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Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge [Traveller Experience]by Guest Blogger

After enjoying the Falls to Serengeti trip (Zimbabwe to Kenya), Robyn Preston decided to spend an extra fortnight in Kenya exploring on her own steam. Below if Robyn's recollection of her experience at Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge.

Today we headed for a place called Lake Naivasha. Most of Kenya's flori-culture industry comes from here. As we drove to Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge, there were many hothouses along the roadside. Roses are grown here for export and a large percentage of UK's cut flowers are imported from here. Lake_Naivasha_Sopa_Lodge

Above: View from Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge

After entering the lodge's gate, I was blown away by this place. It's huge and luxurious. Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge was not what I was expecting. The walk to my room was one of the longest I've ever had, but it was worth it. My room was upstairs with a stunning view out over the grounds. I saw giraffes wandering around and a few waterbuck eating grass. Quite a few other travellers were staying at the lodge too, quite a few of which took a leisurely stroll. A lovely idea, however, it was time for lunch. I walked up the path to the main building, when suddenly a huge giraffe waltzed out of the garden right in front of me. I jumped! I tell you, when you are standing directly beneath one of these beasts, they are taller than you can imagine. The rest of the way I was extra careful to watch where I walked. After lunch I spent time downloading photos and using the internet, then decided to go for a walk and take some photos. I got up to be on my way and realised that it was already dark outside. At night the lighting wasn't great for photos and on this particular evening, the sky opened up with an absolute downpour of rain anyway. This is the first time I've experienced rain in Africa. I was instructed that I'm not to go to dinner on my own as hippos frequent the grounds at night. I called reception for a guide and was taken to the main camp where I enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner. Later on that evening the rain had more or less stopped. I walked out onto the balcony and, in the radiance of the lodge’s lights I watched several sodden waterbuck hunch together. The smell of the dry earth awakened with the moisture. Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge was stunning.

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