depart from South Africa to Namibia, Botswana or Zambia for instance, ensuring a short but rewarding discounted African safari.

For information about these tours and much more contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com!

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