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Okavango Delta - 10 Things You Didn’t Knowby Tania Wheeler

Some useful information and some quirky facts for you before you travel....

okavango delta mokoro

- The world's largest inland delta covers an area of more than 15,000 square kms - a little smaller than Israel or half the size of Switzerland.

- The crystal-clear water is so pure that you can drink it. - There is two distinct seasons: a cool, dry winter from May to September and a hot, wet summer from October to April.

- Traditional Mokoro‘s are made from a hollowed out sausage tree. Today, because of the need to protect the trees, you may find yourself in the modern equivalent - a fibreglass canoe.

- Mokoro’s are ‘poled’ through the Delta – like a punt. It is harder than it looks.

- 70% of the estimated 150,000 islands in the Delta began life as a termite mound.

- 11 cubic kilometres of water arrive each year into the Delta from Angola.

- Hippos act as the Delta's channel builders, and through their dung, fertilizer.

- The dry season sees up to 260,000 large mammals concentrated in and around the Delta.

- The Okavango Delta is teaming with bird life and is home to the rare Fish Eagle and the huge, extremely rare, Pel's Fishing Owl, (the world's only fish-eating owl).

For all your overland trips into the Okavango Delta contact the team at Overlandingafrica.com or post your comments below.

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