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Learn to speak Swahili - 10 phrases to get you around Kenyaby Dalene Ingham-Brown

Even though English is one of Kenya’s main languages, its great fun learning new cultures and a bit of local Swahili speak will help you appreciate the people and country even more.

Here is Overlanding Africa’s guide to a few helpful Swahili phrases to get you out there chatting up the locals:

Hello – Jambo (Ja-mbo)
How are you?- Habari (Ha-baa-ri)
Fine- Mzuri Sana (Mz-oo-ri)
Goodbye- Kwaheri (Kwa- hee-ree)
Thank You- Asante Sana (a-san-tay sa-na)
How much is it?/Yes/No- Ngapi Shillings (Nng-api Shi-llings)/ Ndiyo (Ndee-yo)/ Hapana (Ha-pa-na)
Thank You- Tafadhali (Ta-fad-haa-li)
I’d like a cold Beer- Tafadhali Nataka bia (Ta-fad-haa-li Na-ta-ka Bee-a)
I don’t understand- Sielewi (See-le-wee)
No problem- Hakuna Matata (Ha-koo-na Ma-ta-ta)

Try out your Swahili knowledge

Try out these neat phrases on your Kenya safari, you might not get it right all the time and a few of the locals might crack out laughing but most will appreciate the gesture! For more information on any of the Overland Tours you can visit our Overlanding Africa tour page, contact one of our friendly Overlanding Africa experts or post your comments below. Have you been on a Kenya Overland tour lately? Share your Kenya safari experiences and photographs with Overlanding Africa by e-mailing us at info@overlandingafrica.com. Keep Discovering

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